The Captain's Cotillion

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Asrai Prime

After the completion of the mission to save Asrai Prime the crew of the USS Rosenante moved into a support role for the new government of that planet. With the institutionalization of a new ruling system headed by the more technologically advanced Asrai from Solyon, Ahmed was determined to insure a series of programs that would help bring the remainder of the population into line with the new leaders of that planet.

To that end, each of the departments began a program of assisting in building a knowledge infrastructure that the planet could then develop and expand on a planetary basis. To this end, medical databases, civil engineering databases and diplomatic databases have been supplied to the new government.

With the civilization most recently believed to be under the protection of the Prime Directive, which was disproven with the realization that Solyon was a warp capable colony ship, the Federation Diplomatic Corps was ordered by Starfleet Command to send special teams to aid the Asrai in their modernization efforts.

To celebrate the new relationship and the mutual support between the UFP and the government of Asrai Prime, Captain Salid decided to implement a new tradition aboard the Rosenante in the form of a formal dance, which he dubbed the "Captain's Cotillion".

The affair was punctuated by the appearance of many of the ship's crew appearing in elaborate outfits, and taking a night on the town. The event filled Cargo Bays one and Two, which had been retrofitted by Commander Matrix, Lieutenant Soma, Lieutenant Jackson and Lieutenant Sanok.

The prevent for the women of the crew took place on the holodeck, where Jessica Signos invited them all to a Japanese Bath house program for a day of pampering, gossip and spa treatments.

Not all was well, however, as on the eve of the event, Signos and O'Neill broke off their relationship due to "Lily". A further incident took place when Tayla Fraiser inadvertently made telepathic contact with Signos, and was affected by "Lily's" presence, sending her into a panic attack that later caused her to attack Parker Davis.

This period of time saw the addition of a couple of new crew to the roster as well. Lieutenant Lanista , formerly from the USS Mithrandir and on return from a 5-year mission in Klingon space, was assigned to the USS Rosenante as their newest Chief Science Officer. Lieutenant Viskhard, as a result of this new addition was reassigned to the position of Assistant Chief Science Officer. Another addition to the crew was Lieutenant Nayeli, a member of the JAG Corps. Her purpose was to look into the possible violations of the Prime Directive on Asrai Prime. She was assigned as a standing member of the crew in reflection to Starfleet's concern over the matter. As a result, Captain Salid has no choice but to keep her aboard.

The crew not only gained new crew, but sadly have seen some transferred off the ship as well. Commander T'Larah Sullivan was reassigned to the Starfleet Marine Corps, where she assumed the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. She was joined by Lieutenant Masters. This left the position of First officer open, and Captain Ahmed Ibn Salid saw no reason not to promote his new Second and Third Officers into empty positions. As such, Lieutenant Ben Soma was promoted to First Officer and advanced in rank to Lieutenant Commander, while Sanok was promoted to Second Officer. At this time Salid has not yet selected a third officer for the Rosenante.

Not to be outdone, several members of the Rosenante's senior staff had their photograph taken for nostalgia's sake. Those images can be viewed from the gallery below.


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