By Apollo

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Stardate: 2414.01.20 For the past three months, the Mithrandir has found itself returning to planetary surveys. They have been ordered to the nearest Starbase to take on a large supply of medicine to deal with a plague that had struck an outlying Federation outpost. The ship was also given the advanced replicator technology to produce more medicine. The crew set up a Hospital to treat the sick and dying and set about trying to figure out a way to help the colonists.

Stardate: 2414.01.21 The crew are still dealing with the security of the hopsital and dealing with the sick colonists. Dr. Siobhan Philbin (Ast. CMO), along with Chief Reed, begin to investigate the root of the disease and the Doctor is kidnapped by the people behind the outbreak. Dr. Philbin is then tortured to reveal information on the investigation and what Starfleet's plans are, unbeknowst to the rest of the crew. As the group responsible for the outbreak steal the advanced replicator technology brought by the Mithrandir crew and make their escape, the crew are informed where their missing crewmembers are and mount a rescue.

Stardate: 2414.01.22 The crew begin to deal with the aftermath of the kidnap and torture of their crewmates. The investigation into who brought the plague to the colonists and stole the replicator begins and brings painful recollections for one of the crew.


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