Baylon Trinin

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Baylon Trinin
Lieutenant Baylon Trinin
Name: Baylon Trinin
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Betazed
Species: Betazoid
Eye Color: Hazel/Brown
Hair Color: Black- Military Cut
Height: 1.7 m
Weight: 75 kg
Blood Color: Red
Skin Color: Caucasian
Current rank: Lieutenant
Current Position: Security Chief
Assignment: USS Hades
The USS Hades
Status: Active

"I keep this to remind me that If I can survive this, I can survive anything."

Childhood and Family:[edit]

Baylon Trinin has born on stardate 2380.03.30 to Tania Trinin and Kanden Borastal. He has two brothers Darius and Syllian. He had a fairly normal childhood although he often felt as if he was in the shadow of his two older brothers. He participated in sports and was fairly popular, showing leadership potential early in his life. His brothers both despised his apparent ease of success, and still harbor resentment for him to this day.

Baylon was raised in a religious family living on Betazed II. His father Kanden was a merchant, his mother a diplomat with the UFP. He often traveled throughout the Alpha Quadrant and his love for adventure grew.

Both of Baylon's brothers became civilian counselors on Earth. His Mother Tania was a member of the Federation Diplomatic Corps assigned to Starfleet Command on Earth; she is a strong supporter of Admiral Doenitz. His mother was disappointed to learn he had selected to join the Starfleet Marine Corps. She was pleased when he told her he had washed out, she urged him instead to become a diplomat for the UFP. He declined, instead joining Starfleet Security.

His father was killed by Starfleet Marines when he was discovered smuggling weapons and equipment onto Andoria during the invasion. His ship, the Phylar was seized and was used as a troop transport for the Starfleet marines.

He does not speak about his mother or either of his brothers due to ideological disagreements. This became more pronounced when it was discovered that Baylon's mother had an affair with Admiral Doenitz and has borne him a son. The child has been remanded to the state, while Baylon's mother serves time in a penal facility for her role in the Doenitz regime.

Betazed Securities University:[edit]

Baylon began courses at the Betazed Securities University, where he studied Military History and Military Science. Trinin originally wanted to join the Starfleet Marines; but he was disqualified due to his then lack of appropriate aggressive qualities. He washed out of the Marines after only 4 weeks and opted instead to join Starfleet. He did not complete his degree, although he rated very well in his course studies.

Relationships of Note:[edit]


During his time on Andoria, Baylon was injured and later nursed back to health by Selanna. Their relationship blossomed and they even considered marriage and starting a family. She was a concert Pianist by Trade and introduced Baylon to Classical Terran Music. She was killed in a raid against a Doenitz supply depot. The goal was the acquisition of medical supplies and weapons neccessary to continue the resistance struggle against Doenitz Occupying Troops. As a result Baylon despises Starfleet Marines. She was buried by Baylon at the base of Mount Cathos in the Tallius Mountains on Andoria.

He still keeps a locket that she wore in a small crystal box in his quarters.


After his flight from Andoria and his subsequent escape from Doenitz Intelligence Officers, Baylon found himself a member of the 52nd Fleet assigned to security on Starbase Geneva. During a series of racial riots sparked by a destructive virus launched by the Radical Group Humans for Humanity, Baylon found himself protecting an Orion business woman named Terella. While there was never any romantic relationship between them, Terella was jealous of the fact that she could not have Baylon. This fact would come back to haunt him later when he would return to Geneva Station on shoreleave with his Girlfriend Ammon Ranae.

Terella would use her natural pheromones to muddle Baylon's mind and cause a rift between Ranae and Baylon. She then attempted to seduce Trinin, but failed, because he was truly in love with Ranae. The disagreement was short lived since Baylon shared his feelings with Ranae via telepathic link, and she realized that he had not been enticed by the Orion woman.

