Briefing on the Mars Defense Perimeter

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Here is the Briefing on the Mars Defense Perimeter given to the Hades Crew by Commodor Devon Sash on Stardate 2407.07.03 in preparation of the big push to finally end the Federation Civil War.

As the senior staff filled the room, and the chairs filled he noted that this crew tended to not chit chat the way the Nimitz crew did. However, he did have to remind himself that they had all just had some tough news. Once a Kingon stepped in and stood behind Harper Sash figured that just about everyone was there. He stood up and brought everyone's attention to order.

"Let's get this started," Sash said. "This 'civil war' has gone on long enough. Thanks to the information retrieved by Captain Saleke's team, the end is a bit closer than we had hoped. The battle we are about to face is going to be hard, and lives are going to be lost. However, the number of lives we may save, and the future of the Federation may still be saved."

He tapped the console on the table and the holo-projecter lit up. "The Hades and the Nimitz will be joining the Boudicca and the Champlain, as well as other ships in the fleet in an effort to break through the Mars Defense Perimeter. This would be so a small force will be able to make a strike directly against the Earth."

Then he tapped the holo-projector and it displayed a tactical picture of the Sol system and it's surrounding systems.

"We will meet up with a strike force to be commanded by Admiral Sevant just outside the Tellar system. There are ships already heading towards Earth. They are the initial... softening blow."

The image tightened in to show the Mars Defense Perimeter, the known disposition of those ships still loyal to Doenitz and the incoming forces. A large blob of ships, sitting just outside of Alpha Centari space, was marked with the Starfleet symbol and Sevant's task force identifier. There were at least six other Task Forces in the immediate area, and a couple other fleets making sure they weren't flanked or that the former occupied words of Bajor, Vulcan, Tellar, Alpha Centari, Caita and Andor remained free. Mixed in with the Starfleet groups were no less then three pure Klingon Assault groups, though most of the Klingon ships were mixed in with the Starfleet ships to minimize the appearance of a foreign government invading the Federation.

"In less than thirty-six hours we will begin an assault on this." The picture tightened in on the Defense Perimeter. A series of interlocked Battle platforms, phaser emplacements, and torpedo satellites. They're mostly static, but heavily shielded and very dangerous in and of themselves."

"All are unmanned, but they'll be expensive to destroy. There are also five major fighter-bases; on Io, on Jupiter, on Titan. And finally, one on Mars and one stationed here on Starbase Valhalla... which is the command center not only of the Mars Defense Perimeter, but of the Utopia Planitia fleet yards."

He continued. "Our goal is to knock a hole in these defenses. The strike will be coordinated and requires a certain amount of timing. The MDP was designed to hold of an attack from the Borg, so our likelihood of success is low. The good news is, that thanks to some intell we have a plan that might just work. I'm not going to lie to you. The likelihood of surviving is negligible, at best. We will join the Boudicca making a strike for Valhalla, and take out the nerve center of the MDP."