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Ahmed Ibn Salid
Commanding Officer, USS Rosenante
Captain Ahmed Ibn Salid

USS Rosenante

  • Vital Statistics
  • Physical Information
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Hair Color: Black
    • Height: 5.5 feet
    • Weight: 170 lbs
    • Skin Color: Olive
"Being hugged by Commander Zzt isn’t that bad really...after you lose consciousness."
— Ensign Junior Grade Ahmed Ibn Salid


Ahmed was born in Cairo, Egypt- Earth on Stardate 2382.04.10 to Salid ibn Jaffar and Jasmine Mosatuff. At the time of his birth his father was an engineering ensign aboard the USS Roland and his mother was an artist.

Ahmed lived in Cairo for the vast majority of his life, although he did spend a few years aboard the USS Roland and the USS Archimedes with his mother and father.

At the age of five years, Ahmed’s parent’s divorced after Ahmed’s mother Jasmine was discovered to be having an affair, with the USS Archimedes’ Chief Counselor. Ahmed’s father, unable to raise the boy alone and without a desire to release him to his mother’s custody,sent young Ahmed back to Cairo to live with his Uncle Aamihr. Before leaving the Forrester, Ahmed’s mother gave him a necklace to remember her by. He still wears it to this day.

Ahmed had a difficult time adjusting to his new life with his Uncle. When he reached his teens, Ahmed became rebellious and would often disobey his uncle’s wishes. In the interest of finding something to occupy his nephew’s time in a more productive manner, Ahmed’s uncle introduced the boy to Sailing and Boxing.

There were remarked improvements in Ahmed’s grades as a result of these new interests. It was discovered that he possessed a photographic memory and that he had become bored with his studies, since he could memorize the course curriculum within a few hours. Boxing and Sailing gave him physical challenges as well as mental ones, and he began to work in his uncle’s business, teaching tourists how to sail traditional Egyptian boats on the Mediterranean sea. Ahmed would often participate in unsanctioned boxing clubs in his teens.

It was during this time that Ahmed began to take an intense interest in History. His uncle had revealed Ahmed’s rich family Lineage to the boy at the age of 17. The men in Ahmed’s family have dedicated their lives in the pursuit of Moral Justice. Ahmed began a detailed Genealogy of his male ancestors and was able to trace back his lineage to a general serving in Saladin's army during the battles of the Crusades. He commissioned an incredible Genealogy scroll of his ancestors that is 4 feet wide and 9 feet tall. It is current displayed on the wall of his quarters aboard the USS Rosenante.

On Stardate 2398.08.12 Ahmed was involved in a near fatal accident. While exploring a recently discovered Egyptian tomb in the Valley of the Kings with Doctor Sufi Mohammed Sari, a renowned Egyptologist, There was a collapse of a tunnel.

Ahmed was badly injured. He suffered serious trauma in the form of broken bones. It took rescuers thirteen hours to free him from the rubble. As a result of these traumatic times, Ahmed suffers from a mild case of claustrophobia, although he is usually able to fight back the sense of panic that he feels.

University of Cairo[edit]

Ahmed enrolled in the University of Cairo on Stardate 2399.03.06 in the fields of Archeology, Ancient Medicine, and Ancient Engineering. He greatly enjoyed this area of study, but at the insistence of his professors and in messages received from his father, then the Chief Engineer aboard the USS Tripoli, Ahmed finally agreed to take the Starfleet entry exams.

He graduated with a Masters degree in Archeology from the University of Cairo on Stardate 2403.03.05.

Relationships of Note[edit]

Crewman Debbie Weston
Jasmin Mohandas

Salid was involved in a romantic relationship with Engineer Debbie Weston while he was stationed aboard the USS Nimitz as Chief Engineer. The relationship began to grow somewhat cool after Ahmed's participation in the Raid on Djorn Major XJ-003.

The relationship broke up when Ahmed was promoted and assigned to the USS Champlain as First Officer. Weston and Ahmed are still friends and are on speaking terms. Ahmed visited the USS Hades after the end of the Civil War where he spoke once again with Debbie Weston. Debbie was interested in rekindling their relationship, but Ahmed resisted. His concern over maintaining a long distance relationship and his newly acquired interest in Jasmin Mohandas won out and Ahmed and Debbie agreed to end the romantic aspect of their on-again, off-again relationship.

After the end of the Federation Civil War, Ahmed returned to Cairo to visit his uncle. He was attacked by an angry mob in the city, as a result of his choice to wear his Starfleet uniform. He was beaten and struck with stones and lost consciousness. When he recovered he found himself in the home of Jasmin Mohandas. Jasmin had tended his injuries after rescuing him from the mob using a black market phaser.

During the subsequent discussion, Ahmed discovered that she had been a Lieutenant assigned as ACMO to the USS Pangaea. This vessel was a part of the Doenitz loyalist force that fought against the 52nd Fleet at the Battle of Sector 001. Heated words were exchanged and Ahmed was asked to leave.

Jasmin Mohandas

Several days later, Ahmed saw Jasmin in the local marketplace and apologized. He offered to make her dinner, which she accepted. The meal was terribly cooked, but Ahmed and Jasmin spoke more candidly afterwards and it was then that Ahmed learned that Jasmin was to go before a tribunal for her actions during the battle. After discussing the situation with her, he became convinced that she had done nothing to warrant a Court Martial.

Ahmed spoke to Jasmin's JAG Officer for the defense and convinced him to allow Salid to speak as a character witness on Jasmin's behalf. After a hard-sell the counselor agreed and Ahmed was allowed to speak at the Tribunal. He gave an impassioned speech about "mercy" and "healing the wounds of the Federation". It seemed to work, Jasmin was only reduced a single grade as a result of a guilty result of Medical Negligence, while she was found not guilty of the six charges of Murder brought against her.

For several months, while the USS Hypatia was in Sector 001, Ahmed spent a great deal of time with Yasmin and his uncle Aamihr in Cairo. A young budding romance began between the two and despite the difficulties of a long-distance relationship, is still working.

Starfleet Academy[edit]

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth

Ahmed took his entry exams on Stardate 2403.06.05, just in time to manage to squeeze into the summer class. Ahmed scored the tenth highest entry exam scores in the history of the Academy, a fact for which he is extremely proud.

He double majored at the Academy in the areas of Materials Engineering/Damage Control and Trauma Medicine.

During his time at the academy, Ahmed joined the Academy Boxing Team, Regatta and rowing teams. He took the Lightweight title for three of the four years that he competed at the Academy. As the captain of the Rowing team, led his crew to victory two years in a row. The Academy Regatta on Arctura II proved to be another victory for the Cadet Salid, as his crew and he took the cup in a ship named the Jasmine.

On stardate 2406.08.02 Ahmed participated in the famed Starfleet Academy Marathon on Danula II. This grueling race saw Ahmed finish 221st out of 693 competitors. While not a clear-cut victory, he was pleased that he managed to finish the 40-kilometer race.

Prior to completing his Course studies at the Academy, Ahmed also took and completed his Bridge Certification Training, Command Staff Training and his Departmental Command Courses. The scored well in each of these additional course, a fact that would assist him later in being selected for the position of First Officer of the USS Champlain.

Ahmed graduated the Academy Class of 2407 on Stardate 2407.01.22. He ranked second in his class. It was on his graduation day that news arrived of his father’s death aboard the USS Tripoli. He had sacrificed himself to maintain the containment of the collapsing warp core during the battle of Cardassia.

Starfleet Career[edit]

The USS Nimitz

Ahmed was commissioned as an Ensign Junior Grade pursuant to his graduation from Starfleet Academy on Stardate 2407.01.22.

Ahmed was ordered to report to the USS Nimitz, a Sovereign Class Starship (Registry NCC-75878-E) captained by Captain Devan Sash.

Ahmed was forced to take a circuitous route to reach the Nimitz due to the Civil War between the Doenitz Loyalists and the 52nd Fleet, the latter to which the Nimitz belonged. During his trip he witnessed the oppression of Andoria first-hand.

He commissioned a respected smuggler and 52nd Fleet loyalist named Arkot, an ex-captain of the Doenitz defeated Andorian Defense fleet. During his time aboard the Smuggler, he worked in main engineering and repaired an old Romulan cloaking device that was later used to elude a Doenitz loyal Starship.

Ahmed arrived on Starbase Geneva on Stardate 2407.02.09 nearly a full month after his graduation from the Academy in San Francisco. Once aboard Starbase Geneva Ahmed wasted no time reporting to the Nimitz.

Mission One: A Taste of Hate.[edit]

After his arrival on Starbase Geneva, Ahmed was assigned to assist in the investigation concerting an attack on the newly assigned Counselor Divon Lronen. During the course of the investigation, Ahmed was responsible for finding the weapon used in the assault on the counselor. He was reassigned to the Engineering Department to conduct repairs to the Nimitz as a result of a prior battle.

He reported to Main Engineering and watched in Horror as the current ACEO Lieutenant Miles Davis collapsed after contracting the engineered Revelation Virus released on Geneva Station by the Terrorist Group Humans for Humanity.

Lieutenant Davis was the first member of the Nimitz crew to succumb to the virus and later died as a result of the illness.

Once it became known what was happening, Starbase Geneva and the USS Nimitz were quarantined to prevent further spreading of the virus. The result of the lock-down left Ahmed, newly arrived on the Nimitz as the senior Engineering Officer on the Nimitz, due to Commander Zzt becoming unable to leave the Starbase.

After Hromava, the Nimitz’s First Officer ordered all non-essential personnel to be restricted to quarters, Ahmed and Debbie Weston continued with the repairs to the Nimitz.

Later due to the fact that the virus had been introduced to the crew of the Nimitz, special quarantine areas were established in the ship’s cargo bay, on the orders of the First Officer. It was at this time that Salid discovered an attempt by desperate members of the ship’s crew to escape from the Cargo bay and potentially seize control of the Nimitz.

Ahmed participated in the actions to prevent a mutiny aboard ship.

For his efforts, Captain Devan Sash promoted him to Ensign Senior grade on Stardate 2407.02.17.

After his promotion Ahmed began a romantic relationship with Engineer Debbie Weston.

Mission Two: For a Friend.[edit]

Promoted to Chief Engineer

On Stardate 2407.03.07 Ahmed was promoted to the position of CEO for the USS Nimitz by Captain Devan Sash after it was discovered that Lieutenant Commander Zzt was to be transferred to a Special Theoretical Engineering Unit.

Later that same day, Ahmed would join Captain Sash and several other Nimitz Officers on an unsanctioned mission to Rescue Lieutenant Dru Tagon, a fellow Nimitzer. Tagon had been captured by Doenitz forces and sentenced to be executed. It was discovered that he was being held at Djorn Major XJ-003 to await the completion of his sentence. As the 52nd Fleet was stretched over a wide front in the battle against Deonitz forces, the Admiralty had decided that no vessels could be risked on the rescue. Despite orders to the contrary, Captain sash and several officers made a rendezvous with the IKS Hegh’delar a B’rel Class scout and entered federation space with the intention of conducting a rescue of Dru Tagon.

Prior to the Arrival at Djorn Major XJ-003, Ahmed spent a considerable amount of effort and time designing material aids to assist in the assault and hopefully give his small team a slight advantage against the station’s garrison. These gadgets included an armored cloaking armored EVA suit, modified from the available Klingon EVA suits, attuned to the IKS Hegh’delar’s Cloaking device; A series of portable sensor ghost generators, and a mobile handheld command net inderdiction device which later allowed the crew limited access to the station’s main computer systems. Unfortunately despite successful tests of the stealth suits aboard the Hegh’delar, the stealth features seemed to mysteriously fail once aboard the station.

Djorn Major XJ-003

Upon their arrival at Djorn Major XJ-003, The 1st assault team used the Ferengi assault shuttle the Good Deal to pass through a gap in the Station’s ventral shields and after An EVA mission to establish a series of transport pattern enhancers, the Crew was aboard the Station.

Ahmed participated in the capture of the Central Computer core of the station in which action he killed a technician. Later in an attempt to disable the stations shields and weapons, he created a powerful plasma surge through the tactical systems. The end result was the unexpected explosion of the Station’s Ventral Shield Generator, which was responsible for extensive damage to the station and an unknown number of deaths among station personnel.

Ahmed was injured twice during the mission. Once, he was hit with a phaser blast in the back fired by station security, which forced him to discard the upper portion of his armored EVA suit. Later he was injured in hand-to-hand combat with a member of Major Julian Wells’ marine unit assigned to guard Lieutenant Tagon. The marine stabbed Ahmed in the lower left arm.