Lt.JG Ammon Ranae

He met Ammon Ranae, while stationed on the USS Hades. The two have enjoyed a loving and mutually supportive relationship. Baylon is considering asking her to marry him, although there have been some difficulties due to the interference of Terella, the Orion female proprietor of a high-fashion clothing store that Baylon once assisted during riots on Geneva Station.

With their relationship growing and maturing Baylon agreed to accompany Ranae to Bajor to meet her family. The time they spent there on Shoreleave went well and they returned to the Hades.

Despite all of this, Ranae received orders from BUPERS to report for duty aboard the USS Mithrandir-A. Both Baylon and Ranae attempted to block the transfer but to no avail. After the transfer took affect, Baylon and Ranae lost touch although it is a result of Ranae's lack of communications. She did not return his messages and eventually Baylon accepted the fact that Ranae no longer wishes to be involved with him any longer.

Starfleet Academy:[edit]

Baylon attended the San Francisco Branch of Starfleet Academy. He joined immediately after he washed out of Starfleet Marine Training. He was advised that he was not an aggressive enough individual for their needs.

Baylon scored well in his Security and Tactical courses. He completed his bridge certification and department administration course prior to graduating on Stardate 2402.05.12.

He was accepted to the famed Andorian Military Institute for Advanced Tactical Training and Small Unit Tactics.

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth

Starfleet Career and Kimdan and Andorian Resistance:[edit]

Baylon was commissioned as an Ensign Junior Grade pursuant to his graduation from Starfleet Academy on Stardate 2402.05.12. He graduated 15th in his class. Immediately after completing his academy training, Baylon was invited to study Advanced Military Studies at the prestigious Andorian Military Institute. He arrived there two weeks after graduation from the Academy on Stardate 2402.05.29. On Stardate 2402.06.15, only four weeks into his training at the Institute, he heard from several Andorian classmates about the struggles on Kimda III, which was under invasion by the Orion Syndicate. When Starfleet chose to remain neutral in the conflict, Baylon and several others resigned their commissions and traveled to Kimda III to aid the inhabitants in their struggle.

At first Baylon was commissioned as an officer in the Kimdan Militia. There he learned about Kimdan and Orion ground tactics and methodology. When the course of the invasion turned to that of Occupation, Baylon led his men into hiding and continued to struggle against the Orions until they left the planet on Stardate 2406.11.10

With the war ended and the Kimdan liberated, Baylon accompanied his Andorian friend and fellow freedom fighter, Shan back to Andoria. Shan successfully petitioned that Baylon become an honory member of his Clan the Asnok. Baylon was presented with a traditional Andorian Dagger to show his affiliation. It was one of the greatest honors that have been bestowed upon him.

When the invasion of Andoria occurred, Baylon and a handful of his friends and adopted family escaped into the Andorian wilds during the attack and formed a Resistance group. Baylon, despite losing all the original members of that first group remained on Andoria as a resistance fighter. He was declared Killed In Action on Stardate 2407.02.02. This of course, turned out to be incorrect.

Mt. Cathos in the Tallius Mountains on Andoria

After Baylon's initial resistance cell was eliminated by Doenitz loyal marines, Baylon attempted to continue to fight the Doenitz invaders in solo actions. He was badly wounded after one such raid on a Marine convoy. He was rescued by local members of the real Andorian Resistance Movement. Once Baylon had recovered from his injuries with Selanna's help, he joined his second resistance cell.

Baylon's resistance cell saw a great deal of success in raiding Doenitz facilities, but an elaborate trap brought that to an end, after only a few weeks of raiding. During a botched raid against a Doenitz suppy depot, the Resistance members were trapped and summarily destroyed as a fighting force. Of the 25 member assault team that began the attack only 4 members escaped. Among the casualties was Selanna and Thordan, the leader of the local movement. Within the next two days, two of the seriously injured resistance fighters succumbed to their injuries.

Baylon was convinced by the only other member of his resistance cell, Mordan, to attempt to escape the planet and ensure that the UFP and specifically the 52nd Fleet would not forget what had happened on Andoria. he carried critical Intelligence along with his as well. Three weeks later he was smuggled off planet by a Ferengi smuggler, named Gamok who sold him to Doenitz friendly forces.

