Cecilia Bruce

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Red Bruce.jpg|Lieutenant Cecilia Bruce]]

Cecilia Bruce

  • Vital Statistics
    • Age: 30
    • Gender: Female
    • Birthplace: Earth
  • Physical Information
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Red
    • Height: 5.5 feet
    • Weight: 125 lbs
    • Skin Color: Tanned
    • Species: 1/2 human 1/2 Betazoid

"I have lived in the darkest places, done the darkest of deeds, lived the darkest of lies, and In the end I know that only I can bring my salvation."
— Jessica Signos

Physical Description:[edit]

Cecilia is a petite five feet, five inches tall and weighs one hundred and twenty pounds. She has red hair, which varies in length depending on her preference, and hazel eyes. She prefers dance or martial arts to keep in shape to most other kinds of exercise, but has been known to jog on occasion to clear her head.


USS Redriver

Cecilia is the daughter of Alexander Thomas Bruce, (Human) and Kristina Bruce, (Betazoid). They met while serving Starfleet on the USS Redriver. Alexander was the ships Chief Engineer for ten years and Kristina was the ships Chief Operations Officer.

Alexander Bruce

Once they fell in love and decided to get married they quickly made plans to leave Starfleet. They settled down near Edinburgh Scotland where Alexander had been raised. Alex quickly found an appointment with the government and the aerospace industry building starships. Red (nickname) was born two years after they had settled down.

As education is very important to the Scottish people, it was the same for Alexander and Kristina. Therefore, Cecilia was sent to the best schools that they could afford and then on to college. While she was not always at the top of the class, but, as her dad taught her; she gave it her all and was not ashamed when she wasn’t on top.

Kristina Bruce

When Bruce entered college she wasn’t sure what field of study she wanted to go into. Initially she just started the general classes that she had to complete, before starting into her major. After two years of studying, while in the library reading up on some research material she came across some writings of a Betazoid named Kestra. The journal was entitled the Emotional Aspects of Languages, which were also called Troi Theorism of Languages.

Bruce was astounded that Kestra had also been awarded a Noble Peace prize for the same work. Kestra was also awarded permanent membership in the Federation Language League, something that only a few of her age had ever accomplished. After reading the paper she read up on who exactly Kestra Troi was, but, could only find things about her early years and a brief entry about her going into counseling with Starfleet.

Bruce spent the rest of her seven years in college following Kestra’s footsteps to be a Counselor and a linguist. This also was when she started to excel academically. Bruce read everything she could put her hands on, mostly what pertained to her area of study.

Although focused on her field of study Bruce also knew that extra-curricular activities would help keep her body in shape for the rigorous training she would go through when she applied to Starfleet. She took classes in ballet, drama, debate and martial arts, in which she participated on the various teams as well as academic teams. She wanted to live up to her full potential for her parents and in the shadow of Kestra Troi.

Her family’s expectations and the expectations of their lineage were very important to Bruce. Her family valued education and achievement over all else, and she found herself constantly driven by a desire to gain their approval. Since Cecilia was not a full Betazoid, her mother, Kristina also taught her what she could of the laws of telepathy. At this time Bruce only shows empathic talents from her Betazoid heritage.

Relationship of Note:[edit]

Lieutenant Eric McDermott

During her time on Geneva, Bruce met several new officers who like her were all transferring to the Nimitz, but one stood out from the rest for her, Ensign Eric McDermott. She immediately knew that she felt something for him, but their duties kept them apart during the crisis on Geneva. At the conclusion of the mission during a going away party in Ten Forward, Bruce had the opportunity to dance with Eric and it was a life changing experience for both.

The couple eventually overcame many personal challenges due to the powerful bond that had rapidly developed between them. And the end result was that the couple became Imzadi as well as lovers for a brief, yet intense relationship.

