Battle of Andoria

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The following two posts were written by J Trout. It describes the 52nd Fleet recieving news of the bombings of several Federation Worlds, and the Andorian Resistance's actions against Doenitz' forces on the planet. See Federation Civil War for more information.

LoDona Hears the News of Tellar and Andoria, Orders Unrestricted Warfare[edit]

Stardate: 2407.01.04

(USS Steel Talons - Admirals Office, War Wing - Admiral LoDona - 0947)

"The third wave of Klingon ships will be here in twelve hours, I've got them spread so..." Richard touched the holomap and 80 new blue dots appeared near the center of Allied territory. Robert crossed his arms and nodded briefly, "Very well." he said after long moments. "That is acceptable."

"Aye Sir." The Stratops officer, who looked so much older now after a years worth of dirty combat, living on the edge to stay alive, touched another control and brought up suspected enemy positions. "The enemy doesn’t out-number us yet, and they haven’t made any serious incursions into our held territory, but they are more then capable of hurting us now. I would suspect that they will move before the Klingons get into position. Letting the Empire dig in would be..."

Rich was interrupted by the Admirals combadge. =^=Captain Rhea to Admiral LoDona. Sir, you had best turn on the pirate feed from the Federation.=^=

Robert grunted and turned to the wall-size monitor near the strategy table. "Computer, load up the Federation News Network."

The computer beeped, and immediately the screen came to life. Robert was in the middle of crossing his arms, but stopped mid-gesture as the images that showed imprinted themselves on his brain. The image was grainy with static, and the sound was horrible, but the result was unmistakable.

"... [static] ...lcan, Andoria, Betazed and numerous other member-worlds have joined in this defacto resistance, propelled by the Violence on Tellar. It has been reported that several pacification fleets are already enroute to those worlds. We do know for certain that the Defense Forces of these worlds are active, and at least one... the Andorian Defense Force, has orders to defend to the last against all forces loyal to new President Doenitz and his regime."

LoDona's jaw dropped as the reporter ducked, a Void-Sphinx fighter flew overhead and started firing its phasers at some target within the city. LoDona knew the planet as well, it was Tellar, specifically the city of Ravhivik. There was a major Starfleet Marine Base there; LoDona had been stationed there briefly for training during one of his early tours through the War College. Now the entire city was ablaze. The reporter, bloody and shaken, centered himself on the screen again.

"To recap: After former Admiral Doenitz has pronounced himself the new President of the Federation during his imposition of Martial law on Earth, several member worlds led by Tellar rose up in protest. Almost immediately, select forces of Starfleet targeted the planet of Tellar. An official statement from the Office of the President announced that Tellar had been overrun by agents from rouge Admiral LoDona, and must be weeded out. Even now an occupation army has landed and Tellar has been placed under military law. The new president also announced that Martial Law was being declared Federation-wide to deal with the new Klingon threat, due to the Klingons allying themselves with Admiral LoDona somewhere on the fringes of explored space. In response, several notable worlds of the Federation have pulled support from the Federation council and have mobilized their defense forces. There is even high-level rumors flying around that Admiral LoDona's support might be sought. There are many unconfirmed rumors from sensitive informants in Starfleet that he sent multiple messages to Captains and Fleet Commanders before his so-called Rebellion began that warned of danger from Admiral Doenitz."

The reporter paused, "I won't be able to stay on the air much longer, the FNS received word that none of what is happening here is to go on the air. I will have to move soon lest I be found. I wanted everyone to know what was going on, there are so many things we haven’t been allowed to tell you because of Security Concerns. Troop movements, dissenters being quietly relocated and silenced. MY conscience could no longer let me stand by in silence while these atrocities are being committed."

LoDona noticed it first, though Lee hissed half a moment later. On the far edge of the screen, three Void-Sphinx’s had lined up and were breaking at high-speed directly at the camera. The Reporter and Camera-man, completely unaware, continued filming.

"... As you can see, Tellar is on fire. The Tellarite self-defense force has been completely obliterated. It is safe to say that the planet of Tellar is completely under military control." The reporter put his hand to his ear, "I have been told that a couple Andorian ships appeared in the skies twenty minutes ago and were utterly destroyed by forces loyal to President Doenitz. And..."

Whatever he was about to say was lost, all three Sphinx's opened fire.

As always, their aim was superb.

The image of Tellar burning was immediately replaced with the symbol of the Federation News Network.

"Screen off." Lee said, several silent moments later.

Robert finished the action he had started to take before the story had started, and crossed his arms behind his back. He continued looking at the screen, his face a stone mask that covered the boiling rage that threatened to make him sick.

"Captain Lee." he finally said.