Andoria at Planetrise

Baylon was interrogated aboard the USS Larson for approximately three days before he affected his escape. In that endeavor, he sabotaged the vessel and stole a runabout. After 3 days of hiding in a nebula subsisting on emergency rations and minimal systems, he evaded the pursuing starship.

He was picked up by the USS Lakota, a member of the 52nd fleet, where he was debriefed and transferred to Starbase Geneva for processing. Eventually Baylon's records were cleared up and he was assigned as a squad leader for a Rapid Response Team aboard Geneva Station. His previous commission was reinstated at that time. He served with distinction, participating in riot control during the Humans for Humanity virus scare, and as an anti-terrorism expert during several minor crisis'.

Baylon was ordered to report to the USS Mystique as an Assistant security Chief on Stardate 2407.02.19, after that vessel had been sabotaged.

Baylon was ordered to report to the USS Hades, a Prometheus Class Starship (Registry NX-60637), commanded by Captain Saleke, a warship assigned to the 52nd Fleet.

Mission One: Port of Call[edit]

USS Mystique

Baylon was assigned to the USS Mystique, an Akira Class Starship on Stardate 2407.02.19.

He initially came aboard the docked Akira Class vessel during a sabotage crisis while she was docked at Geneva Station. Several explosive devices had been placed throughout the vessel by one of her own crew, Crewman Rooker, who was a sympathist with the Humans for Humanity hate group.

Rooker had detonated several explosive devices in critical areas of the ship. These devices effectively caused the Mystique to be decommissioned as a result of the extensive damage. Baylon assisting in the transfer of crew and personnel from the Mystique to the USS Hades, where he would be assume the position of Assistant Security Chief.

Mission Two: In The Hands of An Angry God [edit]

On Stardate 2407.03.09, the crew of the USS Hades was ordered to continue with a survey of the planet Beta Seranis III

Upon their arrival several sensor scans indicated that the planet had been recently affected by an energy wave similar in structure to the Genesis Device. Away teams were sent down to the planet's surface to collect samples and conduct further studies.

Baylon was placed on an away team along with Ensign Cythia Darson, Lieutenant Travis Keswick, and Lieutenant Marto Keswick. Thier survey took place in an equatorial jungle region of the planet due to the desires of the CMO Marto Keswick to acquire and study some flora for possible medicinal purposes.

While on the away team, Baylon discovered the wreckage of an alien craft which appeared to have crashed on the surface. After some concideration about safety, The away team combed throught the wreckage, which was later identified as Myenru in origin.

Several Artifacts were recovered from the vessel, including a small necklace of a Myenru religious tome that Baylon found appealing ,and a Myenru hand weapon. After the away teams had completed their surveys, they returned to the Hades.

USS Hades NX-60637

It wasn't long after their return to the Hades that a fleet of alien vessels were detected entering the system. When friendly attempts at communication failed, the fleet, later identified as a Myenru fleet attacked the Hades using a Genesis torpedo.

The Hades managed to elude the enemy fleet by hiding inside an asteroid field, but not before some members of the Hades crew were devolved by the affects of the Genesis Torpedo, including Cynthia Darson.

Baylon assisted CSO Holis Gralen and CEO Norman Harper in monitoring the return of the affected Hades crewmen back to their original state, by telepathically, determining if there was any sign of humanity remaining in the affected individuals. Harper and Gralen constructed a special chamber which was used to force the affected crew members back to their original evolutionary states.

Once sufficent repairs were in place, Captain Saleke ordered the Hades to activate their multivector attack mode and engage the Myenru fleet in three seperate battle groups. The Hades would be commanded by Captain Saleke, the Acheron by Lieutenant Commander Garret and the Phlegathon by Lieutenant Travis Keswick. Baylon was assigned the position of Chief Tactical Officer and Acting First officer aboard the Phlegelon. This was his first active starship battle and he utilized the new experimental Tactical Interactive Holographic System to good affect.