Unfortunately this relationship came to an end due to a series of traumatic events that occurred during an away mission on Cait. During that mission Bruce was forced to link minds with McDermott in order to face a telepathic attack and she was inadvertently able to learn much about Eric’s past that even he himself no longer remembered. The revelation terrified her causing her to ask for a transfer off of the USS Nimitz and take a leave of absence from Starfleet.

It also put a tragic end to the relationship between herself and McDermott.


Scotland School Program, Scotland.

Glasgow Caledonian University: First/second years Basic classes.

Glasgow Caledonian University: Third/fourth year, intro Psychology/Psychiatry.

Glasgow Caledonian University: Fifth year, Intermediate Psychology/Psychiatry.

Glasgow Caledonian University: Sixth year, Advanced Psychology/Psychiatry.

Glasgow Caledonian University: Seventh year, intro and Intermediate Counseling.

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth:

Starfleet Medical Academy, San Francisco, Earth

Starfleet Command Basic Studies, San Francisco, Earth

Starfleet Advanced Counseling Studies, San Francisco, Earth

Graduated from Star Fleet Academy with a master's degree in psychiatry, and a minor in medical.

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth



Cecilia’s father had always followed the political situation in Starfleet and the Federation. While at the Academy her father told her that he wanted her to go to Geneva and to serve on the USS Nimitz where a close friend of his, Devan Sash is the captain.

Once Cecilia graduated however, her father had already made the arrangements to have her transferred out to the 52nd fleet and Geneva hoping that she could get an assignment there away from Rodrigo Doenitz.

First Assignment: USS Nimitz NCC 75878-E[edit]

Bruce was assigned to the USS Nimitz upon graduation from the Academy as its Assistant Counselor.

Bruce was appointed as Nimitz ship Counselor on Stardate 2407.03.21.

On Stardate 2407.02.16 Bruce was promoted to Ensign(sg).

On Stardate 2407.03.22 Bruce was promoted to Lieutenant(jg).

On Stardate 2407.03.29 Bruce was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon: For services rendered in freeing Cait Prime for the Occupation of Doentiz forces and it's illegal and immoral experiments. This was her second award.

On Stardate 2407.03.30 Bruce transfered to the Starbase Geneva prior to beginning advanced training on Betazed.

USS Nimitz NCC 75878-E

Second Assignment: USS Soval NCC[edit]

Cecilia Bruce assigned to the USS Soval under the command of Captain Syuvik.

Third Assignment: USS TemplarNX 87651[edit]

Cecilia Bruce was assigned to the USS Templar under the command of Captain Matrix after the Soval was sent in for repairs and refit..

Fourth Assignment: USS Spectre NCC 8741[edit]

Cecilia Bruce was assigned to the USS Spectre under the command of after the Templar was ordered in to Starbase 19 to be recommissioned.


Cecilia's Medical History.... had only the normal childhood illnesses, scraps and bruises.

On Stardate 2407.11.30 She gave birth to a health son.


Soccer is the national past time for Scotland and as so, Cecilia has always loved the sport. Other extra-curricular activities that she likes are things like hill-walking, skiing, rugby, shinty, lawn-bowling, fishing, darts and curling. But, dancing, Martial arts, jogging, meditating, a variety of Holodeck programs are also on the top of her list.

Skills and abilities:[edit]

Cecilia has a natural aptitude for languages, which, could be attributed to her empathic abilities, and can pick most up very quickly.

Cecilia is proficient in several styles of dance: Acrobatics,Gymnastics, ballet, Jazz...Martial arts to include Small Circle Jiu-Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mo tai Kickboxing... ==

Cecilia's Missions[edit]

Mission 1: A Taste of Hate[edit]

On Stardate 2407.02.07 Cecilia received notice of her assignment to the USS Nimitz and left for Geneva to meet up with her new ship.

