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A photo of the planet Bajor.

Bajor is the homeworld of one of the oldest civilizations in the Alpha Quadrant. The Bajorans were about half a million years old and made their first interstellar flight around the 16th century.

Following the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor, a Provisional Government was established in attempt to reorganize and rebuild the Bajor. Bajor is also further divided into different Provinces, which might carry political competences, too.

There are some nationlike factions on Bajor, prominent examples are the Paqu and the Navot. One major faction that opposed the Provisional Goverment, and nearly succeeded in overthrowing it in 2370 was the Alliance for Global Unity.

Bajor first vied for Federation membership in 2373, and later again in 2375.

The Bajoran Central Archives is the main holder of data on the planet.