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Lieutenant Commander Bohb
Lieutenant Bohb
Name: Bohb
Age: 55
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Siradran, Magilla III
Species: Magillian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 7 foot 4
Weight: 235 lbs
Blood Color: Red
Skin Color: Brown
Current rank: Lieutenant Commander
Current Position: Acting First Officer
Assignment: USS Hades
The USS Hades NX-60637
Status: Inactive

Physical Description:[edit]

Bohb looks like a large Chimpanzee. Like most Magillans, he is taller than the average human, with strong muscles. He is well aware of his uniqueness in the fleet, and works hard at maintaining an imaculate appearance.


Magillans are typically a matriarchal society. The first born son, generally, takes on the mantle of the career of his father. Bohb's father, Jorj, was part of the governing class of the planet. Jorj was on the Supreme Council of their region. Bohb, however, was drawn more to his mother, Sal-li. She was part of the teaching council. When Jorj discovered his son's betrayal of "The Way", he turned his back on his first born, and devoted all of his time to their second son, Bohb's brother, Steev. Bohb then devoted his life to learning and found a knack for engineering.


Peevlie University- Magilla III- Studying Criminal Justice and Political Science.


Magillan politics is much like a multi-person entertainment wrestling match, which more often than not turns to violence. It is not only merely the strongest that survives, and leads, but also the smartest, so on top of being strong, physically, one had to be strong mentally as well. Being shunned by his father, also meant being shunned by mot of the male population of Magilla III. Being cast as one of the few males into the female world, Bohb found himself to be quite popular with the ladies. He was in touch with his "sensitive" side. Bob's mother knew that this did not bode well for her son, so she was the one who suggested that he leave Magilla and make a life elsewhere, perhaps in this Federation Starfleet.


Bohb, to date, is the only Magillan to graduate from the Academy. Even that was difficult. It wasn't the coursework that he found hard, but the interpersonal communication. During his second year in an engineering class, he dislocated the shoulder of one of his classmates after a "heated debate" over the necessity of using a particular tool in repairing a transporter relay. However, he was reprimanded only, and required to retake the philosophy course, Peace in the Federation. After graduation, he served as an ensign in the Engineering Department of the USS Champlain. After the war, and the destruction of the Champlain, he was promoted to Lieutenant on the USS Diligence. He earned the rank of Lt. Commander when he rescued his captain from a terrorist stronghold during an away mission on Rigel V. He then became the ACEO on the USS Hades at the transition between Captain Devan Sash and Captain Saleke. After the downfall of the Federation, Bohb chose to resign his commission and walked away from Starfleet.


No known medical conditions. Very allergic to bananas.


Gymnastics, swimming, and reading James Bond novels. He holds several martial arts degrees, including in Magillan karate.


His strength is about three times that of an average human.


Even after sensitivity training Bohb still has difficulty completely understanding all human relationships. But he has learned to not be offended by sudden body languages that may appear to challenge him.



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