USS Hades Multivector Mode

After Lieutenant Keswick was injured in the battle, Baylon assumed command of the Phlegathon and performed admirably during the battle. Although outnumbered 6:1, the Phlegathon managed to decimate the combat effectiveness of an entire Myenru battlewing. The battle turned exceptionally deadly, however, when Myenru Judiciaries led by Subaltern Na'Goresh'Niman boarded the ship and began kidnapping crew members and stealing technology.

Baylon, forced to remain on the bridge dispatched Maraht, the Horta, to assist in preventing the enemy boarding party from capturing Main Engineering. The Horta was successful, although he was injured during the battle. His ferocity forced the enemy boarding party to abandon the Phlegathon after only a short time aboard.

For excerpts from the Battle of Beta Seranis III click here.

For his efforts, Baylon was awarded two awards add Promoted to the Rank of Ensign SG on Stardate: 2407.03.26

Mission Three: Shore Leave[edit]

Crel, Dopterian Assassin

After the defeating the Myenru Fleet, The USS Hades put in at Geneva Station for some repairs resulting from the Battle at Beta Seranis II.

Shortly after her arrival, An explosion ripped through the Environmental Subsystems. The explosion injured several crew members. A subsequent investigation uncovered signs of sabotage to critical power relays leading to the damaged sections.

Baylon has been tasked with conducting the investigation into the identity of the Saboteur.

He currently suspects a members of the Geneva repair team named Crel. He believed that Crel sabotaged the systems in order to assassinate a Dopterian member of the Hades Crew.

After some further investigation and a second attempt to assassinate Greb H'rokel in Main Sickbay of the Hades, using a Disruptor Grenade of Orion Syndicate Origin, Baylon became convinced that Crel was indeed the only suspect.

Tired of waiting for Geneva Station Security to conduct a search for the dangerous assassin, Baylon visited a place on Genva Station called the Midnight Lounge. The Lounge was a renowned dive, known for harboring fringe criminal types. Baylon's intent was to simply embed himself in the Orion Syndicate ranks on the station in hopes of tracking down the assassin and bringing him to justice.

Posing as an assassin, Baylon passed his first test, by dispatching two Thugs that tried to kill him in the Lounge. The first was an Andorian, the second was a Nausicaan. Both bodies were disposed of by the Bartender and Baylon never reported their deaths.

After some time had passed, Baylon was informed that he would be allowed to meet with a prospective employer. He followed the Bartender into a back room of the Lounge where he was trapped by a group of eight Orion males and Terella. Knowing that his cover was blown due to Terella's presence. he attempted to escape. This did not happen, despite the fact that he killed two of the Orion Males during the attempt.

Baylon later discovered that he had been drugged and had been neutralized during his escape attempt when the drug reacted to the adrenalin in his blood stream reacted to the chemical agent.

He later awoke in a small fairly non-descript room where Terella and her sister Mashari questioned him about the Hades security measures and security codes. They ordered him beat and tortured, but Baylon did not crack. Instead, he provided them with the combination of his personal safe in his quarters and some false information concerning the security procedures of the Hades.

Meanwhile, while Baylon was being tortured, A group of Hades Command Staff, led by FO Mason Garrett and containing CEO Norman Harper, ATAC Ammon Ranae, ACSO Maraht, COUNS Jon Nayati, 2O Jason Dema, Marine Curtis Kane and security Officer T'Sol, followed the clues of Baylon's disappearance to the Midnight Lounge.

A brawl ensued in which Norman Harper was injured, and several assailants were killed or injured. During that struggle, Lieutenant Ammon encountered an Undercover SFI Operative Lieutenant Shandir, who provided her with some information critical to the rescue of Baylon Trinin.

The rescue team moved their efforts to Terrela's Fashions, where another struggle ensued. They located Baylon and prevented his death at the hands of the Orion Syndicate.

