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Part I: The Mission

In Mid 2408 the USS Rosenante was assigned to explore a newly discovered region of space that exited from the Tau Sigma Flow of the Subspace River. This region had been discovered by an unmanned survey probe and opened into the Beltanis Stellar Nursery.

When the Rosenante arrived, the captain decided to move into the nebula in the hopes of exploring an undocumented phenomenon. This phenomenon turned out to be an exceptionally rare event known as a Subspace Bubble. Unfortunately, the bubble burst slamming the vessel with a Class Six Gravimetric Wave.

The Rosenante was terribly damaged; suffering irreparable damage to the ship's Main Deflector Array and Power distribution network. With the ship's shields failing, the vessel hurriedly returned to the safe-zone at the terminus of the Subspace river.

After a couple of days of assessment and around-the-clock repairs, it was determined that the Rosenante would not be able to return to Federation space via the Subspace River, as they could not open the river terminus without the use of their Navigational Deflector.

Part II: The Distress Call

On their third day in the Nursery the Rosenante detected an automated federation Distress beacon. despite the fact that it was unlikely that any other federation starships were in the area, Captain Salid decided that the Rosenante should investigate.

The beacons prefix identification was finally determined to belong to the the USS Epiphany a Nova Class starship registry NCC-913081, which had been declared lost with all hands on Stardate 2392.01.19 (17 years prior.)

When the Rosenante responded, they discovered not the Epiphany, but The Harvester.

The Harvester then proceeded to lock the Rosenante in a Tractor beam like grasp, scan the vessel and transport the Rosenante into the area of the vessel known as the Bone Yard.

Part III: Inside the Harvester

The arrival inside The Harvester was anything but accommodating. Upon their rematerialization, the Rosenante was immediately attacked by a group inhabiting the Harvester known as the Hur'q. These insect-like creatures are those once referred to in ancient Klingon History as an invader that once tried to conquer the Klingon home world of Qo'noS.

The attack came in the form of a small group of raiders that took advantage of the newly arrived ship's lack of shields (disrupted by the transport into the Harvester).

Several small groups of assault troops were beamed aboard the Rosenante and these groups managed to tag and steal several supplies from cargo bays as well as a few pieces of minor equipment before they were expelled from the ship. During the skirmish it was determined that the Hur'q were immune to the heavier stun settings on Federation Phasers, and so the crew and security personnel were forced to use the higher level kill and disintegrate settings.

The Engineering team managed to restore their ship's only moments after the Hur'q retreated from the ship, although the invaders took all of their dead and it was believed all of the Rosenante dead as well.

Part IV: The Anti-Hur'q Alliance

The Bastion

The Rosenante was contacted by the Nechani ship, NSS Oracle's Tears and a meeting was arranged aboard the Bastion.

The Anti-Hur'q Alliance was assembled and comprised of the leaders from the following Species as well as Ambassador Anna Morgan:

The Nechani
The Sky Spirits
The Kobali
The Hunters

The Rosenante Delegation was lead by Commander Jennifer Caskie and was comprised of the following personnel.

Lieutenant T'Larah Sullivan
Lieutenant Chance Raschen
Ensign V'Shera
Ensign Dorian Weaver
Lieutenant Jon Nayati
Lieutenant Thomas Jackson
As well as a few security personnel.

Near the end of the negotiations the meeting was attacked by Hur'q raiders who activated a Transport Inhibitor to trap the Leaders of the alliance in the Bastion. Only Ji'yala had left prior to their arrival.

Part V: The Aftermath

The aftermath of the battle on the bastion was substantial. The Rosenante Crew lost both Weaver and Sullivan who were killed by Hur'q. Additionally Nayati was missing and Raschen was critically injured. With such critical officers out of commission, killed or missing, the Rosenante crew are forced to adapt to fill their leadership positions. it later is learned that Nayati was 'saved' by the Sky Spirit leader Chaska during the battle.

It is also suspected that the Kobali may be responsible for the missing bodies of the dead crew.

Unknown to the Rosenante crew, Sullivan's body has undergone the reclamation and is now a member of the Kobali race.

Among those skilled in the battle among the non-Rosenante crew is the Sky Spirit Chief Nekawana and several hunters. Ambassador Morgan has been recovered by members of the Rosenante crew and is currently in sick bay.

Part VI: The Epiphany

A survey team lead by Lieutenant Marrow has beamed aboard the Epiphany to begin the survey of her systems in the hopes of reclaiming critical components and salvaging her Main Deflector. Over the course of the next month and a half the Engineering crew of the Rosenante, with assistance from their new alliance members, manage to salvage the Main deflector array and get it installed and operational aboard the USS Rosenante.

