Erod Belden

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  • Name: Erod Belden
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Joined Trill
  • Born: December 26, 1648
  • Died: May 26, 1750
  • Mother: Annora Glyn
  • Father: Koen Glyn
  • Siblings: Ehren Glyn
  • Spouse: Gersemi Beven
  • Children: Ingo Belden, Jokull Belden

Erod Belden was a famed diplomat during the 17th and 18th centuries on Trill. He was the first host of the Belden Symbiont, and therefore imprinted Belden with his personality the most.

Early Life

Erod was born to a farming couple in the backcountry of the Eneo region of Trill. The elder of two children, he left home at a very early age, and volunteered for a new procedure that joined him to the Belden symbiont. As one of the first, he became a leader for those who had been joined, and the power he gained because of that he used for the betterment of society, and became a diplomat. As his homeworld at this stage was still comprised of many nation-states, his diplomatic career was never boring.

Diplomatic Career

In 1674, the governments of the planet came together to form the beginnings of a planet-state. With most countries now at peace with each other, Erod became an advisor to the Prime Minister. However, once the Trill achieved Warp Drive a few years later, Erod's career as a diplomat began anew. He negotiated treaties with such powers as the Vulcans, Andorians, among others. However, he began to feel the effects of his age soon enough, and returned to the Eneo region of Trill.


It was during this time that he took on his first initiate, a young boy by the name of Bazyli, who later went on to host the Aimon Symbiont, becoming Prime Minister eventually. Erod felt this youthful presence refreshing, and went on to take on many initiates throughout the rest of his lifetime. The last to study under him was a troubled youth named Jaton Aderyn, who was placed into the initiate program by his parents, hopefully to straighten him out. Erod worked together with Jaton, and the two cultivated a deep friendship. Erod treated Jaton as though he was one of his sons, and likewise Jaton looked up to Erod as to an adopted father.

Aging and Death

By 1749, Erod's health was beginning to fail. Jaton expressed his wish to stay and care for his dying mentor, however, that was impossible. Therefore, Erod put in a formal request to the Trill Symbiosis Commission to transfer Belden to Jaton once he died. Jaton agreed to this. By January of 1750, Erod had come down with Choriocytosis, which at this point in time had no cure. Erod was sent to a hospital in Mak'ala, so as to have the best chance of fighting off this disease for as long as possible. However, by May of that year, Erod was completely bedridden. On the 16th, he sent for Jaton, and the transfer took place 10 days later. Erod died quietly a few hours later surrounded by his friends and family. He was buried with all the honors afforded a man of his station in Mak'ala. His tomb is still a notable tourist attraction on Trill, as he is considered the Father of Modern Trill Diplomacy.

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