In The Hands of An Angry God

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On Stardate 2407.03.09, the crew of the USS Hades was ordered to continue with a survey of the planet Beta Seranis III

Upon their arrival several sensor scans indicated that the planet had been recently affected by an energy wave similar in structure to the Genesis Device. Away teams were sent down to the planet's surface to collect samples and conduct further studies.

Baylon Trinin was placed on an away team along with Ensign Cynthia Darson, Lieutenant Travis Keswick, and Lieutenant Marto Keswick. Their survey took place in an equatorial jungle region of the planet due to the desires of the CMO Marto Keswick to acquire and study some flora for possible medicinal purposes.

While on the away team, Baylon discovered the wreckage of an alien craft which appeared to have crashed on the surface. After some consideration about safety, The away team combed through the wreckage, which was later identified as Myenru in origin.

Several Artifacts were recovered from the vessel, including a small necklace of a Myenru religious tome that Baylon found appealing ,and a Myenru hand weapon. After the away teams had completed their surveys, they returned to the Hades.

USS Hades NX-60637

It wasn't long after their return to the Hades that a fleet of alien vessels were detected entering the system. When friendly attempts at communication failed, the fleet, later identified as a Myenru fleet attacked the Hades using a Genesis Torpedo.

The Hades managed to elude the enemy fleet by hiding inside an asteroid field, but not before some members of the Hades crew were devolved by the affects of the Genesis Torpedo, including Cynthia Darson.

Baylon assisted CSO Holis Gralen and CEO Norman Harper in monitoring the return of the affected Hades crewmen back to their original state, by telepathically, determining if there was any sign of humanity remaining in the affected individuals. Harper and Gralen constructed a special chamber which was used to force the affected crew members back to their original evolutionary states.

Once sufficent repairs were in place, Captain Saleke ordered the Hades to activate their multi-vector attack mode and engage the Myenru fleet in three separate battle groups. The Hades would be commanded by Captain Saleke, the Acheron by Lieutenant Commander Garret and the Phlegathon by Lieutenant Travis Keswick. Baylon was assigned the position of Chief Tactical Officer and Acting First officer aboard the Phlegelon. This was his first active starship battle and he utilized the new experimental Tactical Interactive Holographic System to good affect.

USS Hades Multivector Mode

After Lieutenant Keswick was injured in the battle, Baylon assumed command of the Phlegathon and performed admirably during the battle. Although outnumbered 6:1, the Phlegathon managed to decimate the combat effectiveness of an entire Myenru battlewing.

The battle turned exceptionally deadly, however, when Myenru Judiciaries led by Subaltern Na'Goresh'Niman boarded the ship and began kidnapping crew members and stealing technology.

Baylon., forced to remain on the bridge dispatched Maraht, the Horta, to assist in preventing the enemy boarding party from capturing Main Engineering. The Horta was successful, although he was injured during the battle. His ferocity forced the enemy boarding party to abandon the Phlegathon after only a short time aboard.

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Meanwhile, Captain Saleke put the Hades cloaking device to good use in the battle with the Dreadmonger, the fleet flagship of the Myenru fleet. Aboard the Acheron, Command fell to Ensign Ammon, when the Captain of that vessel was badly injured. After several hours of tense and bloody combat, the USS Hades was victorious and the remains of the Myenru fleet retreated from the system.


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