1st Mystique Company

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The 1st Mystique Dem-Company, Pleasure & Pain, is the active Marine company stationed aboard the USS Mystique


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Squad Breakdown[edit]

Two platoons, 4 squads per Platoon, 12 Marines per squad. 96 Marines total

Alpha Platoon[edit]

""Ghonigle"" 1st Squad (Infantry/Rifleman), Alpha Platoon, 1st Mystique Company

Ghonigle is a city on Tellar, and was fought over briefly but intensely during the Dominion War. This particular squad lost nearly three-quarters of it's strength there long ago, and took the name to remember by.

Patch: a silhouette of the city-scape with a saber hanging over it.

Motto: "Now I am become Death..."

Insignia for '5 to Midnight', Combat Engineers

""Joy of the Hunt"" 2nd Squad (Reconnaissance), 1st Mystique Company

Scouting is their trade, hunting information their game.

Patch: two slightly off-center cross-hairs

Motto: "Ah, so the game is afoot!"

""Suicide Kings"" 3rd Squad (Heavy Assault), Alpha Platoon, 1st Mystique Company

Renamed by 1st Lt Richard Ian Lee after an exceptionally deadly battle aboard a Naegeri ship and a suicidal dash across multiple skirmish lines to escape.

Patch: Father Time, winking, and holding an hour glass.

Motto: "All Struggles Ultimately Require Sacrifice"

Insignia for 'Blackops', Combat Engineers

""Black Ops"" 4th Squad (Combat Engineers), Alpha Platoon, 1st Mystique Company

This is the squad that Robert LoDona created many years ago, and when he was assigned as Squadron Commander of Freedom Squadron, he had it transferred en-masse to the squadron. It has maintained the traditions of excellence laid down by its first CCE in being the best, and most deadly, of the Marine Combat Engineers.

Patch: A Demon with glowing white eyes

Motto: "Beware the Fury of a Patient Man"

Beta Platoon[edit]

""Method of Force"" 1st Squad (Forward Assault Infantry), Beta Platoon, 1st Mystique Company

According to popular legend, during an assault on the Cardassians, it has been said that the Former Squad Commander of this squad and an unnamed Colonel were talking about a Strongpoint to be invaded and the likelihood that the Cardassians would surrender. The Colonel thought not, but the Squad Commander is popularly thought to have said, "They will, its just a matter of picking our method of force."

Patch: A stylized Warhammer, crossed by a stylized Sword on a field of black

Motto: "Choose and Perish"

""Destiny's Key"" 2nd Squad (Infantry), Beta Platoon, 1st Mystique Company

The reason that 1st Lt Roberts named this squad are unknown, only that he had a fascination with fate and destiny.

Patch: The Federation emblem on a red field, overshadowing an image of an old skeleton key.

Motto: "Your destiny Approaches."

""Leapfrog"" 3rd Squad (Infantry), Beta Platoon, 1st Mystique Company

This squad was named at creation by the Squad CO

Patch: A unicorn silhouette on a red background.

Motto: "Never play leapfrog with a unicorn"

""Watchful Eye"" 4th Squad (Infantry), Beta Platoon, 1st Mystique Company

According to squad legend, the squad was named in the prelude to a large-scale Cardassian battle. the Company commander ordered them off to recon some positions and watch for trouble, the squad CO reputedly said "no worries, they'll be under my watchful eye.' What is not legend is that this squad was the first to give warning to an imminent attack.

Patch: A Quill, poking a large eye, on a background of two crossed clubs

Motto: ""Ever Vigilant"