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The Symbol of the Terra Prime Movement

Terra Prime was an extremist xenophobic terrorist organization dedicated to the expulsion all of non-Humans from Earth and the Sol system. In 2155, John Frederick Paxton led this movement from the Orpheus Mining Colony on Luna, Earth's moon. Some members of Terra Prime took to heart the policies of 21st century historical figure Colonel Green, regarded by many as a genocidal madman, with regards to ethics of genetic "purity". Terra Prime's followers, waning before the Xindi attack in 2153, experienced a resurgence after the event, growing in influence, to the point that they worried Earth leaders such as Nathan Samuels. Members of Terra Prime included Mercer, Susan Khouri, Daniel Greaves, and Josiah. Samuels himself once belonged to the group, when he was eighteen years of age, though he later renounced his involvement with them.

In January of 2155, Terra Prime seized the Martian Verteron Array and used it to fire a verteron energy beam at Luna as a demonstration of their power, pursuant to their demand for all non-Humans to leave the Sol System. Their plan was thwarted by a team of Starfleet personnel, who retook the array and took Paxton into custody.

With the establishment of the Coalition of Planets, and later the United Federation of Planets, Terra Prime's goal of an isolated, "Humans-only" Earth would never be realized.

Centuries later, however, the hate-group Humans for Humanity would embrace these same principles during the Federation Civil War, even going so far as to unleash a deadly virus on Starbase Geneva in 2403.