The arrival of the Klingon assault forces from the Hegh’delar led by Doctor Jonas Lemar allowed the Nimitz crew to reach the Maximum Security Block and force Wells into an honorable ceasefire.

Ahmed and Thomas Jackson worked together to drop the containment field holding Dru Tagon in his cell. Ahmed also managed to neutralize the explosive collar Tagon wore using the station’s transporter safety overrides. At Captain Devan Sash’s order Ahmed transported the assault team to safety, but not before Thom Hania had released an explosive grenade which is believed to have killed Major Julian Wells.

The crew escaped Djorn Major and returned to Starbase Geneva with Lieutenant Tagon. Remarkably, only two members of the rescue effort were killed in action, both were members of the Hegh’delar’s Klingon Marine Contingent led by Doctor Lemar. Later Ensign Thom Hania died under mysterious circumstances prior to the return to the Nimitz. Ensign Harry Samuel Doorman had survived an apparent attempt at suicide, although later it was discovered that his actions were influenced by the Revelation Entity affecting Counselor Divon Lronen.

Surprisingly enough, no member of the Nimitz crew was punished for the undertaking of the unsanctioned rescue of Lieutenant Tagon, Except for Captain Sash.

For his efforts in the rescue of Lieutenant Tagon, Ahmed was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade on Stardate 2407.03.22

Mission Three: To Skin a Cat.[edit]

On Stardate 2407.03.22 the Nimitz received orders from the Admiralty to conduct a snap raid on Cait Prime (Ferasa) with the objective of verifying the existence and destroying a Doenitz research facility believed to be developing biogenetically altered Caitians for use as Super-Soldiers.

The USS Nimitz arrived in the Ferasa system and was surprised not to find any Doenitz Starships in orbit around the planet.

The away team consisted of the following participants Captain Devan Sash CTAC Eric McDermott AOPS Thomas Jackson Engineer T'Kron Ensign Leesa Stanton COUNS Cecilia Bruce

As well as several junior members of the security, Science and Engineering departments of the Nimitz.

Upon Arrival on the planet, The Nimitz team Linked up with members of the CLF (Caitian Liberation Front) led by an adolescent Caitian named R'Aul. They also made contact with R'Serrott and Shayhiloosh, both of which were involved in some manner with the facility that the Nimitz crew was sent to destroy.

The USS Nimitz at Cait Prime (Ferasa)

The crew spent the night with their new found allies in the Caitian Village of Chtarr, where Ahmed participated in a complex and semi-violent game of Sarhket, which is used in some rural areas to resolve disagreements. The game turned out to be a test of the Nimitz crew's resolve to aid the Caitians in their struggle for liberation. Although Salid did not win, he earned the respect of the local CLF members and was accepted among them as a friend.

The following morning the away team, bolstered by their new additions in R'Serrott and Shayhiloosh and accompanied by A'Rul and members of the CLF, marched to and raided an automated train depot that would allow them covert entry to the Capital City of Knassis, only 30 miles away. The raid on the train depot went smoothly without incident.

Once the train depot had been secured, The Nimitz away team hid themselves aboard the supply train and rode the conveyance to their target area. The train was stopped by members of the Local Militia when it was discovered that a trap had been set for the Nimitz team. As a result, The team was instead forced to hike into the target area undetected and assault the underground complex where Doenitz loyalists were conducting illegal biogenetic and telepahic manipulation.

Once inside, the team split into two assault groups; one led by Lieutenant Salid and the other by Captain Sash.

The team led by Sash seized the facilities transporters and assaulted the telepathic research facilities, While the second team under Lieutenant Salid assaulted the genetics labs and holding cells. Ahmed's group met light resistance and was able, with the help of Lieutenant Prothal, to destroy the research facilities beyond repair.

Meanwhile, Captain Sash's team came under attack by facility security and were pinned down in a terrible crossfire. Salid's team arrived in time to relieve the captain's team and the two teams then led the assault against the primary telepathic holding facility.

During the assault on that facility, The away team came under psychic attack, that caused some of their number to turn on their allies. Salid and several other officers managed to fight their way out of the control of the being designated, Patient Delta-Seven-Nine (Δ79). Δ79 killed his controller and then died of injuries inflicted upon him by the combined telepathic attacks of Cecilia Bruce and Eric McDermott.

Once the telepathic research facilities were neutralized, Sash led the remainder of his team and the rescued test subjects from the facility to the city above.

When the word spread that there were Caitains in revolt, the entire planet rose up and threw off the yoke of the Doenitz Regime.

For his efforts, Ahmed was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon. He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander on Stardate 2407.03.29, when it was also announced that he had been selected as First Officer of the USS Champlain.

Mission Four: Crossroads[edit]

USS Champlain

After the completion of the mission on Cait Prime, Ahmed was promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant Commander and assigned to the USS Champlain, NCC 2170-C, A Galaxy Class variant. He reported to Geneva Station to Captain Susan Rivers, who had also just assumed command of the Champlain after the death of her Captain Edward Wolfe in a battle with the USS Wyvern. He assumed this position officially on Stardate 2407.04.02, despite the fact that the Champlain had not yet arrived at the Station as she was damaged during the battle. The Champlain was Commanded by Lieutenant Bree Frazier during the engagement with the USS Wyvern, which resulted in the enemy vessel's capture thanks in no small part to the efforts of Lieutenant James Alexander and Lieutenant Jono Janeway.

Captain Rivers advised Lieutenant Commander Salid of the impending assignment of the Champlain to participate in the final push of the Federation Civil War against Admiral Doenitz in an amassed attack on Sector 001. He was assigned to arrange drills and additional training for the crew while the ship remained in dock undergoing repairs.

Mission Five: Do Not Go Gently[edit]

Task Force 19, of the 52nd Fleet, assembling in preparation to attack Sector 001

On stardate 2407.06.25 Ahmed was advised by Captain Susan Rivers that they had finally received their orders to join the remainder of Task Force 19 assembling at Tellar. The Champlain had been completely overhauled and the ship and her crew were as ready as they could possibly be for the final battle against Doenitz forces guarding sector 001

On Stardate: 2407.07.03 Ahmed and the entire Command Staff of the USS Champlain were briefed on the plans to Attack Sector 001 and Earth in a final bid to bring an end to the bloody and tenacious Federation Civil War. This Briefing was conducted by Rear Admiral Sevant, Former captain of the USS Boudicca and the Task Force Commander of Task Force 19, ordered to breach the famous Mars Defense Perimeter designed to hold of a Borg Invasion.

Even as the crew of the Champlain begin gearing for the coming battle, Hundreds of ships were converging at Tellar in preparation for the massive offensive.

The assignment given to the Champlain was simple in concept but exceptionally complex in practice. The task force was broken into four smaller battle groups and the remaining bulk of the taskforce, consisting of the USS Boudicca (commanding group B), the USS Champlain (commanding group C), the USS Nimitz (commanding Group A), The USS Hades (commanding group D). The Boudicca was tasked to breach the MDF and assault and capture Starbase Valhalla in an attempt to shut down the MDF and allow the remainder of Task Force 19 to bypass the MDF without further losses. The USS Champlain, Hades, and Nimitz were ordered to support the operation of the Boudicca, with the Champlain being specifically tasked with screening the Boudicca and her Battlegroup from enemy raiders.

The basic flow of the battle is listed here:

  • Stardate: 2407.07.05
    • 1410 HRS: The order to "Cross the River Acheron" is given by Admiral Sevant, the Commanding Officer of Task Force 19. Lead elements of the taskforce begin their journey to sector 001 and the final engagement of the civil war.
    • 1414 HRS: Captain Rivers Orders the USS Champlain and Battle Group C to set course for Sector 001.
    • 1415 HRS: Battlegroup Theta commanded by Captain Sarah Smithers orders her specialized assault group underway.
  • Stardate: 2407.07.09
    • 1328 HRS: The USS Champlain and her accompanying battlegroup drop out of warp and steam towards the MDF. Battle Group A consisting of 20 ships, 4 of which are Klingon Negh'Var Class vessels, break formation and begin assaulting the MDF at long range.
    • 1400 HRS: The enemy sends out skirmishing vessels to harass battlegroup A with mixed results.
    • 1407 HRS: The USS Boudicca begins her run towards the MDF
    • 1410 HRS: Battlegroup Laredo (D) attacks the USS Champlain and her associated Battle Group. The raiders uncloak, fire a volley of modified torpedoes into the flank of the C-Group then make a strafing run. Both sides take casualties. The C-Group falls back from B-Group to protect the latter's flanks from attack.
    • 1415 HRS: The USS Hades and USS Nimitz reach Sector 001. The Hades goes into Tri-Vector Assault mode.
    • 1417 HRS: Group Theta arrives at Sector 001 and begins their assault on a weapons repository located just inside the MDF.
    • 1418 HRS: Battle Group D engage enemy fighters and their support ships.
    • 1425 HRS: Battle group Laredo makes a second attack run against C-Group then retreats from the battlefield behind the protection of the MDF
    • 1449 HRS: The USS Boudicca and her Battlegroup make contact with the MDF.
    • 1455 HRS: The USS Spectre arrives in sector 001 with a Klingon Task force and a group of Ex-Doenitz ships that have defected to the 52nd Fleet.
    • 1750 HRS: The USS Boudicca and her battle group finally break through the MDF.
    • 1755 HRS: The USS Champlain and the remnants of Battle Group C breach the MDF while being pursued by the USS Majesty and her Battle group (D)
    • 1800 HRS: Captain Rivers orders Battle group C to form a battle line behind Battlegroup B to guard the Boudicca's rear flank. The C-Group turns about 180-degrees and forms a battle line to handle the Majesty and her battle group.
    • 1815 HRS: The USS Majesty and her battlegroup form a wedge formation to better split through the battle line established by Captain Susan Rivers and the remnants of Battlegroup-C.
    • 1820 HRS: The two battle groups led by the USS Majesty and the USS Champlain clash. The battle formations are broken and the battle devolves into complete chaos for the two battle groups.
    • 1822 HRS: After taking fire from Negh'Vars of Battlegroup-A, Uru Mtenga orders the USS Hercules and the USS Persephone to split off from the rest of his battlegroup and deal with the Klingon ships. They destroy all three remaining Ngh'Vars and return to the battle with the Champlain.
    • 1825 HRS: The USS Dennison and a small battle group arrive at Sector 001 to aid Task Force 19.
    • 1830 HRS: The USS Boudicca realizes that they are facing the Black Watch led by Admiral Lydia Stakes as well as elements of the 53rd Heavy Assault Fleet. Captain Archibald Stakes appeals to the morality of the enemy battle group and the majority of the Night watch and the 53rd Heavy defect or stand aside. Those resisting are engaged and subdued by the remainder of Battlegroup-B.
    • 1900 HRS: The USS Nimitz is destroyed in battle when she rams an enemy ship during a warp core breach. Several members of her crew managed to abandon ship just prior to her destruction.
    • 1907 HRS: The battle between the Majesty and Champlain Battle groups has depleted both sides resources significantly. The USS Hypatia from the Black Watch joins the battle. Her captain convinces Captain M'tega that they are still loyal to Admiral Doenitz, then ambushes their former ally. The Majesty is crippled, giving the heavily damaged Champlain a short respite.
    • 1910 HRS: The USS Dennison joins the USS Hades as a defensive screening force while the Hades reintegrates from Tri-Vector mode and begins rescue operations of the surviving Nimitz Crew.
    • 1911 HRS: The Champlain engages the enemy Prometheus Class starship, USS Persephone. The Champlain loses her dorsal nacelle and an unstoppable warp core breach begins. Once Rivers realizes the ship is lost, she orders the abandon ship. The Persephone begins firing on the life boats from the Champlain.
    • 1920 HRS: The USS Boudicca, press their shields against those of Starbase Valhalla. This action causes severe damage to the Keltoi Class ship, but causes the Stations dorsal shields to fail. Stakes orders the abandon ship and the crew of the Boudicca use transporters or life pods to get aboard Valhalla following the Marine assault ships.
    • 1922 HRS: Several senior officers "volunteer" to stay aboard while the Champlain is guided towards her enemy like a massive missile.
    • 1930 HRS: In an attempt to give their comrades time to get clear of the Persephone's violent onslaught, the USS Wyvern draws the larger vessel away from the dying Champlain. The Wyvern is knocked out of commission and all her crew killed.
    • 1949 HRS: The USS Champlain manned only by a handful of volunteers use the Galaxy Class vessel to ram the USS Persephone. Both ships are completely destroyed. The skeleton crew on the Champlain is rescued by the USS Hypatia.
    • 2055 HRS: The rest of Task Force 19 is ordered to go "To Earth!" The offensive for the planet itself begins in earnest. Starbase Valhalla is secured by the 52nd Fleet.
  • Stardate: 2407.07.09
    • 0127 HRS: The USS Dennison and her support ships destroy the USS Caesar Regnum
    • 0130 HRS: Reports surface that ex-president and dictator Rodrigo Doenitz is captured by Resistance forces in Geneva Switzerland.
    • 0205 HRS: The former president of the United Federation of Planets is restored and the Civil War and the Battle for Sector 001 is finally ended.