After arriving and securing temporary quarters, she reported in to Lieutenant Commander Ulia Mason, the station First Officer. Bruce was informed that attackers unknown had assaulted the officer she was to work under on the Nimitz, Lieutenant Lronen. She was immediately tasked to go to Geneva Sickbay and see what she could do to help in finding out how he was and who attacked him. She was also informed that the attack could have possibly been due to the fact that he was not human and that the faction, Humans for Humanity, was believed to be operating on Geneva.

It is believed that Humans for Humanity had bio-engineered a virus that attacked only humans with the intent to make it look like aliens were the cause. On Stardate 2407.02.09 she was recruited to help with station security in dealing with panicking mobs.

For her actions in assisting with the treatment of Lieutenant Lronen and during the crises on Geneva, She was promoted to Ensign(sg) by Captain Devan Sash. Cecilia was finally able to assume his duties aboard USS Nimitz as Assistant Counselor on Stardate 2407.02.16.

Mission 2: For a Friend[edit]

On Stardate 2407.03.07 Captain Devan Sash called a meeting and explained to all senior members that he intended to rescue Lieutenant Dru Tagon. (Later known and the Djorn Major Incident) Tagon had been recently captured in action by Doenitz’s forces, placed on trial, convicted and sentenced to death. Sent to the prison station at Djorn Major, Tagon was to be executed. Sash’s intent to rescue Tagon went against the orders of Admiral Robert LoDona who had expressly forbidden the action. Sash made the decision to make the attempt anyway and asked for any volunteers to go with him. While Bruce was ambiguous about taking such an action she felt she had no choice but to accompany the team as the ships Counselor, Lt. Lronen was going, and she suspected that the Counselor was still suffering from the after affects of his attack on Geneva during the previous mission. The fact that Ensign Eric McDermott was also going along made her decision and she joined the team to look after them both.

During the mission, Bruce had to use her abilities time and time again to help keep crew members of the prison facility or her own crewmates from being killed. This overuse of her abilities became taxing and she eventually overextended herself to the point of sheer exhaustion, despite this she did not let up in order to prevent as much killing as possible. Unfortunately, even with her effort the death toll was high. When they reached the maximum-security area, of the prison that Tagon was being held in, Sash ordered her to try and establish a cease-fire with Major Julian Wells, commander of the Starfleet marine detachment in charge of Tagon’s security. Despite the odds she was successful in getting the Major to agree to the cease-fire.

After they had achieved a cease-fire with Major Wells, the team succeeded in defeating the security systems and released Tagon from his prison. It was at this point that they discovered that he was wearing an explosive collar that would go off if he were moved out of the area, killing him in the process. With the help of Captain Sash the team discovered a way to defeat the system in order to remove Tagon from his cell, with the collar still intact, and leave the station.

At this point disaster struck as while they were beaming out, Ensign Thom Hania against orders and in violation of the negotiated cease-fire threw an explosive charge at the Major and his men, even though the team was successfully withdrawing from the scene.

At first opportunity upon arriving back aboard the IKS Hegh’delar Bruce reported to Sash and informed him about Ensign Hania’s violent act. During the confrontation with Captain Sash over the events that occurred on the station, Hania collapsed and died, himself, the victim of poisoning.

Despite the fact that the mission was unauthorized, Bruce did not face charges or sanctions upon returning to the Nimitz.

Mission 3: To Skin a Cat[edit]

On Stardate 2407.03.22 the Nimitz received orders from the Admiralty to conduct a snap raid on Cait Prime (Ferasa) with the objective of verifying the existence and destroying a Doenitz research facility believed to be developing biogenetically altered Caitians for use as Super-Soldiers.

After slipping through Cait orbital defenses, Bruce and her crewmates were able to make contact with the two Starfleet officers as well as a local resistance group, just outside the village of Chtarr.

Early the next morning the team struck a Caitain railway station and commandeered a train that supplied the research facility that was their main objective. Once within the facility itself Captain Devan Sash split the away team into two forces. The technical team comprised of mostly science and engineering officers whose responsibility was the retrieval of data and destruction of the facility itself. Bruce stayed with the security team under Sash and Nimitz Second Officer Lt(jg). Eric McDermott and attacked the facilities security detail neutralizing it and taking control of the illicit research facility.

