Angor Khamal

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The Cartenian Prince Khamal

Prince Angor Khamal was born into a time of war. He became the leader of the Meldovian faction of the Cartenian people who were at war with their rival faction the Arturians.

It was only in 2408 that Prince Khamal of Meldovia III managed to establish a peace. He was, however kidnapped by members of the Orion Syndicate , specifically a Pirate Queen named Morella and was to be detained in the hopes that the alliance would collapse and that Orion Syndicate war profiteering could continue. Only the timely intervention of the USS Rosenante would prevail and the Cartenian Commonwealth would be established.

Khamal reorganized the combined governments of the two warring factions, re-establishing a unified Cartenian Governments which had been defunct for over 600 years. He focused most of the new governments interests into the reclamation and repair of the biosphere of their home world Cartenia.

He also established a specialized intelligence service to deal with Orion Syndicate interference and appointed Doyle 'Dogface' O'Banyan as it's head, in appreciation for his assistance in freeing him from Morella's grasp.

In early 2408, Prince Khamal presented the entire crew of the USS Rosenante with the Order of Honor The highest honor of the Cartenian Commonwealth. They were the first recipients of any medals or commendations ever handed out by the newly formed government.

The Order of Honor

'Prince Khamal first appeared in the Rosenante Mission: Letters of Marques.