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Welcome to the Academy
"Welcome Cadet!

I am Admiral Jopek and am the head of the Starfleet Academy. Only the finest cadets are allowed to graduate my academy and go on to serve in Starfleet. Within this tome you will find the tools you will need to serve with distinction.

Star Trek: Freedom began in October 2001 and sprang forth from the Federation Gaming Network which began in 1997. Over the years the game has remained strong and vibrant. We all work and play together to create a fun experience.

Due to our long history, Star Trek: Freedom has diverged from the Star Trek canon universe. You may learn more about it in this manual and on our website. The number one goal of Star Trek: Freedom is to have fun together. So work hard, play hard, and most importantly have fun.

If you ever have any questions, always feel free to contact your instructor during your time at the academy and once you have been assigned to a ship to the command team, the commanding officer and the first officer. We have a number of venues that are available for you to interact with your fellow members and that is detailed within this manual.

I look forward to assigning you to one of our ships. Good luck, cadet!"

Admiral Jopek, Academy Commanding Officer Admiral Dar Mace, Academy First Officer


Starfleet Academy was established as a four-year institution, in 2161, with the motto Ex Astris, Scientia (from the stars, knowledge), to serve as a training facility for Starfleet personnel. The main campus of Starfleet Academy, based in The Presidio of San Francisco on Earth, are not too distant from the central hub of Starfleet itself, Starfleet Headquarters.

There are other campuses on Earth of Starfleet Academy, although they are much smaller.

Everyone who applies to our game has to take a course in the Academy. With an established player, you will together prepare for what playing in STF is like: the rules, how to post and everything you need to play. Usually, it takes 2 weeks to complete the course.

We only want people who are in the game for the long term and can commit to our group!