Abigail Heyes

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Abigail 2.jpg
Crewman Abigail Heyes
Name: Abigail Heyes
Rank: Tcrew.jpg
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 24
Position: Medical Technician
Ship: USS Spectre
Status: SPC

Character Physical Description[edit]

Eye Colour Blue

Hair Colour Black

Height 5 foot 4

Weight 110 IBS

Blood Colour Red

Skin Colour Pale

Physical Description[edit]

Small and slightly built, Abby has an oval face with high cheekbones. Her nose tilts up very slightly at the end, and her mouth is generally smiling. Has a friendly nature which conceals a deep cynicism and a streak of ruthlessness.

History, Education and Skills[edit]

Family and Background[edit]

Father: Joshua Heyes Mother: Cassandra Ree Siblings: Thomas (30), Alec (28) and James (26) As the only girl and the 'baby' of the family Abigail might have been spoilt rotten. But she turned out to be a tomboy, preferring to play with her brothers rather than her dolls. Joshua ran a casino in Paris (and Cassandra the bar/restaurant inside) from the time Abigail was two years old, so she grew up in a rather unconventional setting. This gave her a lot of confidence and a certain degree of cynicism about human (and alien) nature. She also learned self-defence and how to deal with drunks bigger and stronger than herself.


Starfleet Academy (Enlisted section)

Pre-Starfleet History[edit]

Worked as a croupier/dealer in her parents' casino. Also did the books. Decided she wanted to see more of life than the casino, and eventually joined starfleet as enlisted personnel.

Starfleet History[edit]

Medical History[edit]

Nothing of note.


Good at organisation, filing, keeping information in her head. Good with figures. Due to her excellent memory and ability to calculate the odds, she plays a mean game of poker, blackjack and various other card games. Good at snooker, pool and darts too. Can stack a deck without being detected, and do various sleight-of-hand card tricks.

Other Information[edit]


Likes to play cards, though rarely fleeces her crewmates. Has a holodeck program she likes to run with a saloon simulating the old American West frontier.

General Notes[edit]

Nearly failed to make it through the enlisted section of the Academy due to her lack of skill with a phaser. To this day her partner on the final exam dines out on the story that in her final assessment Abigail fired at the target with her eyes shut and only hit it by a fluke.



Abigail Heyes is played by Liz Geuken.