Mission Six: Picking up the Pieces.[edit]

The USS Rosenante NCC-924650

With the civil war over and the Champlain lost, Ahmed was assigned as Acting First Officer of the USS Hypatia under the command of Acting Captain Susan Rivers.

The Hypatia underwent repairs and participated in some limited recovery work inside the Sol System.

Salid visited his uncle in Cairo, where he met Jasmin Mohandas. An ex-ACMO from the USS Pangaea (a Doenitz ship from the 1st Fleet) when she saved him from a mob that attacked him because he was wearing his Starfleet uniform. Ahmed discovered that his uncle had been interred and had suffered torture at the hand of Doenitz fundamentalists as a result of his nephew's involvement with the Sedition.

Ahmed spoke at a tribunal hearing for Lieutenant Mohandas, urging the tribunal to exercise mercy. Miss Mohandas was found innocent of all charges of murder during the battle, but was found guilty of Medical Negligence. She lost one grade in rank as a result.

Ahmed reconciled with his uncle after the two men had an argument about his potential resignation from Starfleet to attend to his uncle's health needs.

Salid visited his ex-shipmates from the Nimitz who had been reassigned to the USS Hades. There he and Debbie Weston spoke about the future of their past relationship and about the loss of the USS Nimitz.

After a crushing declaration by Commander Josel, Chief of Personnel for Sector 001 that Ahmed was not qualified to serve in the capacity of First Officer; he was assigned to the Engineering operations Officers aboard Starbase Valhalla on Stardate 2408.01.04. This assignment did not last for long, however. Captain Susan Rivers acting on the authority of Admiral Linden, ordered Ahmed reassigned to the USS Rosenante, as her First officer.

Ahmed and Captain Rivers beamed aboard the Rosenante on stardate 2408.01.06 to assume command from the Acting CO Commander Ian MacBeth.

Mission Seven: A Fine and Private Place[edit]

Davros III

The USS Rosenante passed her space worthiness trials without a glitch and was assigned their very first mission, to survey planets for recolonization of the survivors of the Colony of Ivor Prime. The Rosenante took on the administrator of the colony and set off for the Optima System in hopes of finding a planet suitable for the colonists. The Rosenante departed for her official maiden Voyage on Stardate 2408.01.15. The Ceremony was officiated by Admiral Hesper Linden.

On Stardate 2408.01.21 the Rosenante received a disturbing distress signal from the Federation freighter the Sky of Tomorrow.

The Third Officer, Olen Rhinehardt altered course and alerted the captain and crew to the situation. The Sky of Tomorrow's signal was traced to the orbit of Davros III, A Federation Mining Colony.

The Rosenante arrived at the scene only three hours later. Attempts to hail the freighter were not successful. An away team was beamed aboard and to their horror uncovered signs of a violent and bloody conflict. They also encountered an animated dismembered hand. This hand was quarantined and studied upon the return of the away team to the Rosenante, where it was discovered that the hand was infested with a nanite colony derived from Borg nanoprobes.

Ahmed led an away team down to the planet's surface to search for survivors, when he returned to the Rosenante without three of his security team, Ahmed offered this summary to the Captain:

Ahmed followed the Captain into the ready room. As always the Captain was incredibly calm, ~But then again,~ Ahmed reminded himself, ~she hadn't just been chased by an indeterminable number of corpses animated by Borg nanites… Or something like that~
"Sit down, Ahmed," she said, and headed for the replicator. Without asking, she ordered two cups of Ahmed's special Turkish coffee and a plate of pastries. She sat them down on the table between them and said. "You can talk as you eat," she ordered, sliding the plate a little closer to him. "I can tell by your face it's not good news, so let's hear it. What did you find down there?"
"It's hard to be clear, so bear with me." Ahmed said as he added a little goat's milk to his coffee and took a sip. "When we arrived in the town square, everything was quiet. It was just like one of those wild west ghost towns that you read about in the history books. All it was missing was the tumble weed."
"We located the residence of doctor Lawson and there we found what appeared to the remains of a lab. It was very obvious that some of the equipment had been moved elsewhere. From that lab there were two almost parallel tunnels leading downward toward the mine. As you know that was when I ordered Lieutenant Janeway, chief fuller and a second security team down to the planet. The idea was that the two teams could each explore one of the tunnels and possibly locate any survivors or clues faster."
He picked up one of the pastries and took a bite. The orange marmalade was exceptionally good and Ahmed then realized how hungry he really was. He took a sip of his coffee to wash it down.
"We searched for several hours without any sign at all of the miners. For a while there, I was even beginning to wonder if all 1500 of them had somehow managed to leave the planet. We came to a junction and heard what I could only describe as weapons fire. I ordered the team down the tunnel to the source as quickly as possible which opened into a cavern."
"When we arrived, there was an… individual there, a member of the Opthidian species, who was defending himself from some of the miners. It was apparent that he had killed at least ten or twelve of them already. We announced ourselves and ordered the fighting to stop, but instead of being attacked by the visitor as I had originally expected to be, it was the miner's that attacked us."
"Heavy stun doesn't have much affect on them. Even the kill setting isn't very effective. We lost Abernathy in that fight. He was infected by some sort of black ooze, which we were later informed was a nanite colony."
"The Opthidian's name is Sharott Nachook and he explained a great deal to us concerning what was happening on that colony."
Ahmed ate some more of his pastry and drank a little more of his coffee.
"His people encountered the Borg roughly 500 standard years ago. Apparently their physiology doesn't allow them to be assimilated by Borg Technology. They fought a war and in the end the Borg left them alone. The Opthidian scientists had dissected several Borg drones during the war and had discovered a way to modify the Borg nanoprobes for their own medical uses. This continued for some time until eventually, the Borg nanoprobes developed some sort of colony-like hive mind and became self-aware. They began to dominate living members of the Opthidian species against their will and when the realization struck, the Opthidian government tried to destroy the nanites."
"The nanites adapted again in a very grotesque manner. They began killing their hosts and maintaining the bodies after death until they were no longer viable. The Opthidian homeworld had to be biologically sterilized to prevent them from spreading. From what I can gather eventually the Opthidians captured the original colony which they refer to as the matriarch and imprisoned it pending it's destruction."
"Now here's where the details get a bit sketchy." Ahmed said then took another sip of his coffee.
"At some point in the recent past, the Ferengi somehow managed to steal this imprisoned nanite colony and transport it here, where it is believed they sold it to Doctor Lawson. The good doctor is an expert on Borg nanotechnology and was living here with her young daughter, who was very ill with an incurable ailment according to Doctor Caskie"
"We can surmise that Lawson conducted some experiments, maybe even infecting her daughter either with the knowledge that these nanites were self-aware or in ignorance. Regardless of what she knew, that seems the most logical means that this infection was spread. From there, the nanites took over members of the community exponentially until every member was a member of the colony."
"Mister Nachook's people tracked the Ferengi here. They claim to have destroyed the Ferengi ship and admit to attacking Mister Raschen's ship in an attempt to maintain some semblance of quarantine. It seems that after their losses in the battle, they withdrew, possibly to conduct repairs when we arrived in the system."
"They had dropped Nachook and perhaps a couple of others on the planet with the mission to find and destroy the nanite breeding pool, where apparently the matriarch lives. Mister Nachook claims that destroying her will result in the demise of all her immediate offspring as they are dependant on her for their cognitive abilities."
"Just shortly after all this data was given by Nachook, Jono shows up with what is left of Beta team. He was injured and we gathered that they were surrounded and attacked by a large mass of infected miners. They lost Milano during their escape."
"Nachook advised Caskie at that time that he carries some sort of viral weapon in his body that will wipe out the entire biosphere of the planet and make it uninhabitable for roughly 200 standard years. He is confident that the weapon will kill all the nanites present by depriving them of biological hosts and will kill anyone that should set foot there as well and prevent the nanites from managing to get off world."
Ahmed finished his coffee and sat it on the table. "The catch is that Nachook was injured and some sort of biological process has started that will result in his death and the release of the virus in an uncertain amount of time. Doctor Caskie is confident that she can extract the virus, saving Nachook and that the virus can them be delivered to the planet via modified Photon torpedo, where it will destroy the biosphere and end the threat of it spreading from this planet."
"We had to fight our way out of those tunnels. We lost Hezan there. I vaporized him myself."
Ahmed looked into River's eyes, before continuing. "I've seen a lot of terrible things Captain, but I can not describe to you the sheer terror and fear that these things inspire. I am not a blood thirsty person, but these things need to be eradicated with all due prejudice."
"That said it was my assessment, after my experience on the planet, that these nanites should be treated like a biological outbreak and should be eradicated before they place millions or even billions more at risk. I have ordered Caskie to proceed with her plan after she assured me that she could prevent it from spreading across the ship should there be a mishap. I believe that we have no recourse and that we should treat these nanites as we would Borg. There is no hope of negotiation and that any encounter will result in the supplantation of one species over the other at the complete eradication of the prior."
"To carry through with this, I furthermore, recommend that we transport the nanite-filled hand back to the Sky of Tomorrow and that we undertake steps to destroy it and the freighter as well."

Captain Rivers agreed with Salid's assessment and ordered the plan carried out. At 2045 hours the orders were given to deploy the viral torpedo and the planet of Davros III was sterilized. The freighter was destroyed shortly thereafter and Mister Nachook was returned to his ship.

The Rosenante seeded five quarantine probes around the planet before departing to complete their original mission.

On Stardate: 2408.01.25 Captain Rivers was ordered to Starbase Geneva to give evidence for a war crimes tribunal. She was advised that she would not be returning to the command of the Rosenante and Commander Salid was promoted to the rank of Captain and given command of the USS Rosenante.

Mission Eight: Letters of Marques[edit]

After the transfer of captain Rivers to the Boudicca, Ahmed is promoted to captain of the Rosenante.

Arturia Prime

It turns out that his first test as captain will place his ship and crew well outside the boundaries of Federation Space.

The Mission began with a communication from Admiral Talbot of Starfleet intelligence.

Prince Khamal, the hereditary leader of the Meldovian people had been kidnapped on the eave of a peace treaty that would bring an end to a 400 year old war between the Meldovian and Arturian factions (both of the Cartenian race).

While traveling to Arturia Prime from Meldovia III to conclude the peace treaty, Orion pirates and slavers attacked the Prince's convoy and took the Prince and many other Meldovians prisoner.

At the request of the Vulcan Arbiter T'Val, Admiral Talbot assigned the USS Rosenante to the task of locating and recovering the Prince before the peace negotiations fail.

Salid was ordered to rendezvous with the Arbiter and take on an Arturian, Meldovian and the Vulcan delegations. He is then ordered to proceed into Orion space and locate and rescue the Prince.

Using their untried cloaking system, the HISS system, the Rosenante slipped into Orion Space to begin their investigation at the heart of the Orion Syndicate's notorious slave markets on Barakos IV.

Three away teams are sent to the surface to procure supplies, search for clues to the Prince and gather intelligence.

One of the away teams is tasked with the acquisition of a Orion style shuttle craft to be used in future phases of the mission. This team consisting of the first officer, Janeway, Lt. Dralar, and the CEO Lt. Paul Bird succeed in their mission, but not before Lt. Bird is killed in a senseless brawl by an individual using a poisoned blade.

Bird is transported back to the ship, but the poison works quickly and he is not able to be revived.

The second away team, consisting of Lt. Ro'Dal, Ensign Weaver, PFC Nunez and Lt. Caskie, and Ensign T'Kron search for Meldovians among the slave pens of the market. they are successful in rescuing three Meldovians and a Half-Orion/Half-Betazoid woman named Sodra, who claims to have information concerning the whereabouts of the prince.