"A message to the fleet, forward everything we've just received once it’s confirmed by our agents in place." He turned his head slightly, "And forward a change in the Rules of Engagement Package, we're upgrading to Alpha Nine: Unrestricted Warfare on forces loyal to Admiral Doenitz." He refused to call the b*stard the President.

Rich nodded gravely, "Aye Sir. Unrestricted warfare."

"Inform the Klingons, its time to build the battle-groups. Rearrange the fleet as required; I want task-forces built around the Paladin, Nimitz and Boudicca within the week, under command of their Captains. Task-Forces built around the Holy Avenger, Vindicator, Emmeline Pankhurst and Gallipoli within two weeks. And prepare the 319th Tactical, 1st Destroyer Group for convoy duty into the Federation."

He mused about that, and then nodded. All three of the primary battle-groups were commanded by experienced combat captains. Having ten or fifteen more ships under their command with the Rules of Engagement opened up to Hunting Season would get results.

"Aye Sir, the orders will be cut within the hour."

"One more thing, give Falthgood his head and the use of a ship. Go." LoDona commanded. Rich came to attention briefly, something he rarely ever did, and practically ran out of the room. Robert, who had been caressing his Borg implants the entire time, suddenly whipped his fist around and slammed it into the table.


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The Andorian Resistance[edit]

Stardate: 2407.01.04

(Andoria - City of She'nah Hoorn, Control Center - ASD Commander Torval Reen - 1940, Day 1)

Commander Torval Reen, senior commander planet-side of the Andorian Self-defense force, looked at his screens with greater horror then he could ever remember feeling in his life. The ground shuddered as a photon torpedo from one of the ships in orbit slammed into the city, knocking out many square blocks cleanly in one strike. Orbital bombardment of this sort was only reserved for strong-points in wartime, bases that couldn’t be cracked except by heavy weaponry. And only then until forces could pour in. To use photon torpedoes and heavy-phasers against civilian targets... It was the kind of genocidal war that the Federation was swore to combat, not partake in.

The ground rumbled again as two more torpedoes destroyed even more of his once beautiful city.

"Sir, our last three ships report a battleship in close pursuit. They won't be able to evade for long. Admiral Driaz is dead."

"Who’s left in the Command Hierarchy?"

A second paused, "You, Sir, and a Minor major of Ground Forces."

He slammed his fist into his command console at thought furiously, "Very well, order those ships to do what they can." A polite way of saying 'take someone with you when you die'. He turned as another set of explosions rocked the city. "What’s the status of forces around the planet?"

"They are deploying in standard order, Commander. Although, we've already lost significant numbers and equipment from this orbital bombardment."

"Break them up, immediately; tell them to head for ruins or strong-points until the bombardment fades."

"Aye Sir."

"Commander," another aide said behind him. He spun on his heel. "Elements of the 1st Terrestrial Marines and 15th Ground-Tactical have landed here at She'nah Hoorn. Heavy support craft are leveling any resistance around them as they disembark."

Reen hissed as he looked at the screen on his console.

"We can't take them head-on with this bombardment in place," he finally said as he fingered the curved knife on his belt, a traditional weapon that had been in his family for generations. "Issue orders to all troops planetside, get out of all official installations immediately and form local battle-groups based anywhere safe. Don't take on any force without superior numbers." His blood boiled at such methods, his was a warrior people. But protecting his people and planet was his job, his honor and dignity had nothing to do with it. His people with clever, sneaky, they would resort to anything that would guarantee them victory.

"now!" he barked as he picked up the phaser-rifle he had laid on the console before him. "All troops, abandon this position and regroup at point Alpha!" He had to grab the console as the building groaned around him; a torpedo had exploded very close to him. Reen was suddenly very glad that ever medic had a large supply of anti-radiation meds; anti-matter explosions were not exactly clean. "Move, this building will be leveled soon enough!"

He paused at the door, looking over the office and command center that the Resistance had been fought from for the last 24 hours. It was all coming to an end; hostile forces were stepping foot on his sacred soil.

".. time to meet them." he hissed to himself as he suddenly turned on his heel and ran out of the building.

Stardate: 2407.01.11[edit]

(Andoria - City of She'nah Hoorn, The ruins - ASD Commander Torval Reen - 1120, Day 7)


The Andorian commander jumped to the side just in time for a phaser-blast to blow a hole in the ground right where he had been standing. Reen snarled as danced aside again as yet another phaser ripped into his personal space. Luckily for him, this trooper was clumsy and stupid, probably a fresh recruit, he managed to get behind him and get his phaser arm around the trooper’s chest. His left hand, holding a long dagger, he put against the trooper’s throat. With no hesitation at all, Reen pulled his ceremonial knife, an ancestral piece kept in the family for generations, across the soldier’s throat with a jerk and a snarl. The body dropped to the ground, leaving Reen’s blue skin covered in red blood.