They captured Crel/Drek during the fight.

Later Terella was captured by station security after being set up by Lieutenant Shandir. Later Shandir led an all female team to capture Mashari and her H4H contacts during an illicit weapons exchange.

Baylon had to undergo extensive facial reconstruction. His jaw and left cheekbone were terribly broken. He also suffered several lacerations, bruises and a broken rib.

Mission Four: Blood Of Our Enemies[edit]

Mars Perimeter attack ships in 2367

On Stardate 2407.07.03 Baylon Trinin and the rest of the Crew of the Hades were advised of the apparent loss and death of Captain Saleke. Though details were unavailable, Captain Saleke had been selected for a Secret Mission by the Admiralty. He was presumed lost and killed in action.

On that same Stardate, the Hades rendezvoused with the USS Nimitz to take on their new Captain, Devan Sash. Sash had been promoted to Commodore and been given command of the Hades as part of his Battle group. Jonas Lemar would retain the Position of Acting CO for the Nimitz while Sash would command the battle group as the Hades' Captain with Lieutenant Commander Mason Garrett acting as the Hades First Officer.

Captain Sash briefed the crew about their upcoming mission; The final attack against Sector 001 and Earth in a last ditch effort to bring the long and bloody civil war to an end. The Mission would place the Hades in a Battle group alongside the USS Boudicca, USS Nimitz and the USS Champlain in an attempt to drive a wedge through the famed static defensive barrier of the Mars Defense Perimeter.

This defensive barrier was initially created after the attack by the Borg against sector 001.

Escape pods from the USS Nimitz during the battle of Sector 001

In the years since the Federation Civil War began, president Usurper Admiral Doenitz had only strengthened the perimeter.

The Briefing can be read here: Briefing on the Mars Defense Perimeter

Captain Sash promoted Ammon Ranae to the rank of Full Lieutenant and the position of CTAC on this same Stardate, a move which brought Baylon a great deal of pleasure.

After Lieutenant Gibbs was Ordered to return to Geneva Station, Captain Devon Sash appointed Baylon to the interim position of Security Chief for the USS Hades and promoted him to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade on Stardate: 2407.07.03.

The battle for Sector 001 was brutal. despite the terrible loss of life, the USS Hades came out of the battle relatively intact. There were casualties, But all the senior crew survived the encounter. The USS Nimitz was destroyed during the battle and the USS Hades shifted from battle operations to rescue operations. Baylon was pleased to find that Ammon Ranae made it through the battle with only minor injuries.

Mission Five: Down Time[edit]


Baylon and Ranae take shore leave on Bajor, where Baylon is introduced to Ranae's Family. He meets Her parents, Renak and Druya; her brother and his family, Zarak, Sylvia and their infant son Zeal.

All seemed well, when Ranea's family seemed to approve of Baylon's involvement with her. The trip was spent doing things out-of-doors, such as hiking, swimming and generally exploring the area around the Ammon farmstead.

Baylon and Ranae attended a local festival, as well as a few religious ceremonies. As it was Baylon's first visit to the planet, he found it to be very interesting and very pleasant.

It turned out to be the last time that Ranea and Baylon would be together, as shortly thereafter Ranae was transferred to the USS Mithrandir. Baylon would always consider Bajor to be the most memorable of his trips and he holds the planet and it's population in high esteem.

Mission Six: Tribuo Senatus: A Senate Divided[edit]

The USS Hades was selected to undertake a diplomatic mission to Romulus. The purpose of the mission was to overtly transport a Federation diplomatic team to Romulus to renegotiate the Treaty of Algeron. The mission was undertaken at the request of the New Romulan Praetor Vrih.

The Hades departed Earth and headed towards the Romulan Neutral Zone pausing only long enough to make a detour at Starbase 989 to collect the diplomatic envoy. Starbase 989 is a resupply base located in the Nequencia-Alpha System, approximately 6 Light Years from the Romulan Neutral Zone. The Ambassador and his team were dropped at the Starbase by a transport, and arrived roughly 24 hours prior to the arrival of the Hades.

