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Thordan, was the the leader of the local cell of the Andorian Resistance Movement on Andoria during the Federation Civil War. His daughter was Selanna, a one time fiance to Baylon Trinin.

in 2402, Thordan, along with Baylon and Mordan led a raid against Doenitz loyalist troops on Andoria. That raid was a catastrophe, despite intelligence that was provided indicating it should have been an easy target.

It turned out that the intelligence had been planeted by Starfleet Intelligence to set up a trap to lure in the Andorian resistance cell that had been giving them such trouble near Mount Cathos.

The Trap turned out to be successful, since of the original 25 members of the cell that conducted the raid only two, Baylon Trinin and Mordan survived.

Thordan, along with his daughter was killed in the attack, effectively destroying the cell as an effective fighting unit.