Sodra turns out to have no information at all, instead using her telepathic powers to pluck a few relative pieces of information from Weaver. However, she has done no harm and is restricted to quarters until such time as her disposition can be determined.

Ro'Dal and Caskie do recover three Meldovians with the aid of a new ally, Nodel, who is an amthropoid, a species not yet discovered by the UFP. Their new ally leads them directly to the last three Meldovian slaves in the marketplace.

The Slave Market on Barakos IV

The third away team, consisting of Lt. Sullivan, Ensign Chance Raschen, and Chief Sheridan make contact with Raschen's grandfather, a reputed Bounty hunter by the name of "Easy Ed" Raschen. They get a solid lead on whom may have the prince, an slaver named O'Banyan at Xanadu Gothos.

Once all three teams have returned to the ship, the senior staff question those that were brought aboard at Barakos IV.

It rapidly becomes apparent that there was a spy within the Prince's circle of advisors, and that information, coupled with the discovery of an encrypted message into Orion space originating from the Rosenante, led to speculation that there was now an enemy spy aboard the Rosenante as well.

Maddox and Weaver were given the task to decrypt the message in the hopes of discovering it's origins.

With information acquired from Nodel it is determined that there was a Meldovian of some importance shipped to Haldor II. While it is unknown if this is the Prince, it is worth investigating and so the Captain orders course set and the Rosenante underway to the Haldor system.

Morella Pirate Queen

En route, the Holographic marine Program, Ramirez, suddenly activates and attempts to assassinate the Captain and several other key members of the ship's senior staff.

Chaos ensues as the crew struggle to regain control of the ship's computers and disable the hologram from operating. It quickly becomes apparent that the saboteur is responsible.

Meanwhile Nodel confides in Ro'Dal that he has heard the voice of a slaver on the ship. This voice he insists is the exact same voice that he heard near the Meldovian cells on Barakos IV.

Nodel and Ro'Dal hatch a plan to potentially identify their would-be slaver and set the plan into action.

With several of the ship's systems off-line, as a result of Ensign Weavers attempt to stop the holographic marine by disengaging the Cochrane Accelerator field in the main computer and then physically destroying the holographic buses with a hand phaser, the Rosenante takes refuge inside an asteroid belt to avoid detection while the stealth systems and other ship's critical systems are repaired.

Once those repairs are completed, the ship continues on to Haldor II, where their sensors detect the presence of a living facility protected by an environmental shield.

With no ships in the immediate vicinity, Ahmed orders the ship into a geosynchronous orbit and tasks Lt. Sullivan, Ensign Weaver, lieutenant Steven Wade Matrix and Lieutenant Jennifer Caskie to accompany a security team to the surface with the intentions of rescuing the single Meldovian life-sign found on the planet.

After recovering the Meldovian from the planet Haldor II, it became quickly apparent that the individual that they had acquired was a traitorous captain who had been responsible for the ease of the Prince's kidnapping.

Having no other choice the captain ordered the new prisoner interrogated and the Rosenante to set course for Torven III. The only other lead that they had to the possible whereabouts of the Prince's location.

Once arriving in the Torven System, Salid opened negotiations with the trader Doyle O'Banyan, An ex-marine turned smuggler and slave trader. In return for a promise to aid in his rehabilitation, Salid agrees to accept O'Banyan's assistance in recovering the prince. The Trader had already secretly sent an assault group against Morella in the hopes that they could acquire the Prince.

Surprisingly, the assault works and the Prince as well as O'Banyan's missing daughter is recovered, allowing the Rosenante to return back to Federation Space in time to guarantee the successful signing of the Peace between the Meldovian and Arturians and the formal formation of the Cartenian Commonwealth.

Thier mission completed, the Rosenante heads to Starbase Geneva for some R&R and After action inspections.

Mission Nine: Furlough[edit]

The crew of the Rosenante is granted Furlough, while critical inspections concerning the Spiral drive are undertaken. Captain Salid is forced to demote Lieutenant Janeway by BUPERS from the position of first officer and is assigned a newly promoted Lieutenant Commander Caskie to the position.

The Rosenante also takes on some new senior Crew. Ahmed is reunited with Thomas Jackson with whom he served aboard the USS Nimitz, in the position of Chief of Operations. Additionally the arrival of Lieutenant Nayati to fill the position of Chief Counselor and third Officer is a welcomed event.

In other news, Salid is saddened by the transfer of Lieutenant Ro'Dal who has been reassigned to the USS Mithrandir.

The Captain and his new FO go for a holographic sailing trip on the Mediterranean in a get to know you cruise, and Salid approves Sullivan's departure for the Advanced Tactical Theories Academy on Andoria.

Mission Ten: Fields of Elysium[edit]

Part I: The Mission

In Mid 2408 the USS Rosenante was assigned to explore a newly discovered region of space that exited from the Tau Sigma Flow of the Subspace River. This region had been discovered by an unmanned survey probe and opened into the Beltanis Stellar Nursery.

When the Rosenante arrived, the captain decided to move into the nebula in the hopes of exploring an undocumented phenomenon. This phenomenon turned out to be an exceptionally rare event known as a Subspace Bubble. Unfortunately, the bubble burst slamming the vessel with a Class Six Gravimetric Wave.

The Rosenante was terribly damaged; suffering irreparable damage to the ship's Main Deflector Array and Power distribution network. With the ship's shields failing, the vessel hurriedly returned to the safe-zone at the terminus of the Subspace river.

After a couple of days of assessment and around-the-clock repairs, it was determined that the Rosenante would not be able to return to Federation space via the Subspace River, as they could not open the river terminus without the use of their Navigational Deflector.

Part II: The Distress Call

On their third day in the Nursery the Rosenante detected an automated federation Distress beacon. despite the fact that it was unlikely that any other federation starships were in the area, Captain Salid decided that the Rosenante should investigate.

The beacons prefix identification was finally determined to belong to the the USS Epiphany a Nova Class starship registry NCC-913081, which had been declared lost with all hands on Stardate 2392.01.19 (17 years prior.)

When the Rosenante responded, they discovered not the Epiphany, but The Harvester.

The Harvester then proceeded to lock the Rosenante in a Tractor beam like grasp, scan the vessel and transport the Rosenante into the area of the vessel known as the Bone Yard.

Part III: Inside the Harvester

The arrival inside The Harvester was anything but accommodating. Upon their rematerialization, the Rosenante was immediately attacked by a group inhabiting the Harvester known as the Hur'q. These insect-like creatures are those once referred to in ancient Klingon History as an invader that once tried to conquer the Klingon home world of Qo'noS.

The attack came in the form of a small group of raiders that took advantage of the newly arrived ship's lack of shields (disrupted by the transport into the Harvester).

Several small groups of assault troops were beamed aboard the Rosenante and these groups managed to tag and steal several supplies from cargo bays as well as a few pieces of minor equipment before they were expelled from the ship. During the skirmish it was determined that the Hur'q were immune to the heavier stun settings on Federation Phasers, and so the crew and security personnel were forced to use the higher level kill and disintegrate settings.

The Engineering team managed to restore their ship's only moments after the Hur'q retreated from the ship, although the invaders took all of their dead and it was believed all of the Rosenante dead as well.

Part IV: The Anti-Hur'q Alliance

The Bastion

The Rosenante was contacted by the Nechani ship, NSS Oracle's Tears and a meeting was arranged aboard the Bastion.

The Anti-Hur'q Alliance was assembled and comprised of the leaders from the following Species as well as Ambassador Anna Morgan:

The Nechani
The Sky Spirits
The Kobali
The Hunters

The Rosenante Delegation was lead by Commander Jennifer Caskie and was comprised of the following personnel.

Lieutenant T'Larah Sullivan
Lieutenant Chance Raschen
Ensign V'Shera
Ensign Dorian Weaver
Lieutenant Jon Nayati
Lieutenant Thomas Jackson
As well as a few security personnel.

Near the end of the negotiations the meeting was attacked by Hur'q raiders who activated a Transport Inhibitor to trap the Leaders of the alliance in the Bastion. Only Ji'yala had left prior to their arrival.

Part V: The Aftermath

The aftermath of the battle on the bastion was substantial. The Rosenante Crew lost both Weaver and Sullivan who were killed by Hur'q. Additionally Nayati was missing and Raschen was critically injured. With such critical officers out of commission, killed or missing, the Rosenante crew are forced to adapt to fill their leadership positions. it later is learned that Nayati was 'saved' by the Sky Spirit leader Chaska during the battle.

It is also suspected that the Kobali may be responsible for the missing bodies of the dead crew.

Unknown to the Rosenante crew, Sullivan's body has undergone the reclamation and is now a member of the Kobali race.

Among those skilled in the battle among the non-Rosenante crew is the Sky Spirit Chief Nekawana and several hunters. Ambassador Morgan has been recovered by members of the Rosenante crew and is currently in sick bay.

Part VI: The Epiphany

A survey team lead by Lieutenant Marrow has beamed aboard the Epiphany to begin the survey of her systems in the hopes of reclaiming critical components and salvaging her Main Deflector. Over the course of the next month and a half the Engineering crew of the Rosenante, with assistance from their new alliance members, manage to salvage the Main deflector array and get it installed and operational aboard the USS Rosenante.

Part VII: The Alliance & Escape

The Escape Alliance is formed and all the various species within the Bone Yard of The Harvester are dedicated to working together to achieve escape. Lieutenant Alimi Morrow leads a mixed engineering team into the bowels of the Harvester with the goal of disabling the devices Transporters and Tractor beams. That mission is successful.

Additionally the engineering teams work around the clock to modify the Rosenante's Spiral Warp drive to emit Phased particles.

Using this drive and stabilizing the field with the newly restored navigational array, the Allies are able to escape the Harvester. The allies then parts ways on friendly terms.

Mission Ten: Homecoming[edit]

The Rosenante returns to Starbase Geneva

After escaping from The Harvester the USS Rosenante returns to Starbase Geneva for repairs and to give the crew some much needed downtime after their ordeal.

During the three month refit, several members of the crew go on extended leave. Among those is Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Caskie whose return to her Home in Scotland is under less than ideal circumstances. Her trip is one of necessity rather than desire. She is escorting home the body of her long dead husband Donald Caskie, who was a member of the USS Epiphany crew. Event though he had been decalred dead nearly two decades earlier, it was disovered that Donald was actually reclaimed by the Kobali aboard the Harvester. His second death too place during a failed attempt to restore himself to his former life after successfuly restoring Lieutenant T'Larah Sullivan to her previous Vulcan / Human heritage after she was killed and reclaimed by the Kobali after a Hur'q raid.

Additionally, Chance Raschen and T'Larah Sullivan are accompanied by Lietenant T'Kron to Vulcan where they will participate in the ancient Vulcan ritual of Fal-tor-pan. raschen is the recipient of Sullivan's Katra after she transferred to him just prior to her death at the hand of a Hur'q subcommander.

Meanwhile back aboard the Rosenante, the ship puts on a masquarade party to help revieve some work related tensions. This party is hosted by Lieutenant Thomas Jackson. Councilor Jon Nayati ,the ship's third officer, attends as does Ensign Mitena Rixx, Head nurse Katherine 'Kitty' Fisher and Doctor Sam Lopez.

Elsewhere, Captain Ahmed Ibn Salid enjoys a nice relaxing leave on Bracas V where he enjoys some snorkling and sailing. His trip, however is cut short by a mysterious visit from a Dominion Vorta named Julman and an attending group of Jem'Hadar soldiers. He isn't seriously injured although one of the Jem'Hadar are less than pleasant. Other than the initial disagreement, the remainder of the meeting goes along well enough. Julman reveals a terrible peice of information to Salid.

The content of that secret will drive him to consider taking the Rosenante off mission. Is hea leading his ship and crew into a possible Dominion trap or is there a possibility that the information that the Vorta revealed could be true. If it is true, the very future of the Alpha Quadrant may be at risk.

A few days prior to the relaunch of the Rosenante, Sullivan is promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Raschen to Full Lieutenant and Caskie to Full Commander.

Mission Eleven: Into the Darkness, Go I[edit]

Battle of Sunali II

After his encounter with Julman, Captain Ahmed Ibn Salid came to a critical decision to break his standing orders to partol the frontier between the Cardassian Union and the United Federation of Planets.

Instead he ordered the Rosenante off mission towards the Ikev Sector where indications of a conspiracy to build an Omega Device was suspected.

