Port of Call

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Starbase Geneva

With the sabotage of the USS Mystique by a member of her own crew, who was later discovered to be a deep cover agent for the Doentiz Loyalist forces, the surviving crew of the Mystique take possession of the newly commissioned USS Hades, a Prometheus Class vessel.

With a few changes to the command crew, including a new captain in Saleke, and with the addition of new replacement officers and crew, the Hades undertook a series of in port tests and repairs to make certain that she was space worthy.

Members of the crew become embroiled in a series of mysterious accidents that began slowing down the eventual launch of the vessel. At first these accidents were believed to be caused by defective equipment, but eventually it was discovered that the culprits were actually a group of Doenitz loyalists who had infiltrated the Starbase Geneva Engineering crews assigned to assist in preparing the ship for launch.

These would be saboteurs were finally rounded up by the ship's crew and the USS Hades was prepared for her maiden voyage.


USS Hades Missions
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