Arturia Prime

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Arturia Prime

Arturia Prime is home to one of the factions of the Cartenian Species. After the destruction of their homeworld the Cartenians split into two distinct factions the Arturians and the Meldovians. The two factions eventually drifted arapt culturally and began a war for cultural dominance that lasted for 400 years.

Arturia Prime was the selected site of the peace treaty that eventually ended the war between the two factions and Established the Cartenian Commonwealth. it is located 45 light years from the Planet Meldovia III and is wedged between Federation and Orion Space.

The planet is a Class M world and was visited by the USS Rosenante after the ship infiltrated Orion Syndicate space and successfully rescued Prince Khamal from Morella, the Pirate Queen's captivity. The Rosenante crew were given seats of honor at the conference and were awarded the first commendations awarded by the Cartenian commonwealth.

Arturia Prime was first mentioned in the Rosenante Mission: Letters of Marques.