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It has been a productive set of years.

The original reorganization of FGN Freedom Squadron has led us through many twists, turns and through pitfalls. We now find ourselves standing firm in the face of yet another year in continual operation. And what a time it's been!

We still cling to the ideals in which we started, that we the Council provide a clean and fun place to meet others who share the same joy of writing and role-playing Star Trek. The Council has changed faces over the years; we've had our problems and our successes. And still, the Council and CO's list maintain the necessary balance for successfully running a large-scale game. With work, patience and a bit of luck, we will continue to succeed long after these first few years are forgotten.

Past Council Members

We thank the past Council Members for their time and duty to maintain an excellent gaming experience and for the upkeep a game such as Star Trek: Freedom requires.

Steve Smith, Jeremy Trout, Al Muir, Liz Gueken, Darryl McDaniel, Calvin Capps & Daniel Greene.

Current Council Members

Currently the Council is made of 5 individuals who responsibilities are to keep Star Trek: Freedom running as the top Star Trek PBEM.

Anthony Keen - President
Alan Reading - Fleet CO
Fleet FO Wes Harden
Jeremy Trout - Janitor

  • more to come*

The Purpose of the Council

The Council of Star Trek : Freedom shall be a separate ruling body, whose purpose is threefold and under constant revision to best suit the needs of the game.

1. To oversee operations of Star Trek : Freedom, and put into motion proposals and edicts for the good of the game.

2. To oversee larger conflict resolution that has progressed beyond a duty-station CO's ability to mediate. The reprimands and decisions of the council are both final and binding within Star Trek : Freedom.

3. To keep every member of Freedom informed of possible changes, and to carefully consider any changes that are mentioned or proposed by any or all members of the Fleet.

The power of the council is placed above that of the Duty Station CO's, though most routine decisions are made by a joint list of the entire COs. The Council has no say in the day to day operation of those vessels. Instead, their power rests in directing the Fleet as a whole to new paths and directions for the greater prosperity of all. The Council finalizes changes that will affect the whole of the Fleet, both in and out of game, and the Council also passes all items that change the way the Fleet operates.

Requirements of a Council Member

In order to assure that those who would join the council are knowledgeable in Freedom matters and competent to command the squadron, the following conditions apply to all applicants to the council.

1. All applicants must have a PC in good standing within Star Trek : Freedom, and maintain that PC according to all posting rules during Council Rule.

2. All applicants shall have at least four months game-time experience (Academy time not included) in the game.

3. All applicants must be able to devote the needed time to council matters without having their duty stations suffer do to lack of attention. As a note, during normal weeks the council requires less then two hours of time. During events or special circumstances, it can easily hit a couple hours a day. Be aware of this in your considerations.

4. All Applicants must be approved for the selected council position in a unanimous vote by all current council members.

The Council and Command Lists

All command officers of Star Trek : Freedom are on the Command mailing list, it is an excellent way for high command of the game to keep in touch. The council itself will use the command mailing list to pass down decisions, or proposals for discussion.

The Council itself has its own mailing list for council members to debate on, behind closed doors for privacy purposes. These mails will not be available for viewing without express council permission.

The command officers of Star Trek : Freedom will have every opportunity to pose questions and suggestions to the Council via the command list, and non-command officers will have access to the personal email addresses of Council members for reasons that supersede the chain of command. Otherwise, all suggestions should be routed through the chain of command, to the board.

It is not the intention of the Council to be hard to reach, or intimidating. The Council has been formed to meet and solve common problems that come with running a large-scale game with people of many cultures and creeds. Besides the obvious need for closed door decision making on delicate matters, everything else about the council and its proceedings will be open for discussion and questioning at will. Only sensitive or personal issues will be kept under wraps, until a decision is formed.

The Council will always provide motivation and reasons for its decisions, and any specific questions on past Council work can be directed in person to any council member via Email or Command list (through your CO, in that case).


Times change and we move forward, STF's Discord is popular and a great communication too - everyone is invited to participate.