Alan Durand

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Captain Alan G. Durand
Alan Durand
Name: Alan G. Durand
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Colorado, Earth
Species: Human
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown Gray
Height: 6-foot
Weight: 190 pounds
Blood Color: Red
Skin Color: Caucasian
Current rank: Captain
Current Position: Commanding Officer
Assignment: USS Boudicca
The USS Boudicca
Status: Active

Physical Description:[edit]

He has been called ruggedly handsome (but never in his presence). He has piercing blue eyes and a ready smile, both of which he uses to great effect in both personal and professional encounters. Always clean shaven, he keeps his hair trimmed short to medium length. He participates in physical training habitually, and is toned, lean, and agile. A track and field man in his academy days, he also played some football. His lean and powerful frame is well matched by his sharp intellect.


At 41, he is the youngest of three brothers. His eldest brother, George, is also a Starfleet officer, currently in command of the USS Argo. His other brother, Mitchell, is a Marine Corps officer, currently serving a stint as an intelligence specialist. His parents are divorced, but both still living. Neither of them served in Starfleet, and they did not encourage their sons to do so either. This was a source of some contention in prior years, but after the end of the Civil War, both parents somewhat reluctantly accepted the career choices their sons had made. Alan is single, never having been married. He has had a handful of serious relationships, which generally ended when he was forced to choose between personal and professional interests. He mostly blames himself for those failed relationships, and hopes someday to make one work… but never at the expense of his career. To him, Starfleet is more than a profession. In his mind, it is almost a calling… an ideal that was realized and maintained through generations of service and sacrifice. Nothing, in his opinion, could be a nobler endeavor.


Starfleet Academy. Advanced Tactical and Command Schools, also Groton Institute of Propulsion and Engineering Applications.


Studied some medicine under his father's tuition. His father was the only physician in the still rural area of Colorado where he spent his youth. Taking a dislike of the work, he often disagreed with his father, much preferring to spend his time tinkering with tools and machinery than practicing medicine. Their disagreement eventually caused Durand to leave his home town and apply to the Academy. He was accepted on his second try for admission.


He immediately embraced Starfleet’s mores and morals, falling in love with the entire institution. He threw himself into his studies with a zeal that amazed his classmates and delighted his instructors. Graduating fourth in his class, he was sent on for advanced tactical training, for which he had shown excellent aptitude. Held over for additional engineering studies, he was sent to a two year program at the Groton Institute of Propulsion and Engineering Applications. Staffing issues determined his initial assignment, which was a posting as assistant engineer aboard a Norway Class vessel. He served two tours in that posting before requesting and being granted a transfer to a tactical position. It was there that he found his true calling. Being on the bridge in the center of the action suited his personality perfectly. He rose quickly through the ranks. He was decorated several times for bravery on both shipboard actions and away missions. By the time of the Federation Civil War, he had risen to the rank of Commander and was assigned as First Officer of the USS Reprisal, a ship loyal to Admiral Doenitz. When ordered to defend the MDP from the attack of the 52nd Fleet, he suffered a crisis of conscience. When his Captain ordered the ship to open fire on the hospital ship USS McCoy, Durand countermanded the order. The confrontation on the bridge quickly escalated into a physical one, and Alan subdued his Captain. The attack on the medical ship was prevented, and the Reprisal soon stood down from its attack on the ships of the 52nd . After the war, as the incident was resolved, a General Court Martial was convened. Durand took full responsibility for his actions and those of the officers and crew following him. The summary judgment was decidedly mixed. Although he clearly prevented a tragedy, he had violated the chain of command, and the direct orders of a superior officer. As a result, he was stripped of his rank and position, demoted to Lt (sg) and reassigned. Additionally, he was stripped of all citations and awards. He has just recently been cleared of a probationary period, and promoted to Lt. Cmdr.


Various minor injuries sustained. No permanent disability of note.


Tinkering and gadgeteering. Rock Climbing, Unarmed combat. Competition phaser shooting. Enjoys poetry and horseback riding. A passing interest in languages, speaking a smattering of several.


Expert in various unarmed combat methods, sprinter and overall excellent level of physical and mental fitness. Shipboard security expert, excellent tactician. Marksman with energy weapons, fair engineering skills, and a very minor familiarity with medical procedures.

Awards and Commendations[edit]


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