Starbase 989

That team consisted of:

Ambassador Jericho Nolan
Ambassador's Aide Brianna Frazier
Diplomatic Advisor Raizel Grem
Diplomatic Advisor Paris Kolar

Captain Devan Sash insisted in adding Counsellor Jon Nayati, Lieutenant Ardena Carrow, and Lieutenant Tom Jackson to the negotiating team. In addition, Sash orders Baylon to act as Security coordinator for the proceedings.

Then disaster strikes, Captain Sash is critically injured and Ambassador Nolan is killed when a sabotaged power relay detonates in the corridor where they are walking. With the Captain incapacitated and the Ambassador killed, command of the Mission passes to Commander Lemar, who along with now Ambassador Frazier agree to continue with the mission.

The security situation is complex and nearly impossible to control. Baylon quickly realizes that with Intelligence reports indicating that there are factions of he Romulan Senate opposed to the meeting between the Federation and the Praetor that there is a very real chance that some terrible event will take place.

As the meetings are to be held entirely on Romulus, Baylon is unsable to effect any significant security procedures, as all security will be handled by his Romulan counterparts.

To further exasparate his efforts, he is advised that no member of the federation teams will be allowed to carry weapons. This is understanadble considering that they will be meeting with the most powerful man in the Romulan Star Empire.

The Romulan Senate chambers

In lieu of flexibility, Baylon manages to initiate a secret means of collecting data as well as tracking members of the away team using a passive material that is easy to detect from orbit. The material is rare enough that you need to recalibrate sensors to detect it, although a Romulan dampening field at the site is unexpected and causes some difficulty even then.

Much to Baylon's dismay, he is asked to leave the proceedings while the negotiations are underway by Ambassador Frazier. In the end, despite his initial irritation, Baylon realized that this was not a terrible thing, as it quickly became apparent that a telepathic damening field was in use in the council chamber to suppress the empathic and telepathic abilities of the Federation negotiating team. As Baylon is a Betazoid, he would also have been affected had he remained.

This however, means that Baylon spent several hours sitting, doing nothing in a waiting area while the conference continued.

This all changes however when Ambassador Frazier her aides and Baylon are invited to an early morning private breakfast with Praetor Vrih. this is quite an honor and Baylon is pleased to have been included in the invitation.

During the breakfast, the group including the Praetor are assaulted by a faction of the Senate government lead by Senator Terrah and Chairman Vaebn of the Tal'Shiar.

A federation stun grenade was tossed itno the room. Baylon attempted tp protect the Praetor but succumbed to the attack along with all those present.

Praetor Vrih

Terrah, then moved forward with his plan to sieze the government of the RSE. He had previously made arrangements to have the proconsuls unavailable to be notified of the issue and using his limited power had managed to call a meeting of the Continuing Committee in a bid to have them declare him the Praetor.

During this time, Baylon affected his escape from the Tal Shair holding facility in the capital city. He was on the verge of killing Senator Terrah, whom he thought was attempting to sieze power (and was later proven correct), but Ambassador Frazier convinced him to surrender instead. Baylon and Frazier were returned to a holding cell only to be released a few hours later by Charman Vaebn.

Meanwhile Terrah's plot was was moving forward until foiled however, by Vaebn, who was using Terrah to reveal his co-conspirators against the government. Baylon, Frazier and the Preator also aided in the twarting of the plot, but ensuring that the guilty senator was revealed to the Continuing committee.

Frustrated by his failure, Terrah attempted to assassinate the Praetor, but was killed by Vaebn and Baylon as he drew his distruptor.

The danger over, The re-negotiation of the Treaty of Algeron was completed and the USS Hades returned to Federation Space.

Baylon had earned the respect and friendship of the Praetor of the RSE as a result of his actions.