En route, a distress signal from the Boronite mining facility on Bardon Alpha was intercepted. Ahmed ordered the USS Rosenante into action, but arrived too late to be of much assistance. By the time that they had arrived, the inhabitants of the facility had been slaughtered, leaving only two survivors. Unfortunately the distress signal had named the attacking starship as the Rosenante despite the fact that the ship was nowhere near the facility.

Suspecting a set-up, Salid prepared to leave the system, but again was unable to withdraw before the arrival of the USS Furious Commanded by Captain Saleke arrived.

knowing how the situation looked, Ahmed ordered the Rosenante to flee and the Furious pursued. Forced to investigate, Saleke engaged the Rosenante with specially modified quantum torpedoes which were equipped with phased claoking devices. these torpedoes were able to get past the Rosenante's superior shielding and cause significant damage to the ship.

Only the implementation of a new tactic, now called the The Salid Gambit allowed the Rosenante to escape into the rough asteroid fields of The Mill. Ahmed was able to cloak his ship and the furious picking up residual traces of a trail left by the original attacked set of in pursuit as Salid ordered repairs undertaken.

Unknown to both saleke or Salid, the perpetrator in the raid on Bardon alpha was the Mirror Universe version of Ahmed. He commanded the ISS Rosenante and had set course to head to Hexikor Prime, with the clear goal of capturing components critical to the completion of an Omega Device.

The ISS Rosenante arrived well before either the Furious or the USS rosenante could intercept her and conducted the raid with expected brutality. The components stolen were a Paratrinic Shield Generator And a Class 11 Bioneural Computer. The ISS Rosenante departed and headed for thier next target.

The Furious arrived on the scene first and Saleke immediately began an investigation. While that was underway, Salid in the USS Rosenante arrived in the system under cloak.

Determined not to have a repeat of the encounter at Bardon Alpha, Captain Salid chose to neutralize the threat that the Furious posed by transporting six of their primary power buses off the Furious. These power relay buses, caused the ship to lose all primary power, rendering it unable to use weapons, shields or warp drive. Salid then ordered the surrender of the Furious but was unwilling to accept the surrender of that vessel from their First Officer Commander Erin Sloane.

Omega Device

Saleke was summoned and his presence was requested aboard the Rosenante. Having been convinced by the data that he had collected thus far in his investigation, Captain Saleke informed Captain Salid that he and his ship were no longer suspects in the attack, nor were they complicit in any plot to acquire and build an Omega Device. Salid had, independently, arrived at the same conclusion, that the ISS Rosenante, a ship from the Mirror universe was in fact responsible for the attacks.

It was also clear that the Mirror Universe Rosenante was following a pattern that must have been established in their own universe. Which explained how the marauding vessel knew where to acquire the components for the creation of a new Omega Device.

After some discussions, it was decided that the USS Furious and the USS Rosenante would need to combine forces in order to counter the tactical and homicidal threat now posed by the ISS Rosenante.

As long range scans indicated that the Mirror Universe vessel was headed for the Kabor System The Rosenante took the Furious under tow, and using their own shields to protect them, opened a Spiral warp conduit to facilitate maneuvers while the Furious conducted the reinstallation of the power relay buses.

A few days after the attack on the Bynar Facility in the Hexikor system, the ISS Rosenante appeared in the Kabor system. Thier target was a secret production facility known as Station Omega. The facility had been built by a secret research and development branch of Starfleet Sciences Division during the Doenitz regime. Thier primary function was the development of an Omega Device.

After the end of the Federation Civil War the facility went underground. Through the actions of a small group of Starfleet Admirals, all records pointing to the existence of such a facility were erased and the personnel there continued with their research. Through covert means, the facility was equipped with large Class XII phaser batteries for defense. At the heart of the facilities power center was a stabilized Omega Molecule. The first that the Station had managed to produce.

The ISS Rosenante arrived in the system, intent on collecting the last few remaining components of the Omega device that they needed to create their own version of the weapon. As the Mirror Universe Ahmed Ibn Salid had worked at this facility in his universe, he had intimate knowledge of the facilities existence and layout. What he had not known was that the station had been armed, as in his universe, it was not protected.

The Mirror universe ship was forced to subdue the facility by force, which cost them a great deal of time, narrowing the lead that they had on their Prime Universe Counterpart the USS Rosenante and the USS Furious. This delay would prove to be a great boon to the federation starship over the next few days.

The Destruction of the Sunali star

Despite this delay, the two UFP starships did not arrive in the system quickly enough to engage the Imperial Starship. They were however able to track it to it's next and final location, the Sunali System.

The USS Rosenante and the USS Furious entered the Sunali System to find the ISS Rosenante engaged in the wanton destruction of Cardassian merchant shipping. These ships although peaceful, had been destroyed simply because they were Cardassian.

The USS Rosenante ordered the Imperial starship to surrender. That vessel refused.

What followed next was a flurry of conflict, with the Stronger ISS Rosenante dealing a tremendous amount of damage to both the USS Rosenante as well as the USS Furious,

During the conflict the Furious engaged her Tri-vector Attack mode to engage the more powerful Mirror Universe vessel. The Mirror universe Andrew Elliot Maddox managed to take over the computer of one of the Furious' sections named the Courageous and overload it's warp core killing all 142 hands on board.

With the battle going against them, captain Salid came up with a plan to stop the Imperial vessel dead in it's tracks. Building off a suggestion made by Lieutenant Chance Raschen, he initiated a transfer of the Omega Directive Protocols into the Imperial Starship's computer after the junior officer reeled them into communications range for the data transfer. That vessel's commander, having no experience with the Omega Directive was unable to unlock the ship's computer, which caused them to lose the battle.

However, the ship had not been neutralized before they had managed to launch the Omega Device at the Sunali Sun. Unable to pursue, the Rosenante was forced to allow the USS Furious to intercept and eventually destroy the weapon.

With the aid of Nathan Benoit the Furious and the Vigiliant (another element of the Furious), managed to shut down the Paratrinic Shield protecting the device by bypassing the operating system of the Class 11 Bioneural Computer that controlled it. With the shields down, The Vigilant was able to destroy the device with Phaser fire just minutes before it would have detonated.

With the battle over, Captain Salid ordered boarding parties to take possession of the ISS Rosenante.

The teams achieved their goals quickly and with little resistance, as the Mirror Universe Salid had ordered his crew not to resist.

Meanwhile back aboard the USS Rosenante Lieutenant Alimi Morrow fought to prevent a warp core collapse. his efforts and those of Lieutenant Jon Nayati and Ensign V'Shera managed to prevent the destruction of the federation vessel. However, it was not without cost. Morrow was seriously injured in the attempt and was treated for severe radiation poisoning. His condition was so critical that he was placed in Stasis until such time as he could receive treatment at Starbase Geneva. His life was saved by the quick thinking and intervention of Doctor Kimiko Ichijo.

After the Capture of the ISS Rosenante a deal was struck by which all the data concerning the Omega Conspiracy in the prime universe would be handed over to Captain Salid and Saleke in exchange for returning the Imperial ship home. The agreement was made, after some discussion between The two Federation Commanding Officers and the Rosenante's First officer Jennifer Caskie.

A technical team was assigned to install an Interphasic Field Generator aboard the Imperial starship, which would force the ship back into it's normal universe. This same generator would then self destruct, making it impossible for the Imperial Union of Planets to recreate the devices for their use. Once the device was installed, the imperial ship was returned to the command of the Mirror Universe Salid and sent home. All indications suggest that the vessel was returned to their proper universe intact.

The Rosenante, towing the USS Furious then returned to Starbase Geneva for repairs.

Mirror Universe Salid[edit]

Ahmed Ibn Salid of the Mirror Universe is a much different man than the one from our universe. The differences begin early on in his life.

As a teenager, Ahmed showed a distinct aptitude for Engineering. His status was that of a child prodigy, and he was actually trained as an engineer in the hopes that he would serve in the Imperial Engineering Corps developing weapons and new technology. He graduated from his classes with honors and was assigned to the ISS Templar, Where he served as an Assistant Chief Engineer. He quickly began to make his way up the chain through deceit or assassination until he reached the rank of Lieutenant and the position of Chief Engineer.

His career was cut short however, when it was discovered that his Father was involved in the planned assassination of the Empire's Klingon Regent. In retaliation, Salid was arrested and shipped to the Boronite mines on Bardon Alpha. It was there during his incarceration that he met the future regent Rodrigo Doentiz.

Together the two men worked in the mines until the opportunity arose to escape. When that day came, the two men led a slave revolt against the penal colony's guards. The campaign was swift and brutal, and with the aid of a rebel ship captain, Devan Sash, the two men escaped along with a small cadre of officers, including Saleke, Zachary Falthgood and T'Vhor. Later this group would eventually seize control of the leadership of the Terran Rebellion and later the puppet Government of Earth.

Salid was promoted to Captain of the ISS Rosenante which became the Flag ship for the newly reformed and reorganized Imperial Union of Planets. His new role put him into direct conflict with several KCA starships, honing his abilities and reputation as an extraordinarily brutal ship commander. His complete dedication and loyalty to Regent Doenitz and the IUP guaranteed his quick rise to a position of power.

In 2408, Ahmed was assigned the task to deploy the Omega Device against a KCA task force gathering at Sunali II. The weapon was deployed and it destroyed the enemy ships as well as the traitorous planet, which had defected to the KCA. The ISS Rosenante was thrown through a dimensional rift into the normal universe.

Mission Twelve: Equals and Opposites[edit]

Starbase Geneva

With the return of the USS Rosenante and the USS Furious to Starbase Geneva, refits and repairs from their encounter in the Sunali System began. With the work taking a great deal of the crews time and efforts, Captain Salid is repeatedly called before members of the admiralty to discuss the unsanctioned nature of his mission as well as reveal details and records of the Omega Conspiracy.

In addition to the briefings and meetings centered around the conspiracy, an official tribunal was called to inquire into the destruction of the Courageous during the battle at Sunali II.

The captain is displeased with the findings of the Tribunal, but his hands are tied as he is forced to deal with the harsh political nature of the situation.

Mission Thirteen: The Quondam Season[edit]

Xega III

The USS Rosenante is dispatched on a routine resupply mission for the archeological survey team located on Xega III.

The team led by Doctor Otto Totenkampf has been studying the ruins of the ancient Xegan civilization for nearly three decades.

Among the tasks assigned to the crew of the Rosenante are standard planetary scans, launch of a pair of orbital satellites to aid the survey team, as well as assisting in planetary thermal and tectonic studies.

Because the planet orbits an Orange giant star which constantly bombards the planet with stellar radiation, which seems to have gathered in the upper ionosphere, the use of transporters is impossible.

The resupply, consisting of a mobile habitation unit, medical and foods supplies, as well as a replacement Argo Class Shuttle and rover must all be undertaken by shuttlecraft.

Shortly after arriving on the planet however, a strange energy reading is detected from a newly uncovered archeological site. This energy source is emanating from the Balancer Machine, a legendary Xegan construct which was rumored to be able to prevent the planet from being ravaged by the very solar radiation that had caused the decline of the culture that created it.

Suddenly the machine activated, perhaps for the very first time. Massive monoliths burst from the ground every feww hundred miles and rose into the planet's upper ionosphere. There they began to collect the radiation that was present and generate massive amounts of power into some unseen machine deep beneath the planet's surface.

The crew of the Rosenante evacuated the archeological team and broke orbit to pbserve from a safer distance, as the monoliths were now creating massive storms in the planet's thin atmosphere.

After the monoliths gathered energy for a period of roughly two standard days, a buildup was detected in one of the monoliths and a massive beam of light erupted from that monolith travelling towards the planet's sun.

The affects of that massive energy beam, is unknown however, as at that exact moment, a massive temporal displacement wave, comprised of Chronitons and an unidentified particle known as Seylerions entered the system moving at a speed greater than warp ten.

The Rosenante was caught up in it and was thrust 5 years into the future.

The Future[edit]

The Xega III Balancer Machine as seen from orbit

Once the wave had subsided, the crew of the Rosenante began to check their ship's systems, most notably their chronometers. The wave had caused some minor ships issues, the most serious of whihc was a disruption in the ship's warp drive systems.

As the crew began repairs and went to work verifying that they had indeed been moved froward in time, Captain Salid ordered a communication sent to Starfleet Command to inform them of the event.

He was surprised to see that the Rosenante's communications codes were invalid. At first he received no reply, but eventually, he was contacted by an admiral from command and ordered to hold position. Furthermore he was ordered to maintain a communications blackout, and to await an escort to an unknown location.

Ever suspicious, Captain Salid complied, but prepared his ship for the worst.


