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The Cratenian Commonwealth was established in early 2408, byt Prince Khamal of Meldovia. The establishment of the commonwealth merged the two factions of the Cartenian species and combine the three planets of Cartenia , Arturia Prime and Meldovia III into a single political body. The assistance of the crew of the USS Rosenante was instrumental in bringing the 400 year war between the Arturian and meldovian factions to an end and aided greatly in establishing the Commonwealth.


Cartenian Commonwelath is goverened by an elective parliamentary-style representative governance.

Political parties, considered dinosaurs on most UFP worlds, still exist on Cartenia. However, the political landscape is somewhat different than what one would see on other worlds. The parties are all small, so governments are based on coalitions. Political arguments are often loud, and sometimes fall to blows among members of the government.

The two primary coalitions, the Arturian Reformation Movement and the Meldovian Traditionalist Party are effectively the only effective political powers within the political system. Under the newly ratified Articles of the Commonwealth, Each of the two planets, Arturia Prime and Meldovia III will each receive 10 members to the Council of Elders, the members of which will elect the leader to the commonwealth, the Prime Consort. The reclamation and repair of Cartenia's wrecked biosphere is a primary focus for both parties.

Cartenian Commonwealth Governmental Flow Chart

Strategic Importance[edit]

The Dolium system, which houses Cartenia is at the edge of the UFP, wedged between the Orion Syndicate and the UFP, so Cartenia would be a major foothold for any invading enemy. The Orions gave it some attention during their expansionist era, but the Cartenians were especially vehement in their defense, so they ended up making their major territorial gains elsewhere.

As a result, however, the Cartenian fleet was seriously weakened. This later left the fleet in a weakened state when it was split into the two factions vying for control of the planet. Later these factional fleets would be unable because of the constant strains of government social programs and near constant conflict with their opposing faction, to regain their prior strength. This led to the practice of hiring Orion Pirates to conduct raids on the behalf of either faction.

Because of their constant conflicts, the Cartenian Commonwealth has developed a very efficient Military command and control structure.

Cartenian Commonwealth Military C & C Flow Chart

Their newly acquired independance from the Orion Syndicate puts them at potential risk for invasion and so the Government is currently working diligently to fortify their military position. This includes making overtures to the UFP for Military cooperation and Mutual defense.

Present Conflicts[edit]

Cartenia has no enemies at present, though if they ever found the Kimilon, they would no doubt be hostile toward their former invaders. The Cartenians are not especially close to several races that do not appreciate their "frankness". The Evora are the most notable case of this. Exports and Imports

The Cartenians are not big supporters of commerce. They tend to guard their resources very closely and prefer to stay out of most economic activity with other races.

The Three Planets of the Cartenian Commonwealth[edit]