Mission Seven: A Rule of Conscience[edit]

Tch'Kair (Sigma Draconis IV)

In 2408, the USS Hades was dispatched on a mission of mercy to respond to an interstellar distress beacon sent from the planet Tch'Kair located in the Sigma Draconis System in the Beta Quadrant.

The communication indicated that the Tch'Kairn were under attack by an unknown aggressor and required assistance.

The communication proved to be over a hundred years old, and was sent by the Tch'Kairn Resistance in an attempt to lure in potential allies in their struggle for liberation from the Waagoshin.

The Hades arrived in the area and was intercepted by a Waagoshin starship and escorted to Tch'Kair.

But things were not pleasant between the waagoshin and the federation officers. The Waagoshin betrayed their promise of peaceful discussion and forcibly kidnapped Captain Devan Sash, Lieutenant Darla Wright and CMO Doctor Angeni Windsong-Trommashere.

A Tch'Kairn makes the traditional greeting of Peace

The Hades barely managed to escape the intial attack conducted limited hit-and-run operations against the waagoshin ships in the system until such time as they could put together a plan of action to recover their comrades.

A break came their way when it was discovered that a data crystal had been passed to one of the away team members by a member of the Tch'Kairn Resistance. Now with potential allies, the Hades crew prepared an operation that would accomplish two goals.the first to rescue their captured shipmates, and the second to liberate the Tch'Kairn and Niglik slaves under Waagoshin control.

To accomplish this, the Hades crew planned joint operations and sent teams to the 3rd, 4th and 5th planets of the Sigma Draconis System and prepared the ship for tri-vector assault mode.

On the third and fifth planets, Federation assault teams reduced the two Waagoshin fighter craft and military support bases that threatened the hades during regular ship-to-ship action.

On the fourth planet, Baylon led a Hades assault team alongside a Tch'Kairn Resistance group led by Resistance Leader K'Thartek, and noted Tch'Kairn Philosopher Lupo Dal.

A pair of Waagoshin in civilian attire

Their mission was to asault and reduce the Waagoshin military operations facility on Tch'Kair, gain access to the facilities transporters and move the assault to the Waagoshin Orbital facility where the kidnapped Hades Crew were held.

Simultaneous to these assaults, the USS Hades would engage the Waagoshin starships and destroy them piece-meal to prevent them from assisting their forces during the ground offensives.

Baylon's assault team managed to effectively destroy the military facility and he and his rescue team transported up to the orbital facility to conduct the rescue portion of their operations.

Baylon's team recovered, Lieutenant Darla Wright and CMO Doctor Angeni Windsong-Trommashere, but was was running out of time.

In a characteristic manner, Baylon ordered the team to liberate as many slaves as they could from the station and to get the rescued team members off the station before it was destroyed. While his team was following his orders, Baylon then made his way up to the station's command center to attempt a rescue of Captain Devan Sash.

When Baylon arrived, the Waagoshin leader, Alpha One, was in the process of activating some sort of powerful weapon which in all likelihood could have destroyed the Hades.

Baylon attacked and along with Captain Sash, managed to foil the attack. However during the fight baylon was transported off the station by the Hades, while captain Sash was not due to the interference by some sort of Waagoshin Transport Inhibitor. A few moments after he was rescued, Baylon watched as the station and his Captain were atomized by a powerfeedback loop that Sash had set to prevent the use of the Waagoshin weapon.

With the operation completed and the Orbital station destroyed and all Waagoshin forces in heavy retreat, The crew of the Hades celebrated a bitter-sweet victory.

Mission Eight: Reflections in the Sand[edit]

Andorian Whiskey

After the bittersweet battle with the Waagoshin the USS Hades aided the Tch'Kairn leaders to establish a stable government and to restore order to the newly liberated planet. During that time they also conducted a general treaty between the Tch'Kairn and the United Federation of Planets to insure future trade.

Once their diplomatic duties were complete, the Hades headed first to Starbase Geneva for repair and then on to a series of dull patrol missions along the Cardassian and Romulan borders.