The Rosenante was met and escorted to Khitomer by three Federation starships, one of which was a Rosenante Class vessel.

Once they arrived, it was rather apparent that something massive had happened. A large number of starships from the 52nd Fleet had assembled here, along with an even greater number of escorts.

Captain Salid was ordered to beam down to Camp Khitomer alone and await a debriefing.

He arrived in the early morning, and was greeted by the sights and sounds of dozens of ship's commanding officers. Including those from the USS Mithrandir, USS Spectre, USS Hades, USS Furious, and USS Boudicca.

In addition to these officers, Admiral Robert LoDona was brought out of retirement to conduct the debriefing.

Questions concerning the events which brought them here were asked and it quickly became apparent that nearly the entire 52nd Fleet had been affected by the same phenomenon that had pushed the USS Rosenante forward in time.

Further individual interviews were conducted with the Commanding Officers of the assembled starships before they were allowed to return to their vessels.

Later Starfleet Science teams came aboard and scanned the ship, conducting a series of tests designed to verify the story that had been provided for the disappearance of the ships five years earlier.

In addition to those teams, Starfleet Intelligence also came aboard to interview various members of the Rosenante's crew.

After two days of studies and interviews, the rosenante was released from the Khitomer system and headed for Starbase Geneva.

There they underwent some retraining and some minor refits to bring them up to specifications with the technological and professional advances of the last five years.

It was during this time that Commander Jennifer Caskie resigned, as she had discovered that her son Ian had gone missing during the five years prior.

She was discharged from service.

Mission Fourteen: The Gilded Man[edit]

The USS Bohrs

In 2314, nearly a decade after the Champlain's initial sensor readings of a Federation- style warp signature, in the Irlix System the USS Bohrs, a Mission Scout vessel, (NCC-369477) was dispatched to follow-up on those inital findings.

The Bohrs proceeded to the Irlix system and utilizing her Cloaking device began to collect cultural and military data in an attempt to isolate the original source of the initial Federation warp signature.

The Bohrs was on station for only a few weeks, when a computer attack shut down her cloaking device and left her vulnerable to attack by military starships belonging to the Rhone Union.

The Bohrs was captured and forced down on the planet Irlix, where it was stored in the Seliya Facility.

A few days after the capture of the Bohrs, the USS Rosenante was tasked with the rescue of the crew of the Bohrs as well as the recovery and/or destruction of the starship. As a secondary objective, they were tasked with the discovery of the sudden technological boost found in Irlixian society which was inconsistent with the rest of their technological development.

Because of a significant threat to the Rosenante, in light of the events leading up to the capture of the Bohrs, Captain Ahmed Ibn Salid decided to drop a cosmetically altered away team on the surface of the planet.

After arriving in the Irlix system, the USS Rosenante approached the planet from a polar orbit acheived by following a very broad hyperbolic course. Once in position, the Away Team was sent down to the planet's surface, specifically to Khoda City, in pairs, to minimize the chance of detection.

The Away Team made their way to the Hotel Votul, a buisness known locally for allowing Gab males and Mol females to mingle in a social setting where they would not normally be permitted to do so. The meeting place at the hotel is marked by an interplexing communications beacon set up by Chance Raschen. The final meeting spot was a public restroom on the first floor of the hotel.

Things get interesting when Mike Rosenbauer shows up with Ios Malinae, an Irlixian female, that he had 'rescued' earlier from an assault and attempted rape. Ios apparently recognized Mike's blood, seeping from a broken lip as belonging to a Human rather than an Irlixian. She then revealed through an encounter with her mother, Sola Malinae that she was associated with the secret Seliya Facility where the research and development of the Alien (Federation) technology was being studied and retro-engineered.

Taking a risk, Mike brought her to the meeting to allow Lieutenant Commander Sullivan a chance to question her and determine if she possessed any knowledge that may aid the Away Team in their mission.

She was not, however, the only visitor to arrive at the Hotel Votul.


Senior Detective Vilox Nigo, a member of the Special Police responsible for dealing with espionage inside the Rhine Union, detected the beacon and set into motion police resources in an attempt to capture the away team, which he believed were spies from one of the other major political powers on Irlix.

When the raid began, the away team put up more of a resistance than Vilox had anticipated and managed to escape although Sullivan, Louis Remey, Steve Matrix and others were injured in the fighting to some degree.

Thanks to the hard efforts of Sanok, Tom Jackson and Steve Matrix, the Away Team managed to escape the premises, narrowly dodging a perimeter of Police Snipers and pursuing law enforcement forces.

While the away team found themselves in a pickle on the surface the USS Rosenante was facing difficulties of her own. under the command of Captain Salid, the Rosenante was forced to break orbit and begin a series of maneuvers to avoid detection and capture once it became apparent that the Irlixians were able in some manner to detect the cloaked Federation Starship.

As the goal was to avoid a confrontation and since the means by which the Irlixians were detecting the position of the Rosenante was unknown, the captain ordered the ship to displace frequently to delay any potential military actions between the Irlixian Fleet and the Rosenante.

It was also interesting to note that the detection means was neither immediate nor precise and that meant that simple maneuvering whenever a course change took place among the Irlixian patrol craft happened were sufficient to keep the Rosenante safe from immediate harm.

With the Rosenante well away from the planet, they found themselves unable to respond to the sudden appearance in the system of a Federation runabout without incurring significant risk to the Rosenante.

This runabout was manned by two new recruits to the Rosenante Ensign Junior Grade Eian O'Neill and Ensign Junior Grade Machaire Rabhartaigh. they had been assigned to the ship, but they had not been briefed on the nature of the Rosenante's mission and therefore found themselves entering hostile space unexpectedly.

An Irlixian Female

The Irlixians attacked. The result was the crippling of the runabout, which forced O'Neill to crash land the damaged ship outside the Capital of the Rhone Union, Khoda City.

Within minutes of the crash, however, the shuttle was surrounded by a small squad of Irlixian police. This prevented the immediate escape of the crash survivors.

All hope was not lost, however, as Ensign O'Neill had managed to send out a brief mayday message that alerted the away team already on the planet to their plight.

A quick rescue and recovery mission was organized by the away team, still on the planet.The team made good speed from the safe house to the crash site where they relieved the surrounded crash victims before lead elements of the Secret police force under Vilox Nigo arrived. With the survivors recovered the extraction team returned to the safe house to await contact with the Rosenante and to continue medical treatment of the wounded.

Meanwhile, back aboard the Rosenante, it was becoming more difficult to avoid the ever shrinking search net of the Irlixian starships.

It was the sudden epiphany offered up by Trade Winds Bar manager, and ex-intelligence officer T'Lela, that the Rosenante was finally able to discover the means by which they were being tracked.

The Irlixians were managing to track the automated communications data streams that all Federation starships use to connect to the Memory Alpha database as well as to navigational satellites. And while unable to disable this uplink, the deployment of some Stealth Buoys, set to monitor the same frequency created a series of decoys that would confound the Irlixians and allow the Rosenante to slip free and return to Irlix to get an update from the away team there.

When the Rosenante took up a standard orbit and made contact with the away team, it quickly became apparent that the initial mission parameters had no real chance of success. As a result Salid ordered the away team and their civilian adviser, Ios, beamed back aboard the Rosenante.

While the members of the away team visited Sickbay to have the last of their injuries tended to and to have the cosmetic surgeries undone, Captain Salid was speaking with the civilian advise Ios concerning the situation. It was from that brief meeting and interview that a new plan of action was hatched.

Once the away team was restored, and with the Rosenante managing to remain undetected at the polar orbit of the planet, Captain Salid called a briefing where he outlined the new plan.

He had become convinced after hearing about the history of the Rhone Union from Ios that a member of the Medea crew had managed to infiltrate the government and violated the Prime Directive for their own benefit.

This in turn led the Captain to implement a three pronged plan of action that would achieve a variety of mission goals simultaneously.

First Salid and Louis Remey would be making an appearance at a scheduled media conference being put forward by Khoda Rhone. By hijacking the media feeds of the planet, Salid could insure that the message that he wanted to spread across the planet would remain uninterrupted. Remey would be responsible for running scans of the Rhone Union leadership present in an effort to ferret out the traitor in their midst.

Ono Nakamura in 2393

While Salid and Remey acted as investigators, instigators and distraction, a second team led by Lieutenant Steven Wade Matrix and consisting of Marta Nunez, Sanok and Robert Smith would conduct a raid against Rhone Union government offices in an attempt to locate information on the location of the Hostages from the USS Bohrs. Once that information was located, a third team led by Mike Rosenbauer, and consisting of Kimiko Ichijo, Sam Lopez, and Eian O'Neill would begin the operation to rescue the hostages while Matrix's team beamed to the sight of the Bohrs and prepared the ship for departure.

Unfortunately, some parts of the plan did not quite happen as planned. Although The rescue team was deployed, matrix's team was forced to remain hidden in the government offices due to the fact that the Rosenante, Commanded by Commander T'Larah Sullivan, and aided by Lieutenant Thomas Jackson and Chance Raschen, was forced into a military encounter with Rhone Union Starships commanded by Fleet Commander Frazil.

Despite this setback, Rosenbauer's team managed to rescue not only the hostages from the Bohrs, but also Lieutenant Ben Soma, previously of the USS Mithrandir and Lieutenant Doug Masters. The reinforced team managed to make their way to the Bohrs, and after a spectacular diversion with a damaged runabout, destroy the partially restored wreckage of the USS Medea and allow the Bohrs to escape the hanger once her systems were restored.

While members of his crew were engaged in various levels of their portion of the operation, Captain Salid managed to cause Khoda Rhone, whom Remey had identified as Ono Nakamura, previously the Chief Engineering Officer of the USS Medea to confess to his crimes.

As expected, the Irlixians were shocked and Khoda Rhone was ousted from power. He was taken into custody by Remey, while Salid attempted to rectify the cultural contamination that Nakamura had caused.

After an additional eight days of negotiations, the governments of Irlix agreed to establish a provisional planetary government under the leadership of Ios Malinae. With the arrival of starships from the Federation Diplomatic Corps, the USS rosenante was released from their mission.

They aided in the repairs of the USS Bohrs before heading to Starbase 989 for some much needed upgrades and R&R.

Mission Fifteen: Touch of the Eidolon[edit]

Starbase 989

The USS Rosenante after returning from Irlix system is long overdue for some much needed Rest and relaxation time on Starbase 989.The ship put into dock and Captain Salid held a briefing to bring his crew up to specs for the refit and resupply operations that would need to take place prior to the Rosenante's departure.For a change it looked as if everything would go well, and that the crew wouldn't be drawn into any unwanted scuffles with station personnel.It also seems that the reality of things is always different from the desired.

Word quickly spread through the crew that the Starbase was holding the Alpha-Beta Quadrant wide martial arts tournament. The prize was a substantial latinum prize as well as the title of Champion of two quadrants. The following personnel from the Rosenante entered the tournament:

They each competed against their respective opponents and were each in turn disappointed with the scores handed down to them by the panel of judges, which included, Ieko Takawa. However, rumor soon arose that the tournament may be fixed. This coupled with information gathered by Soma during his investigation of Captain Taylor's murder, indicated that somehow the two could have been connected.

Captain Joseph Taylor.

The day after the arrival of the USS Rosenante reports were made of the discovery of the body of Captain Joseph Taylor, who was the commanding officer of Starbase 989. The captain was found dead in his quarters by a security officer from the station who had been dispatched when the Captain failed to respond to calls from his first Officer Lieutenant Kraal.

Almost immediately, Kraal contacted Captain Ahmed Ibn Salid and notified him of the grisly discovery. Citing Regulations, Salid, then assumed command of the investigation and assigned the Rosenante's own Chief Security Officer Ben Soma to investigate.

The body was recovered by the Rosenante team and a thorough study of the crime scene was conducted by Lieutenant Steven Wade Matrix, and Eian O'Neill. In addition to the survey of the crime scene, Doctor Kimiko Ichijo and Doctor Sam Lopez undertook an autopsy, to determine the cause of death.

From the combined results of these studies clues and mysteries began to form, throwing out a number of plausible scenarios as to how the murder could have been conducted. Among the most puzzling of these mysteries was the nature of the murder weapon, a hook shaped spike that seemingly dematerialized inside the wound after the deed was done. In addition, coupled with the fact that the Captain had secured his personal quarters, the scene of the murder, with a very high level encryption that could only be overridden by other Starfleet officers of flag rank or greater, left the crew wondering who on the station had the ability to reach the obviously paranoid captain.

