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Welcome to the Fleet
"I have devoted much of my life, my mind, my blood, to the service of Starfleet and the Federation. I have helped broker peace treaties that the Federation might be strengthened, I have done battle that the Federation might live."

He gestured to the row of medals on his dress uniform, "these baubles are meaningless, anyone can have them. I didn’t shed my blood, and my tears, for some chunks of replicated metal. I shed it all because I believe.

Yes, I believe... in the strength of the people, in the rightness of our cause, in the nobility of our ideals." Captain Caladryll Sevant - Stardate: 2408.04.04

Three ships, Three Crews, One Mission
The ships of the Star Trek : Freedom fleet each hold on average about 10 people, all of them working together under the watchful eye of their Commanding Officer and First Officer. Although the CO will be in overall charge, the entire crew work together on their mission, each as important as the other, adding their part of the storyline as they go.