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One of Caladryll Sevant’s favorite tutors was a Klingon, a former Starfleet Officer who owed Sevant’s father a favor, named K'Ratoc. This came at a time when Caladryll was particularly ill-at-ease in the rigid society of Vulcan, K’Ratoc was sent to teach the young half-Vulcan self-control. To do that, K’Ratoc trained the boy in multiple forms of Klingon Combat, from bat-leth and mek’leth down to hand-to-hand. The technique worked, Sevant’s hot blood cooled as logic and self-discipline took root together.

These skills were put to the test years later when Caladryll was a teenager. The beloved Klingon had turned up missing months before, and he was standing armed in the Sevant family gardens when Caladryll returned from school. And as though it were a bad murder mystery, the Klingon attacked Sevant. Caladryll always carried his bat’leth with him as a child, he would practice with it at school and had even gone so far as to form a small squad for ‘practice’. Like poker, the Vulcan parents didn’t mind the oddity as it served to teach physical control… the bat’leth is deceptively difficult to use. A battle ensued, in which the Klingon was grievously wounded, and died in Sevant’s arms. Sevant, after years of immersion in Klingon society, bellowed for the fallen warrior… the sound of which brought the authorities. It was later determined that the Klingon had been captured and conditioned to kill Caladryll’s father, who was in the middle of tight negations. The culprits were never caught.