This was not what Reen had in mind when he had set to ambush a federation patrol. Having two patrol groups spaced minutes apart was not standard Starfleet procedure. He and his group had jumped one, only to have another come down their throats while they were fully engaged. They were now evenly matched for numbers, but not in terms of weaponry. Half of Reen’s forces were civilians, ex soldiers, artists, anyone who had a desire to free their home planet. Very few were hardened combat troops. And most of those that had seen combat were well passed their prime.

A bellow caught his attention, Reen turned his head just in time to see a ball of fur fly from the top of a shattered pillar onto the back of one trooper, then roll in the dust for several feet. It hopped up energetically with an axe in one hand, a war-pick in another, and swung both weapons into the front-side of a different trooper. Reen did a double take as he looked at the ball of dust-matted fur, but there could be no mistake. It was a Tellarite, an ancestral enemy of the Andorians. And it was fighting with what appeared to be antique Andorian weapons.

Whatever thoughts of disgust the Andorian might have had at a dirty pig holding his peoples honored weapons disappeared when the chubby ball of fur buried the pic deep into the tactical helmet of yet another Starfleet trooper. Hated he might be, but he knew how to fight.

That brief lapse almost cost Reen his life, a phaser caught him in the shoulder and spun him around from the sheer force. Reen growled as he fell to his knee and brought up his own phaser and blasted the offending Tactical trooper into dust, followed by another who was running up to help.

After several more bloody minutes, it was over, both patrol groups were dead. So was half of Reen’s force, their bodies littered the group in various positions, most with masks of pain or disbelief on their face. One of Reen’s old command, a medic, rushed up and applied a duraplast bandage onto his wound, causing him to issue a hiss of pain that was quickly negated by a blast of a hypospray. Reen waved him off a moment later and stepped forward, where the Tellarite was standing and glaring at all the remaining Andorians.

Reen paused just outside of his weapons reach and stared back. After long hostile moments, the Andorian took a breath and twitched his antenna. “You do those weapons honor, Tellarite.” He said in as level a voice as he could manage.

“These Re’jah killed my people, Worms.” The Tellarite growled back.

“Mine as well.” The Commander said. And after long seconds, an unprecedented smile broke upon his face, evil though it might have been. “Let’s make them pay.”

Stardate: 2407.01.14[edit]

(Andoria - City of She'nah Hoorn, The ruins - ASD Commander Torval Reen - 51240, Day 10)



The guard whom he had spoken to stepped aside as Reen spoke the password and stepped into the burned-out ruin that had once been a very well-to-do motel for off-world travelers. His team, weary and bloody, trudged behind him. Even the thrice-damned Tellarite looked worn, and there was nothing a Tellarite loved more then dirty fighting.

... at least, in Reen's experience.

They had managed to Ambush one of the patrol groups in the area and take a cache of weapons, which had been the goal from the first. The patrols were strengthing, this one had been a Tactical/Security force using ground-based combat BDU's.

Of all the men he had started with, including the volunteers, only a third of the force remained.

Reen tugged at his own armor and sat roughly on one of the stones which had prior been part of a priceless stone statue in the lobby of the motel, it had been destroyed during the orbital bombardment. A small inner council of fighters formed around him, including the Tellarite Bishah who, like all Tellarites, had invited himself.

“We won’t be able to do this for much longer.” Reen said quietly. “This open fighting is killing us.”

The Tellarite grunted, but it was a younger Tellarite that spoke up. “What would you have us do, surrender and lick their boots?”

“No.” Reen said after a moment’s reflection. “I would either bleed away most of the force and leave a token force to surrender so that we might continue the fight in a more… controlled fashion. He put his helmet down and crossed his arms, “The fight will never finish, and those that surrender won’t be able to pick up a weapon again for a long while, but the rest of our people will be able to keep up the resistance in one form or another. At the rate we’re going, with open warfare, our people will be dead inside six months.”

“They’ll be dead anyway.” Bishah said in his customary growl. “It’s only a matter of choosing your poison.”

“I don’t think so.” Reen said with acid in his tone. “It’s hard to justify killing so many when there is no active fighting going on.”

The Tellarite shrugged and several other Andorian’s took up the argument. Reen sighed to himself; this was a fight that was going to last for days. He had a plan, but he couldn’t speak it openly yet. A quiet rebellion, unlike the open fighting they had been engaged in, something to keep his people alive but their spirit intact.

Yes, this was going to be a long fight. But the Andorian commander would have to fight it, or it would be more then his band of merry marauders that were slaughtered.