With his security collapsing around him Professor Colton, a Doenitz confidant turned to a tortured and twisted being which he identified as Delta-Seven-Five, which launched a devastating telepathic attack upon the away team.

In the midst of the wild melee Bruce was overwhelmed by the attack but for reasons unknown McDermott had remained unaffected and he came to her side. Bruce and McDermott linked their minds and attacked Delta-Seven. While ultimately unsuccessful in trying to kill or disable the being, they were able to force it to break off its attack on the Nimitz crew and it turned on and killed Colton before dying itself.

With the facility neutralized and Caitain Liberation Force in danger of being overwhelmed on the surface, Bruce and her crewmates were transported to the surface. During this battle Bruce suffered a nearly fatal injury and it was only through another intervention by Eric McDermott that Bruce survived the injury. Despite this Sash and McDermott were able to lead her crewmates to a hard fought victory, crushing the main garrison and its commander despite heavy losses to both the Caitain Liberation Force and the away team itself.

During the final battle the citizens of Cait, incensed and finally pushed too far by their oppressors rose up in mass and attacked the defending Doenitz garrison and thereby sealing its fate.

Mission 4: Turmoil on Betazed [edit]

Cecilia returned to Betazed at the climax of the Federation Civil War and arrived on a world that was very nearly in open revolt against the illegal regime of Rodrigo Doenitz. Less than a month after she arrived on world she disappeared only to be spotted a week later with a group of resistance fighters during a raid making it obvious that Bruce had joined the local resistance fighting the oppression of the Doenitz forces. During that time discovered she was with child, but, kept it a secret for as long as she could. Cecilia went from one resistance group to another and settlement to another helping all that she could. At that time Cecilia's official records listed her as being on extended leave of absence and her current whereabouts were unknown.

Once the Civil War had finished and on a trip to the sector outpost to send in her report, she also sent a subspace message to Eric informing him that he was about to be a father of a baby boy. Around the time of Eric's birth, Cecilia reported in to the closest outpost. She sent off her report of the recent happenings on Betazed and requested new assignment.

On Stardate 2407.12.21, Three weeks after Eric's birth, Cecilia received her new orders. After saying goodbyes to family and friends, Cecilia and baby Eric, boarded a transport ship to Starbase Geneva. After settling in on the ship, She heads to the ship's communications and request to send a personal message to Eric through his current duty station. She wanted to tell him of Eric's status and where they would be if he wanted to see His son.

Mission 5: The Lesser Evil[edit]

Mission 6: Daedelus Prime [edit]

Mission 7: New Friends [edit]

More Soon to Come[edit]

: Personal Logs[edit]

Stardate: 2418.02.13 As of this date there has been no communication from Eric. I have not been informed of any injuries to him so I will surmise that he has cut all ties with me and his son. I understand cutting ties with me but with his son I don't understand. I will continue to send regular updates about his son through Starfleet channels in hopes that one day he will want to get to know his son. Before it is too late. Stardate: 2418.02.13 We will soon be reassigned to the USS Spectre. I will be sending my son to his grandparents on Betazed to be safe.

Awards and Commendations[edit]


General Notes:[edit]

Cecilia is like most Scots, a bit dour, but equally she can flash with inspiration. Like all Scots, she delights in self-deprecating humor and continues, even on a starship, to honor the tradition of hospitality. She is also known for her frugality, which, she sometimes exaggerate and jokes about it. As all Scots she feels a strong kinship to her clan and their traditions. She also likes to visit with people from other worlds and cultures, if given the chance. Cecilia’s Scottish ancestry is easily discovered when she speaks. Her inner strength, dedication, thoughtfulness and ability to help people through many situations have earned her respect from the many people that she has met. She believes in honesty, trust and defense of the defenseless.