Part VII: The Alliance & Escape

The Escape Alliance is formed and all the various species within the Bone Yard of The Harvester are dedicated to working together to achieve escape. Lieutenant Alimi Morrow leads a mixed engineering team into the bowels of the Harvester with the goal of disabling the devices Transporters and Tractor beams. That mission is successful.

Additionally the engineering teams work around the clock to modify the Rosenante's Spiral Warp drive to emit Phased particles.

Using this drive and stabilizing the field with the newly restored navigational array, the Allies are able to escape the Harvester. The crew then parts ways on friendly terms.

Dramatis Personae

The Hunters

  • Dretron Dash, First Hunter (Captain) of the Hunter Ship Ne'Q. Aged 40 and has been a Hunter all his adult life, since age 15. Spent the first 15 years of his adult live as a Junior Hunter on various ships and worked his way up the command structure during that time. Was promoted to Group Leader, (which meant him being allowed to track Tosk for his superiors, but not allowed to specifically hunt them one on one) at age 20. Aged 25 he was promoted to Third, which, although still did not give him hunting privileges allowed him to guide the hunting party towards their quarry from their ship. Aged 27 after an 'accident' when the Tosk managed to kill the ship's prime, Dretron was promoted to Second which allowed him the privilege of being the most junior member of the three man hunt. It was then his job to corner the Tosk, and if he found him keep him cornered and summon the Alpha and the First. At 30 he was promoted to Alpha (FO) with the responsibility of choosing which of the ship's teams hunted with the First and the Alpha. Aged 35 he was finally given his own ship. Since being First Hunter on a ship carries a lot of responsibilities Dretron tended to have to spend a great deal of his time with ship's business, but, If they do have a new Tosk he can, if he chooses, insist on his First privileges and lead the hunt.
  • Rintel Adzon, Prime of the Hunter Starship Ne'Q. this position is similar to that of a First Officer aboard Federation starships.
  • Larnash Verian - Chief of the Hunter Starship Ne'Q. this is a position equivilent to a Chief Engineer.


  • Ji'yala- the Haruspex of the Nechani crew abouard the NSS Oracle's Tears. The position of Haruspex is best defined as spiritual leader and Commanding Officer Combined. She is relatively young, and assumed the mantle of the Haruspex when the ship's previous Haruspex succumbed to the ravages of old age. The Nechani were on a religious pilgrimage when their ship was captured by the Harvester.
  • Mi'haya is an Auditor aboard the NSS Oracle's Tears. His job is to enforce religious law among the ship's crew as well as protect them against outside thereats. He is fundamentally a Security Chief. He is fairly young and fairly new to the post. His faith is unwavering.
  • Healer Hi'mani- Hi'mani is the spiritual healer and physician aboard the NSS Oracle's Tears.
  • The Guide- The guide is a special individual who has been tasked with the sacred knowledge to the source of the Voice of All Knowledge. He and he alone, knows the way. To show his selflessness in guiding pilgrims to the source, all guides have shorn their own names.
  • Ensign Anna Morgan- Morgan was once an engineering Ensign aboard the USS Epiphany NCC-913081, a Nova Class Starship. When the Epiphany became unsustainable, she ended up converting to the Nechani religion and becoming a member of their crew. She has served as an Engineering Acolyte for several years. She speaks Nechani well. She is a long haired brunette of petite stature. When the USS Rosenante arrived in The Harvester, she was asked to act as an Ambassador on the behalf of the Nechani there.


  • Provost Qamda- Qamda is a older member of the Kobali command. He is the final authority (Commanding Officer) of the Starship Cial.
  • Kavar - the Vice provost of the Kobali starship Cial. His position is basically equivalent to that of a First Officer.
  • Kasam- Kasam is the Senior Engineering Officer of the Starship Cial.
  • Priests of Medicine- This is a generic term for any medical Doctor. Among the Kobali they are revered as priests, because only they can understand the process of life-death that the Kobali utilize to maintain their civilization.
  • Hasiyl- An acomplished priest of medicine, Hasiyl was once Donald Caskie, a Starfleet Medical Officer. He was killed in 2396 during a Hur'q raid on the USS Epiphany. His body was reclaimed by the Kobali and he became a new member of that species. When the USS Rosenante arrived in The Harvester in 2408, Hasiyl encountered Donald's widow Jennifer Caskie, he began to suffer from the kyn'steya as his memories resurfaced and he began to recall the events of his previous life. In an attempt to return to his prior life, Hasiyl attempted to revert his genetic structure back to his human origins. This was seen as theoretically possible since he had earlier restored T'Larah Sullivan just a few days earlier. Hasiyl, unfortunately died during the procedure. It was determined that he had been Kobalio for too long and that his body failed under the strain of the attempted recovery.
  • Saviya - A newly reclaimed Kobali who was once known as T'Larah Sullivan. Saviya is one of the Kobali's greatest accomplishments, the first reclaimant of the Vulcanoid species. Reclaimed as the first solo effort of Hasiyl, a newly appointed priest of medicine, he had accomplished what no other experienced priest had to date. Saviya struggles under her new identity with Vulcan logic and human tenacity. Recent interaction with the Rosenante crew has stirred reactions and memories in her, beginning a more violent kyn'steya then the Kobali had encountered before. Saviya was reverted back to the original biological form of Sullivan by Hasiyl. She had been a Kobali for 27 days.