To further complicate matters, the captain had no defensive wounds on his body, which would indicate that death was sudden and that the Starbase's commanding officer did not expect an attack.

A short list of suspects was assembled, after further questioning and DNA evidence discovered that the Captain had been having an affair with two of his junior officers. Early in the investigation, there were strong indications that Captain Taylor may have been corrupt and that his murder may have been caused by a business deal going poorly.

The chief suspects were:

The Romulan freighter Harveq

The following day, a second body was discovered by a Starfleet engineer on duty on the station. He discovered the body of the Orion Cargo Master Nargo of the Romulan freighter Harveq. The ship's captain was T'Sek, a Romulan merchant. T'Sek's grandfather is Vice-Chairman Somek of the Romulan Tal Shiar.

Before the Station security personnel could arrive, however, T'sek and some of his Orion crew recovered Nargo's body and took it aboard their ship. When Ben Soma and his team from the Rosenante arrived, Soma was unhappy with the turn of events and planned to take action to deal with the situation.

After some careful consideration, Soma assigned Sanok to open discussions with the Romulan ship captain. Little did they know, T'Sek had full intentions of inviting them aboard the Harveq. The captain had four members f the Rosenante team transported aboard the Harveq, Kimiko Ichijo, Ben Soma, Sanok and Eian O'Neill. They were greeted by captain T'Sek and an armed Orion security team. This event was initially misinterpreted by the away team as aggression, when in fact T'Sek, was merely concerned with the appearance of the situation and did not wish to take a chance that the Starfleet officers were going to attempt to arrest him for interfering with their investigation.

Once the away team was disarmed, the security detail relaxed and T'Sek was amiable to the officers.

Holodeck empty.jpg

Meanwhile, it was discovered that an upgrade request for the USS Rosenante to become upgraded to fully holo-capable had been filed by the new ACEO Eian O'Neill. This of course, immediately set of a series of alerts, since O'Neill was fully aware that the Rosenante was already completely Holo-capable.

A quick investigation led the security team of the USS Rosenante to believe that someone had managed to steal a biometric fingerprint signature belonging to the officer. When questioned, O'Neill revealed that he had, in fact, used his finger print in two places on the station.

The first was the Martial Arts Tournament on Starbase 989. The second was with Quol Nor when he booked Holosuite time on the station so that he could work on a special holoprogram to allow him to spend Christmas with his family, who were several Light Years away.

Ben Soma ordered O'Neill to investigate.

Those, it seemed were not the only technical difficulties facing the Rosenante. When Starbase engineers began their upgrade cycles, they managed to cause significant processing loss to the Rosenante's Computer Cores. This caused a significant delay in the processing of the data collected at the crime scene by Steven Wade Matrix. In addition, the interlinks connecting the Rosenante to the Starbase were also damaged, meaning that the crew was unable to borrow processing time from the starbase.

Doctor Rosk

Aboard the Harveq, while Doctor Ichijo and Sanok were meeting with Doctor Rosk concerning the murder of Nargo, Ben Soma and Ensign Eian O'Neill were meeting with T'Sek.

The meeting went well, with T'Sek offering a significant piece of the murder puzzle to the two officers in the form of a Cardassian Optolythic Data Rod, which are renowned for their difficulty to forge.

The data on the rod pointed firmly to the Ferengi Quol Nor as the Captain's murderer, but as the Romulan did not wish to testify, the investigation would need further evidence in order to arrest the Ferengi for the Captain's murder.

During the second day of the tournament, Ichijo, Soma and O'Neill confronted the senior judge Ieko Takawa. Their assertions caused the man to admit to his unwilling involvement in the fixing of the tournament, which indirectly had caused Taylor's death. He also directly connected Quol Nor to the tournament, providing, for the first time a solid motive for the Ferengi. The tournament was suspended and all judgements withdrawn.

Quol Nor's Assassin Hologram

Convinced that the data was solid and needing more evidence that the Assassin Hologram was indeed connected to Quol Nor Soma, Ichijo, O'Neill and Sanok devised a plan to lure the program in so that it could be neutralized and it's subroutines studied. the plan was simple in its design although rather complex in execution. After reactivating and securing the Holographic systems aboard the Rosenante, Eian O'Neill prepared to isolate and neutralize the Program once it appeared on the Rosenante.

To insure that it would appear, Sanok would activate the Data Cube that was recovered from Captain Taylor's quarters where it had been disguised as a latinum sheathed moving sculpture. Group gambled that the reactivation of the data cube would alert either the program or it's Ferengi controller and that the end result would be that the program would attempt to recover the cube at all costs. With Sanok playing bait, Ben Soma and Kimiko Ichijo stood by to render assistance, while Eian O'Neill would isolate the program.

The plan was a qualified success, as the program appeared as expected. Although O'Neill was quick the program was able to slightly injure both Sanok and Soma before it could be isolated completely.

Quol Nor and a pair of Nausicaan Enforcers

Soma, Sanok and O'Neill along with a great many members of base security tracked Quol Nor down to his place of business where he was arrested by the Security team. The Ferengi threatened that Ferengi lawyers were far superior to anything that the federation possessed and that the Assassin Hologram was sentient, a claim that would later be overturned by a federation panel of experts. The program while highly sophisticated lacked the ability to adapt beyond certain pre-programmed parameters.

The Murderer was brought to justice.

Mission Sixteen: Just Another Saturday Night[edit]

A Vexarak Spoiler

While on shore leave aboard Starbase 989 Captain Salid and the crew of the Rosenante are tied up in a crisis unlike any other that they have faced.

The Tellarite freighter Moarvol inadvertently managed to bring a colony of Vexarak Spoilers aboard the starbase in a shipment of

Magnesite ore collected from the Zeta Draconis System.

These parasites consume metals and feed off of energy that they consume from it's breakdown. They are also capable of feeding from raw plasma.

As a New Year's Party was underway on the Promenade, the Spoilers escaped their holding bin and began to ingest critical components of the starbase's power distribution system. This resulted in a cascade failure that plunged the starbase into complete power failure.

When inhabitants of the starbase realized that the back up systems were not coming on-line they rioted. Several members of the ship's crew along with members of the crew serving aboard the USS Boudicca, were celebrating at The County Cork during the incident.

When riots broke out, they were forced to defend themselves as well as attempt to restore orders and emergency services.

Over the course of the next twenty-four hours, crews from both starships worked in concert to provide services, repairs and power to the starbase. Eventually, several methods were devised to deal with the infestation. Over the following weeks repairs to the starbase were conducted.

After the incident Ahmed was asked and accepted the honor of marrying his long-time friend Thomas Jackson to Dahlia Jackson a woman that he had married earlier by Ferengi contract. The marriage was a formality to honor Jackson's human heritage. The ceremony took place at Rothal Chapel aboard Starbase 989.

Mission Seventeen: Once More Into The Breach[edit]

Dovek II

After the near destruction of Starbase 989, the crews of the USS Boudicca and the USS Rosenante were ordered to form a Task Force under the command of Captain Ahmed Ibn Salid.

After a flag level briefing, in which concerns over recent Borg activity in the Dovek System, Captain Salid ordered the two ships of the task force immediately underway to the area of Borg activity for the purpose of locating the Borg forces there and determining the nature of their actions.

Salid ordered the two ships to enter the system in such a manner as to utilize the natural formations to aid in the covert approach of the two ships. With the bulk of the Borg activity taking place in orbit around Dovek II, salid and the crew of both ships begin to do research in the hopes of predetermining the potential threat of the Borg Activity.

From the very beginning there were concerns, as a new type of Borg vessel, designated a Borg Pyramid was seen accompanying a Borg Tactical Cube. This was a strong indicator to Salid that the mission was sensitive and possibly militaristic in nature.

When later research proved that the Dovek system had once been a part of the now extinct, but once very technologically advanced Tkon Empire, Ahmed's worst fears came to the forefront.

Upon arriving in the Dovek System, Salid ordered both ships to remain hidden behind Dovek II's only moon. From there a series of reconnaissance probes were launched in an attempt to gather information remotely. This failed due to the Borg's use of an Antiproton weapon for the purpose of large scale excavation on the planet's surface.

The Antiproton beam strikes Dovek II

Blinded due to the Subspace Interference, Salid moved forward with a plan to launch the Lorimar Class Runabout Lorimar, on an intelligence gathering mission. The runabout was performing well, apparently unheeded by the Borg starships until Lieutenant Detron Trei managed to make contact with the Borg Collective in an attempt to cause panic amongst the Borg Drones.

Instead of causing panic, despite orders to not interfere, the telepathic contact made the Borg leader Volus aware of the Federation presence in the system. He ordered the Runabout attacked, and as a result the vessel crash-landed on the surface of Dovek II.

It was around this time that the Borg also uncovered their apparent goal, a Tkon Nanosphere that held incredible potential as a weapon to be used to assimilate Earth.

Now faced with a pair of problems, Salid ordered two separate missions. The first to rescue any crash survivors, while the second would cause plausible asset denial of the sphere from the Borg through the deployment of an antimatter mine.

The Antimatter Mine detonating on Dovek II

With The Borg capital ship's positioned in such a way as to block any attempts at either mission, Salid ordered both the USS Rosenante and the USS Boudicca to act as a screening force against the Borg vessels in an attempt to drawn them away from the planet.

The two ships of the small task force attacked the Borg forces and successfully caused them to displace their position, which allowed the two away teams to penetrate the planet's atmosphere and carry out their missions.

The crash survivors were rescued and the Antimatter mine deployed, and salid had thought that the Borg operations were thwarted until indications were seen that the Borg were opening a Temporal Vortex. realizing that the Collective intended to assimilate the device in the past, Salid ordered both the Federation starships to follow and engage.

On the other side of the vortex, the Federation ships found themselves in the Age of Makto, near the end of the Tkon Empire. They managed to destroy both the Borg Pyramid and the Borg Tactical Cube, but not before both ships were boarded during the fight, and Borg Drones sent to the surface of the planet, where assimilation of the Tkon Nanosphere began.

A Temporal Vortex

Fighting a desperate defensive action for their ships, the Federation crews were unable to prevent the assimilation of the nanosphere. As the Sphere lifted off the planet, Salid ordered one final ditch attempt to purge the two ships of Borg, using a specialized code that attacked the Borg Nanoprobes.

Despite an assassination attempt on his life and with both ship's free of Borg influence, and the nanosphere opening another Temporal Vortex Salid once again ordered pursuit.

This time the two ships ended up in Earth's prehistoric past during a period called the Cretaceous Period. The two ships were unable to deal any damage to the Tkon device as long as it's shields remained operational, so Salid ordered a small elite security force to beam aboard the ship using a theoretical Transporter algorithm.

The impact with the crust of the planet

A tremendous fight ensued and the away team was barely beamed off the sphere, before the combined firepower of the USS Boudicca and the USS Rosenante destroyed it. Along with the destruction of the sphere came that of the Borg leader Volus and the Tkon scientist D'askto who had joined forces with the away team.

Although they had destroyed the most immediate threat of assimilation in earth's ancient past, the bulk of the sphere rained down on the planet nearly wiping out all life there. Ironically, it was this event that wiped out the dinosaurs and allowed Humanity to evolve.

After several days of repairs and hard work, The combined crews managed to activate the Borg Temporal equipment that was left behind by the Borg Occupation of their ships and used it to return home to the present.

The two ships then limped home to a hero's welcome.

Mission Eighteen: Personal Logs[edit]

With the refit of the USS Rosenante underway after the battle at Dovek II, Ahmed decided to take some time off and enjoy some friendly competition in the boxing arena on Starbase Geneva. However things did not go according to plan when he was requested by the Admiralty to participate in the general mast hearings for Detron Trei and Andrew Elliot Maddox, two officers that were under his command during the Dovek II incident.

The symbol for Section 31

He agreed, and after some deliberation a series of disciplinary actions were undertaken against both the officers. He was later to discover that Captain Alan Durand had resigned from the fleet as a result of his actions at Dovek, despite the fact that Salid and other members of the general Admiralty did not feel his performance was inadequate to the situation.

This temporarily left Salid in command of the USS Boudicca as well as the USS Rosenante until Captain Calvin Capps arrived to take command of the Boudicca.

During this time, Commander Thomas Jackson was reassigned to the USS Boudicca as her first officer, displacing her prior first Officer, Commander Jennifer Caskie.

For reasons unclear, Caskie was relieved of her command position and reassigned to the Rosenante as their Chief Medical Officer. Ahmed was glad to see her return to the ship.

