USS Rosenante Deck Plans

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Rosenante bridge.jpg

Deck Plans USS Rosenante NCC-924650, Rosenante Class Explorer

  • Deck 1 - Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Tactical Planning, Emergency Transporter Room 1, Primary Dorsal Shield Generators (DEA), Primary Dorsal Shield Generators (DECS), Lifeboats, Observation Lounge
  • Bridge.png
    Click on the image to see the full-size Bridge plan

  • Deck 2 - Operations Offices, COPS Quarters, FO’s Office, CO’s Quarters, FO Quarters, Stellar Cartography, General Conference Rooms, Operations Support Systems, Lifeboats

  • Deck 3 - Security Offices, Tactical Offices, CTAC Quarters, CSEC Quarters, Sensor Maintenance, Primary ISIS Sensor Array, DICOMMS Array, Interrogation Rooms, Security Storage Area, Environmental Subsystem, Lifeboats

  • Deck 4 - Warp Reactor Core Jettison Hatch, Primary Dorsal Phaser Array, Science Offices, CSO’s Office, Senior Officer’s Quarters, Biophysics Lab, Atmospheric Physics lab, Astrometrics lab, Science Research Labs, Lifeboats

  • Deck 5 - Emergency Transporter Room 2, Warp Core Ejection System, Junior Officer’s Quarters, Tactical Sensor Array, VIP Quarters, Lifeboats

  • Deck 6 - Main Engineering Upper Decks, Engineering Support, Engineering Crew Quarters, Navigational Sensor Array, Lateral Sensor Array, Tactical Sensor Array, Lifeboats

  • Deck 7 - Tractor beam emitter (forward dorsal), Tractor beam emitter (aft dorsal), Main Engineering Lower Decks, Engineering Support, CEO’s Office, Engineering Crew Quarters, RCS Thruster Quads, Lifeboats, EPS Primary Power Distribution Center

  • Deck 8 - Secondary Dorsal Phaser Array, General Crew Quarters, Observation Lounge, Mess Hall, Environmental Subsystem, Lifeboats

  • Deck 9 - Aft Quantum Torpedo launcher and Magazine Storage, Forward Quantum Torpedo launcher and Magazine Storage, General Crew Quarters, Holodecks 1-2, Lifeboats, Communications Suites

  • Deck 10 - Emergency Transporter Room 3. Medical Offices, Medical Labs 1-2, Quarantine Area, Surgical Bays 1-2, Counseling Department, CMO’s Office, Medical Bays 1-4, Biohazard/Isolation Labs & Bay, Civilian Medical Facilities, Transporter rooms 1-7, Away Team Staging Area, General Crew Quarters, Lifeboats

  • Deck 11 - Primary Computer Core Upper Deck, Civilian Crew Quarters, General Crew Quarters, Holodecks 3-4, Hydroponics Labs, General Civilian Facilities, Lifeboats

  • Deck 12 - Primary Computer Core Lower Deck, Civilian Crew Quarters, General Crew Quarters, Marine Shuttle Bay 1 (port), Marine Shuttle Bay 2 (starboard), Shuttle Maintenance, Lifeboats

  • Deck 13 - Shuttle Bay 1 & 2 (port), Shuttle Bay 3 & 4 (starboard), Civilian Crew Quarters, General Crew Quarters, Gymnasium, Shuttle Maintenance, RCS Thruster Quads

  • Deck 14 - Tractor beam emitter (port), Tractor beam emitter (starboard), Cargo Bays 1-6 (port), Cargo Bays 7-12 (starboard), Trade Winds, Botanical Gardens, Lifeboats, Primary Lateral Phaser Array, Cargo Loading Doors

  • Deck 15 - Emergency Transporter Room 4, Bussard Collector Assemblies, Main Deflector Control, Main Deflector Array, Lifeboats, Secondary Lateral Phaser Array

  • Deck 16 - Impulse Engine Reactors 1-2, Impulse Engines, Warp Coils, Warp nacelles (embedded), Primary EPS Relays, Primary Plasma Tanks. Engineering Support, Lifeboats

  • Deck 17 - Tractor beam emitter (forward ventral), Tractor beam emitter (aft ventral) , Lifeboats, Rec Bays, Systems Monitoring Suites, HISS Components

  • Deck 18 - Secondary Computer Core Upper Deck, Aft Photon Torpedo launchers 3-4 and Magazine Storage, Forward Photon Torpedo launchers 1-2 and Magazine Storage, Lifeboats

  • Deck 19 - Secondary Computer Core Lower Deck, Primary Ventral Phaser Array, Lifeboats, Fire suppression systems, Secondary EPS Relays,

  • Deck 20 - Emergency Transporter Room 5, Marine Holodeck (Helldeck), Marine Gym, MCO's and MXO's Office, Marine Quarters, Marine Armory, Marine Staging Center, Marine Transporter, Phaser Range, Lifeboats

  • Deck 21 - Transporter Rooms 8-16, Away Team Staging Area, Marine Quarters, Marine Infirmary, Marine Tactical Training, Lifeboats

  • Deck 22 - Secondary Ventral Phaser Array, Lifeboats, Rec Bays, Auxiliary fusion reactors, Contingency Crew Quarters, EPS Secondary Power Distribution Center, EPS support

  • Deck 23 - Contingency Crew Quarters, Consumables storage, RCS Thruster Quads, Lifeboats

  • Deck 24 - Environmental Control, Structural Integrity field systems (SIF), Emergency Response/Damage Control Teams, Lifeboats, EPS support

  • Deck 25 - Emergency Transporter Room 6, Consumables Transfer Conduit, Recycling center, Waste Extraction, Upper Reactant Loader, Lifeboats, Secondary Brig, Secondary Armory

  • Deck 26 - Environmental Subsystem, Inertial Dampening systems, Computer Core monitoring systems, EPS Node monitoring, MIE Auxiliary Access, Lifeboats, EPS support

  • Deck 27 - Deuterium tankage, Deuterium control systems, Landing Strut Assemblies, Secondary Dorsal Shield Generators (DEA), Secondary Dorsal Shield Generators (DECS) , Lifeboats

  • Deck 28 - Anti-Matter Storage, Anti-Matter Control Center, Antimatter loading ports, Antimatter generator, Antimatter injection systems, Antimatter pods jettison hatch, Captain’s Yacht, Landing Struts, Landing Thrusters, Lifeboats


Bridge floorplans by Noel Oxford