This period of time was extremely routine and the Hades crew was beginning to grow bored with the mundane tasks of day-to-day operations.

During this time, Baylon began to have serious nightmares concerning the loss of captain Sash. These nightmares were enhanced by the still sore physical pain caused by the injuries he had sustained in the battle with Alpha One.

The constant reminders of his past failures began to weigh heavily on the officer and his problems began to show through in the performance of his duties. He began to miss reports as he took up regular drinking.

Eventually his lack of performance was noted by Captain Eva Straton and Baylon was dismissed as Chief Tactical Officer of the Hades.

To further complicate things, the Hades encountered a bizarre Temporal Wave, that caught up the vessel and launched her along with several other starships, many from the 52nd Fleet forward in time five years.

The ships that had been affected returned to the exact locations that they had disappeared from, only to be ordered by Starfleet Command to report to Khitomer.

Upon arrival, the scope of the affect became apparent, as hundreds of Starships had been summoned. In addition to the ships that had been ordered to Khitomer, there were a large number of escort ships present as well. In fact, it was estimated that nearly 1/2 of the entire Starfleet was present at Khitomer.

The commanding officers of the ships were ordered to the surface where they were debriefed, later Starfleet Intelligence officers would conduct extensive interviews with the crews of those ships and determine that they had all, in fact, been affected by the same or similar phenomenon. Currently it is believed that this event is connected to the Subspace River and that it was somehow activated by the Borg.

After the affected starships were released, they returned to their respective command stations for refit, upgrades and retraining of crew.

The Hades reported back to Starbase Geneva.

Mission Nine: Sphere of Terror[edit]

With the Waagoshin affair and the time jump well behind them, Baylon and the crew of the USS Hades moved forward with scientific exploration of a Magnetar located in the Beta Quadrant named PX 1354.

PX 1354

The magentar proved of very little interest to the security officer, who was still under counseling orders with Riven Mias and Anamitra Ripley.

After several days of survey work, the USS Hades was advised of the disappearance of the USS Onyx a Nova Class starship that had gone missing not far from their position.

As the Onyx was assigned to an important diplomatic task, the Prometheus Class starship was ordered to investigate.

After two days, the Hades encountered the Onyx adrift, seemingly powered down. The ship had no residual power and scans proved inconclusive. The ship was emanating a constant wave of Tachyons which seemed somehow to be related to the ship's apparent abandonment.

Baylon was ordered aboard the Onyx along with a security team. Their goals were to search for survivors and if possible restore power to the ship. To those ends, He and Eoin MacLiam made their way to Main Engineering.

It was there that Baylon began to experience hallucinations. He was unaware that other members of the crew were experiencing similar conditions.

Among the hallucinations that he experienced, was that of Captain Devan Sash, as well as images of long dead crew that he commanded or served with during his time on Kimda III or Andoria.

When members of the Starfleet Marines escorting the away team began to become violent, Baylon was forced to engage one in order to save Medical Officer Angeni Windsong-Trommashere.

A tear in the Universe. This image of the Antiverse is possible only through dilithium imaging

Upon responding, the doctor mistook him for an enemy and attempted to kill him. Only Baylon's superior experience in an EV Suit allowed him to subdue the doctor without killing her. Another encounter with a marine left the marine seriously injured when Baylon used an overloaded phaser as a grenade to disable his attacker.

The Away Team was returned to the ship. Not long after arrival, the Hades suddenly lost all main power. For a great deal of the incident baylon focused on attempting to maintain order among an otherwise terrified crew, all of which were under the affects of biomagnetic contamination caused by contact with the Antiverse.

The Hades had become mired in a tear in subspace caused by a pulse from the magnetar interacting with the warp field generated by the Hades Warp drive.

The situation was resolved by other officers, but during the incident Baylon managed to face his worst fears and emerge from the situation a stronger and more whole individual.

Free from the grasp of the hazard the Hades set course for Starbase 177.

Mission Ten: A Day in the Sun[edit]