A Brand New Day

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The current crew of the USS Mithrandir are currently docked at Starbase Geneva awaiting re-deployment on their next mission. Captain Olorin is re-assigned and Will Alexander, the current First Officer, is promoted to the rank of Commander and the role of Commanding officer. The crew take on board a new First Officer, Lieutenant Kirsten Summers, and are currently awaiting their next mission.

The crew were ordered to drop off supplies to an archeological dig on Feros 9. When arriving, they could not raise the settlement and sent an away team. They discovered that the archeologists had been murdered by persons unknown and there were two survivors. Upon returning to the ship, The crew began to discover that the man that they had rescued had been the murderer and that he had played host to an evil, malevolent entity which was now loose on the ship.

The entity had found a new person to inhabit, Cheif Petty Officer Jones. The entity forced him to murder another crew member and then take two others hostage, Lieutenant Siobhan Philbin and Lieutenant (JG) Kenneth Mckenzie. The remainder of the crew began negotiations for their release. During this, Lieutenant Philbin was stabbed. Commander Alexander entered sickbay to confront the Jones entity. Jones managed to regain control long enough to ask Alexander to open the emergency sickbay airlock and made the ultimate sacrifice.

Whilst being treated for her wounds, Lieutenant Philbin confessed her true feelings for Commander Alexander but, sadly, they were not reciprocated. The ship then headed to Starbase Geneva for some much needed RnR.


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