Also during this Ahmed found himself suddenly involved in a situation with Section 31, when they kidnapped a member of his crew, Ensign Jessica Signos after Ahmed Ibn Salid had reported her dual nature to Starfleet Intelligence.

The kidnapping was actually a ploy by SFI to flush out the Section 31 Operatives on Starbase Geneva. Salid became involved when he felt that his officer was placed at undue risk as a result of SFI's slow response to the affectation of her rescue.

The duty patch of the Starfleet Rangers

Along with Eian O'Neill, his father Liam O'Neill of the USS Kelman, Katherine 'Kitty' Fisher, and Chance Raschen, Salid put together a rescue team in an attempt to affect her release and to capture or eliminate the Section 31 operatives on the station.

The location of the hostage was located in a phased portion of the starbase, and as soon as the location rejoined normal space, Salid and the others beamed in to rescue Signos.

The operation was a success, capturing one Section 31 Operative, and eliminating almost all of the others. Only George Hayden the cells handler managed to escape the station.

However, after having O'Neill work up a psychological profile for Hayden, a plan was put into place to draw the cell handler back to Starbase Geneva. Putting himself into a position to illicit irritation and to appear smug at his victory over Hayden, Salid was able to draw the man back into the Starbase.

Hayden however, was not sloppy. He had taken extreme measures to protect himself, and this time, he used a holodeck to mask his presence. He managed to kidnap Salid, and for a short while torture him until Eian O'Neill managed to fix the Captain's location.

An assault team beamed in to the area and captured Hayden. This operation proved to be a linch-pin for preventing any formal charges from SFI to be levied against Salid and his officers. It did unfortunately put them on Section 31's radar as potential threats, since they were now aware of their illicit existence.

As a direct result of this operation, Salid, transferred, Mike Rosenbauer to act as his Yeoman, in an effort to provide himself with a bodyguard of some skill. It was a task for which the former Starfleet Ranger was well suited.

Mission Nineteen: The Third Law[edit]

While continuing on their mission to explore Sector 6309, the crew of the Rosenante discovered a rogue planet, which they later discovered was named Solyon.

Excited about the possible history-making discovery, Captain Salid ordered three teams down to conduct scientific, geological and biological exploration of the unusual planetary body.

While the away teams were on the planet's surface, Salid ordered the Stellar cartography department to attempt to project Solyon's course as well as extrapolate it's path of travel prior to discovery.

Within hours, it was determined that the Rogue Planet would be passing through a binary star system which contained an inhabited planet, known as Asrai Prime. With the planet's inhabitants, the Asrai, only at a pre-industrial level of technology, a bit of a moral issue arose. Technically, if the Asrai were unaware of other species or if they had not developed any technology akin to warp drive, then they would, under the auspices of the Prime Directive be left to their extinction.

"As the right of each sentient being to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution is considered sacred, no Starfleet personnel may interfere with the normal and healthy development of alien life and culture. Such interference includes introducing superior knowledge, strength, or technology to a world whose society is incapable of handling such advantages wisely. Starfleet personnel may not violate this Prime Directive, even to save their lives and/or their ships, unless they are acting to right an earlier violation or an accidental contamination of said culture. This directive takes precedence over any and all other considerations, and carries with it the highest moral obligation. "
— The Prime Directive

To further complicate things somewhat, the survey teams returned to the ship with evidence that Solyon had at one point been terraformed. This caused Captain salid to order two separate missions to be undertaken. The first would travel to Asrai Prime to see if there was any evidence that would make the Asrai exempt to the conditions of the Prime Directive. The second would remain on the rogue planet in an attempt to find a means to deviate or destroy the rogue world if a means could not be found to alter it's course.

Due to the gravity of the situation, Captain Salid led the away team to Asrai Prime while T'Larah Sullivan led the mission on the rogue planet.

On Asrai Prime the mission began to develop in a turbulent and difficult atmosphere. The inhabitants communicated as much with body postures and gestures as they did with words. because of this, the Universal translator couldn't assist them with this type of communication.

Asrai Prime

A misunderstanding saw Salid and Fraiser imprisoned, but in so doing, it allowed the remaining members of the away team to uncover a group of outcasts that seemed to possess advanced technology. The situation quickly became clear. The leadership of the planet had created an enforced reversion in technology while maintaining their own technological advantage to make them the rulers of the world.

This was complicated when the Survey teams from the rosenante on the Rogue planets discovered that the planet was actually an ancient colony ship that had narrowly escaped the destruction of their home world. They were headed for Asrai Prime, the last remaining colony of their ancient civilization.

However the massive ship was badly damaged and required extensive repairs to allow it to adjust it's mass and avoid disrupting the delicate balance of Asrai Prime. With the engineering teams working hard on that problem, Salid and Fraiser faced execution.

However, with the discovery of the outcasts and the situation clearly no longer constrained by the Prime Directive, Ben Soma led a rescue operation and they successfully rescued Fraiser and Salid.

meanwhile Salid and Fraiser had learned of an ancient planetary defense weapon once designed to destroy possible asteroid strikes, that was being prepared to destroy the Rogue Planet. As it was now apparent that the leader of the Asrai was aware that Solyon was actually a colony ship, and with the new information given to Salid, it was decided to prevent the destruction of the colony ship.

In a last-ditch effort, Salid and his away team prevented the destruction of the colony ship and helped re-establish the technological society that had been stripped from the Asrai. the Diplomatic Corps opened an embassy on Asrai prime to help the new Asrai leadership re-integrate the long-neglected masses of the planet, in effect preventing the extinction of the Asrai people.

Mission Twenty: The Captain's Cotillion[edit]

Captain Salid at the Cotillion, serving drinks.

After the completion of the mission to save Asrai Prime the crew of the USS Rosenante moved into a support role for the new government of that planet. With the institutionalization of a new ruling system headed by the more technologically advanced Asrai from Solyon, Ahmed was determined to insure a series of programs that would help bring the remainder of the population into line with the new leaders of that planet.

To that end, each of the departments began a program of assisting in building a knowledge infrastructure that the planet could then develop and expand on a planetary basis. To this end, medical databases, civil engineering databases and diplomatic databases have been supplied to the new government.

With the civilization most recently believed to be under the protection of the Prime Directive, which was disproven with the realization that Solyon was a warp capable colony ship, the Federation Diplomatic Corps was ordered by Starfleet Command to send special teams to aid the Asrai in their modernization efforts.

To celebrate the new relationship and the mutual support between the UFP and the government of Asrai Prime, Captain Salid decided to implement a new tradition aboard the Rosenante in the form of a formal dance, which he dubbed the "Captain's Cotillion".

The affair was punctuated by the appearance of many of the ship's crew appearing in elaborate outfits, and taking a night on the town. The event filled Cargo Bays one and Two, which had been retrofitted by Commander Matrix, Lieutenant Soma, Lieutenant Jackson and Lieutenant Sanok.

The prevent for the women of the crew took place on the holodeck, where Jessica Signos invited them all to a Japanese Bath house program for a day of pampering, gossip and spa treatments.

Not all was well, however, as on the eve of the event, Signos and O'Neill broke off their relationship due to "Lily". A further incident took place when Tayla Fraiser inadvertently made telepathic contact with Signos, and was affected by "Lily's" presence, sending her into a panic attack that later caused her to attack Parker Davis.

This period of time saw the addition of a couple of new crew to the roster as well. Lieutenant Lanista , formerly from the USS Mithrandir and on return from a 5-year mission in Klingon space, was assigned to the USS Rosenante as their newest Chief Science Officer. Lieutenant Viskhard, as a result of this new addition was reassigned to the position of Assistant Chief Science Officer. Another addition to the crew was Lieutenant Nayeli, a member of the JAG Corps. Her purpose was to look into the possible violations of the Prime Directive on Asrai Prime. She was assigned as a standing member of the crew in reflection to Starfleet's concern over the matter. As a result, Captain Salid has no choice but to keep her aboard.

The crew not only gained new crew, but sadly have seen some transferred off the ship as well. Commander T'Larah Sullivan was reassigned to the Starfleet Marine Corps, where she assumed the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. She was joined by Lieutenant Masters. This left the position of First officer open, and Captain Ahmed Ibn Salid saw no reason not to promote his new Second and Third Officers into empty positions. As such, Lieutenant Ben Soma was promoted to First Officer and advanced in rank to Lieutenant Commander, while Sanok was promoted to Second Officer. At this time Salid has not yet selected a third officer for the Rosenante.

Not to be outdone, several members of the Rosenante's senior staff had their photograph taken for nostalgia's sake.

Mission Twenty-one: The Veil of the Sky[edit]

Comet Holladay

After The Captain's Cotillion, the USS Rosenante was once again underway to continue her survey of Sector 6309 as she had been ordered. During this time, the crew encountered an unusual comet, which later became known as Comet Holladay in honor of the scientist who detected it by long-range scans. Detailed scans and trajectory studies were underway, when an urgent message from Starfleet Command was received.

A hostage situation had developed on the planet Beta Aquillia IV a world that supplied the Federation with a vast majority of the resources needed to rebuild their infrastructure and starships. the planetary government, led by President Kolath had been overthrown by a sudden and unexpected coup. The group responsible was a pro-isolationist group named Veil of the Sky.

During this coup, their leader, Habrii took Federation Ambassador Joanne Turner and her embassy staff hostage. The Rosenante was dispatched to negotiate her release and if possible to determine if there was outside support for the Veil.

Upon their arrival, Salid attempted to make contact with the current government. He was at first ignored. determined to safe-guard refugees displaced by the conflict, especially those with Federation citizenship, Salid sent his crew down to the capital city of Joba to establish a safe-zone and a refugee camp to tend to the needs of the displaced.

To make things more complicated a Skorr Worldripper Class warship named the Skysplitter arrived. it seemed that a Skorr Ambassador was also taken hostage and Ambassador Dralar had been sent to recover him. This made the situation potentially unstable.

After the arrival of the Skorr vessel, Ben Soma led a negotiation team down to the planet with no real success. The political views of the Veil leadership made diplomacy all but impossible. However, the Aquillian ambassador, Tzorn began to make indications that he would aid the Rosenante crew in locating their ambassador in return for asylum.

Chance Raschen and Mike Rosenbauer were assigned to covertly attempt to locate the ambassador on the planet. Mike managed to persuade a Veil member named Sien to join the Federation's cause, while chance uncovered some signs of Cardassian Involvement.

Atlantis Station

A series of suicide bombings at the refugee camp forced a breakdown in communication between the Veil and the Federation. Refugee support operations became disaster relief. At Salid's request Dralar sent Skorr troops to shore up the Federation position.

Meanwhile on Atlantis Station, Niambh McNulty allowed the Rosenante's crew to establish a Command Control and Communications Center. From there the crew could more easily communicate and organize disaster relief.

As the investigation continued, Matrix and Peter Cohen discovered signs of Romulan involvement. The situation was quickly becoming murky, and it was even more unclear who was truly involved in supporting the Veil.

When word went out that Alaya the lieutenant of the Veil of the Sky was responsible for the suicide attacks on the refugee camp, Habrii ordered her arrested. She was captured, but her escape was secured by Gul Matan of the Obsidian Order. Alaya then led a counter-coup against Habrii, capturing him and seizing control of the government.

Meanwhile through subterfuge, the location of Ambassador Turner and the Skorr Ambassador became known. The Skorr rescued their Ambassador with the aid of Katherine 'Kitty' Fisher, while Jessica Signos led the rescue of the Federation Ambassador.

One of the explosions at the refugee camps

At the same time, Ben Soma led a team to extract the Aquillian Ambassador Tzorn as agreed. With all these actions underway, Salid was also on guard for any Cardassian or Romulan interference.

Instead, however, he was forced to deal with the Veil of the Sky militia troops. Alaya had ordered them to assault Atlantis Station as well as the refugee camp protected by the Federation.

Salid utilized the ship's phasers et to heavy stun to slow down the infantry assault against the camp. in addition, he used low-yield photon torpedoes to capsize the boats bombarding Atlantis Station.

Once the refugees were evacuated, Salid recalled his crew. As his orders were to not get directly involved in the political struggle for control of the planet, the Rosenante then departed. But not before McNulty destroyed Atlantis station and the president in Exile Kolath, disappeared into the urban underground to establish a revolutionary movement to regain control of the government of Beta Aquillia IV.

For the crew of the Rosenante, it was a bittersweet victory.

Mission Twenty-two: A Port in the Storm[edit]


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