  • Imperator S'Kanon- S'Kanon is the effective leader of the Hur'q Hive Ship that was trapped inside the Harvester. He is a very effective and somewhat brutal individual. he is a direct attendant to the Queen of the colony.
  • The Hur'q Queen- The Queen is a mindless breeding machine. her entire purpose is to breed and produce offspring to maintain the Hive Colony. Her body produces a pheromone which is necessary for the sustained life of Hur'q workers and drones. if she should die, the entire colony would perish. The queen although non-sentient is cunning and dangerous. Her position is guaranteed and she is respected above all others in the colony.
  • Colony Master D'Nakon- D'Nakon is the individual in charge of maintaining the health of the colony. He is in charge of the Hatching chambers and also is responsible for assigning the jobs to each Hur'q that is born there. He is the oldest Living Hur'q on the Hive ship, maintaining his extended years by augmenting his time with Stasis fields.
  • Sub-Commander Nu'chei - Nu'chei is the Hur'q equivalent to the head of security and a sort of field marshal all rolled into one. His personality is very harsh and demanding. He tends to belittle and embarass his soliders to motivate and foster loyalty. He fully believes that the Hur'q species is the highest on the evolutionary scale and is zealous in the defense of that belief.

Sky Spirits

  • Nekawana- his name translates as "Great Horns". He is the aging chief of the Miakoda Tribe. He is very old and has been grooming his daughter for eventual leadership of the tribe. He is very highly respected. Nekawana was killed during a Hur'q raid during a conference between the Anti-Hur'q Alliance and the Crew of the USS Rosenante.
  • Chaska- her name translates into the common tongue as "Star Goddess". She is the spiritual adviser and daughter of the current leader of the Sky Spirits (Miakoda Tribe) trapped in the Harvester. She is very spiritual and has led her people to try to live harmoniously with their neighbors and with the nature reserve in the Bastion. She assumed command of the Sky Spirit vessel after her father, the chief, was killed in a Hur'q Raid. When her position was thjreatened, she managed to kill her Rival Namid.
  • Namid- The best hunter of the Miakoda Tribe. He is a strong and skilled hunter and warrior. Namid was killed by Chaska in an attempt to seize power.
  • Henaoa- (Hena-O-uh) his name means "Good Listener". he is a bridge officer aboard the Sky Spirit's vessel.
  • Wanahoa- The most elder member of the Miakoda tribe. He has a great deal of influence with the tribe.
  • Makanakana- One of Namid's best and most skilled Warrior/Hunters.
  • Inimawa- a Skilled warrior/hunter. He is technically under Namid's command, but he may not wish to see his commander as leader of the tribe.


  • The Prime: It is uncertain if this is a name or title. In any Case the Prime seemed to be at the top of a Heirarchal chain, as the other B'zz'tz seemed to follow its instruction. For lack of other information it is generally believed that The Prime is the Commanding sentient present among the B'zz'tz on The Harvester
  • The First Subprime: This entity referred to itself as the Subprime. Again it is unknown if this is the creatures name or title. Since both of the Prime's companions referred to themselves as Subprime, they are delineated by the addition of a numeric value to easier determine their identity from that of their companion. The First Subprime was responsible for making contact with the Rosenante Crew.
  • The Second Subprime: This entity referred to itself as the Subprime. Again it is unknown if this is the creatures name or title. Since both of the Prime's companions referred to themselves as Subprime, they are delineated by the addition of a ordinal value to easier determine their identity from that of their companion. The second Subprime was an expert on the mechanical systems of The Harvester. This subprime directed a joint engineering team into the bowels of the device so that they could disable the Harvester's Tractor beams and transporters, thus ensuring that their escape would succeed.


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