Stardate: 2407.01.18[edit]

(Andoria - She'nah Hoorn, Culture Center - ASD Commander Torval Reen - 0605, day 14)

Reen took a deep breath in the early morning air, but it wasn’t the clean refreshing lungfulls he had lived his whole life breathing. His planet was shattered; his band had spent the night sniping from the rubble of a building which had once housed hundreds of years worth of collected art and antiques. The force which had struck had spared nothing of culture, nothing of history. Even hospitals had been destroyed. It was a war of the knife, just as Doenitz's forces had promised. Thousands were dead, if not millions.

Most of the damage had, of course, been due to heavy artillery and orbital bombardment. They had relatively few forces on the ground, but they did have several strong-points which nobody had been able to break.

Reen shook his head. His were a warrior people; his had spent generations in combat against the furry Tellarites. Now, his beautiful planet was in ruins. His people lay burning in the fires which consumed whole sections of the once great cities. The same Starfleet which had sworn to protect them was now engaging in a war the likes of which Reen and his troopers had only read about... a war of retribution that lived in the darkest of nightmares. And his people, despite their generations of pride, had lost. At least for now.

There would be other days. The Resistance would never truly die. But he had to save a few people, before his race became extinct...

Before him and his force were no less then a division of Marines with two more divisions of Security/Tactical support, all of them in battle gear. Thousands in oppositional forces, all of them with weapons drawn. All Reen had left were two hundred, a rag-tag group of Andorians with a smattering of other races. Military personnel, retired Starfleet, Civilians. Anyone with the will to fight, using whatever weapons they had been able to get their hands on.

This was the end of an era.

Reen put his phaser over his head, and then offered it butt-first forward, a traditional show of surrender. "As the highest ranking member left in the Andorian Self Defense Force, I hereby offer my full surrender!" he bellowed. How it rankled to say those words over the bleached bones of his home.

"Drop your weapons!" the lead Marine bellowed.

"Now why did you have to go and do something like that, you bloody worm-head?" the Tellarite grumbled behind him. They had all spoken of this last night, discussed surrendering now and pursuing other options later, even so the Tellarite remained stubborn.

"Just do it!" Reen hissed without removing his eyes from the troopers as he gently laid his phaser on the ground. He heard other sounds of compliance behind him, weapons being dropped onto the cement, blades and staves being tossed to the side. The Tellarite behind him continued to grumble, Reen turned his head slightly. "Drop. Them." he growled.

Bishah started to comply, and then paused. "Death before dishonor!" he bellowed as he suddenly sprinted forward. Reen dropped to his knees immediately, his hands reaching for his phaser, as several phaser-shots blasted the hopeless hairball into non-existence. Several other phasers pointed his direction, he stopped his grab at the phaser and slowly collected himself.

Seconds passed without a sound, and without movement. The thousands of men before him stood in mute silence, sentinels watching the end of Andorian pride and resistance.

Without warning, though, several hundred phaser beams shot forward. Reen twisted and made a roll for his phaser, screaming "NO, WE SURENDERED!" as he did so. He grabbed his phaser and turned back to look moments later. His men, his mates, his countrymen... everyone who had trusted him and Starfleet to accept surrender, were falling to the ground. Some were vaporized outright, others ended up with a dozen holes in their bodies before their knees could even strike the ground.


Another couple seconds passed, and then the leader spoke up. "By the authority granted to me by the office of the presidency, I pronounce you guilty of high treason. The punishment is death."

The Andorian got to his feet slowly as the Marine leveled his phaser. Reen's antenna twitched and his face pulled back into a hateful scowl as he growled, "My people will never surrender again. This won't be the end."

(Andoria - City of She'nah Hoorn, 1 block south of the Culture Center - Suvven D'nall - 0610, day 14)

Suvven, not yet sixteen, watched the Commander sink to his knees and then slowly fall face forward into the bloody dust. The back of his head had been removed by the high power phaser shot he had just taken, his proud and tattered uniform was splattered with yet more blood by his senseless murder. If nothing else, he felt no more pain.

From the ruins of his home next to the bodies of his parents, not a block away, Suvven's heightened senses and Antenna had picked up everything.

"This won't be the end," he all but whispered with more then a touch of conviction as he fingered a small personal phaser that his father had owned during his time in Starfleet. "This is only the beginning, that I swear."

That teenager would later tell others about the heroism of Commander Reen and form his own cell in the new Resistance, the stories he told of their murder would spread like wildfire, even that a Tellarite had joined into the crusade to save the Andorian homeland and was killed for it. All of them, even the Tellarite, would become martyrs to the Andorian people.

Outrage would swell even greater then it had. Midnight councils were held, plans made, measures taken.

Blades were sharpened, phasers charged, and ancient Andorian battle-banners of freedom and conquest, unused for centuries, unfurled as the underground began to organize and gather momentum.

Andoria, like so many other Federation planets so brutally ceased, would never surrender...


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