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Betelgueseean Male
Betelgueseean Female

Betelgeuseans are natives of the planet Betelgeuse III which is a Class M planet located in the Alpha Quadrant. They are a member world of the United Federation of Planets.

As a people Betelgeuseans combine a unique spiritual and scientific theology together in which there are various gods that influence the individual aspects of an individual or event. There are six gods, each of which is represented by one of the six stars that influence their system.

They are very clear to separate their religious lives from their normal everyday lives. To do this, they have designated religious times, in which they worship or pray, as well as specialized religious holidays that celebrate their religious lives. Betelgeuseans rarely discuss their religion with other species, and they do not worship their deities or conduct religious ceremonies outside of the strict times set aside for them to do so. In addition when a Betelgeusean is traveling away from their home world, they completely suspends all religious practices.

beyond the idiosyncratic religious beliefs, the Betelgeuseans are best known for their excellence in Stellar and Planetary Sciences. This expertise stems from living on a world that is full of scientific oddities as well as a primary star that is unstable. Currently there is a massive undertaking by the Betelgeusean population to develop a means to either rejuvenate or stabilize their primary star before it goes Supernova. As this is expected to take place within the next 1,000 years, they are wasting no time.

Betelgeuseans currently serve in Starfleet, where the majority of them serve in the Sciences Division. those outside the scientific disciplines, often migrate to Command positions. The species as a whole believes that Starfleet service is a necessary trade to help them prepare for the upcoming crisis that their species face.

Lieutenant Xim is a currently serving officer aboard the USS Rosenante