Blood of Angels

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Blood of Angels:[edit]

Utopia Planitia Minutes before the Final Assault!

On Stardate 2407.07.03 Captain Devan Sash received orders directly and in person from Rear Admiral Caladryll Sevant.

The Admiral revealed that the 52nd Fleet was preparing to make a final strike against the illegal regime and Admiral Rodrigo Doenitz, targeting the heart of his defenses at the Mars Defense Perimeter and at Utopia Planitia, as a prelude to the final invasion of Terra.

With a defending force of over 300 starships, thousands of fighters as well as hundreds of defensive orbital emplacements, the odds were almost insurmountable.

In the vanguard of the assault would be the USS Nimitz, along with the USS Boudicca, USS Hades and USS Champlain and fifty other starships making up Task Force-19. These ships would make the first strike.

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The Crew:[edit]

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The Opposition:[edit]

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Section 1:[edit]

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Section 2:[edit]

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Section 3:[edit]

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Section 4:[edit]

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52nd Fleet Intelligence Update:[edit]

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