Chance Temerarious

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Name: Chance Temerarious

Age: 35

Born: Texas, Earth

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dirty Blond

Skin Color: White

Blood Color: Red

Height: 5’ 9”

Weight: 185 +/- lbs

Build: Average, yet firm

Hobbies: Enjoys Shakespeare, history, tinkering on his ship, and barefoot waterskiing

Medical History: He has scars from stabbing wounds and phaser burns on legs, and torso. Chance never emotionally recovered from the death of his bride to be, a Romulan woman, T’Lela. The psychologist at the academy wrote in Chance’s dossier “This individual exhibits a unique resourcefulness, uses unorthodox methods, but doesn’t appear to have any moral grounding whatsoever.”

Assignment: Operations Officer, U.S.S. DENNISON

Rank: Ensign


Education: Hardy-Knox University (Merchant Crewman and Vessel Master License); Starfleet Academy (Military Operations/ Tactics)

Physical Description: A handsome man in a plain looking way; clean shaven; neatly groomed hair; a smirk usually on his face; and walks with the swagger of a true survivor.

Skills and Abilities: He has a working knowledge of starship and urban warfare; cargo and troop transport; smuggling; he is also an accomplished pilot and duelist.

Family History:

  • Edward “Easy Ed” Raschen (Grandfather) is a retired bounty hunter, and is currently a consultant about small combat craft for (and owner of) Rash-1 Industries to shipyards throughout the Federation.
  • Margaret (Mother) is President/CEO of Rash-1 Industries, and runs the company from the family’s ranch in Texas, on Earth.
  • Born Charles “Chance” Raschen, he took the last name “Temerarious” to use as a pseudonym when he became a privateer. After the war he continued to use the name for clandestine missions that the Federation hired him for.
  • Franklin (Father) nothing else is known about him. Chance was the product of a drunken one night stand.

Pre-Starfleet History: After being denied entrance into Starfleet Academy because of who his grandfather was, Chance was accepted into Hardy-Knox University. Upon graduation he received a commission from Rash-1 Industries as First Mate onboard the armed merchantman ship Express Rider. With the outbreak of the Cardassian-Federation War, Chance’s grandfather petitioned the Federation Council for a license to provide privateers for the Federation. 45 days into the war, Edward Raschen was authorized to issue Letters-of-Marque’ in-the-name-of the Federation Counsel. Edward issued 12 letters, plus one for himself. One of these letters (9 of 13) was issued to Chance which commissioned him to function independently to destroy, or take as prize enemy vessels; and provide support for legitimate military operations. Upon receiving his commission, Chance immediately acquired a small ship, and named himself captain of the STAR HAWK (see notes for basic ship information).

Chance, who was one of “Easy Ed’s” Privateers, worked in conjunction with Starfleet Intelligence units and Black-Ops Marines behind enemy lines on some of the Federation’s more clandestine interests of the war. Chance also took part in many of Starfleet’s larger military operations as well. During wartime support operations Temerarious would use the Star Hawk, as a scout ship, landing craft, air support, and for medical evacuation of wounded troops. Most operations consisted of working with other Privateers to attack enemy starships. In the final days of the Cardassian-Federation War, the Starfleet Admiralty tried to recruit many privateers into Starfleet; Chance declined to join. For several years after the war, Chance Temerarious continued working as a privateer for the Federation. Chance eventually agreed to sign-up even though he had become dubious as to the stability and merits of the Federation in the post-war galaxy. Yet, while attending Starfleet Academy, Temerarious continued to maintain ownership/control of his ship and Letter-of-Marque. This allowed him to take part in “peacekeeping” operations with Starfleet Intelligence, and Marine Units during school breaks, which counted towards his field training requirements, and earn him extra money.

Starfleet History: 2405.09.03 Enrolled Starfleet Academy (includes transfer of all credits from Hardy-Knox University) 2406.06.24 Recruited by Colonel D’rajevon to infiltrate and to steal the U.S.S. Dennison from the 52nd 2407.01.15 Graduated Starfleet Academy 2407.02.15 Reported to U.S.S. Dennison as an Operations Officer. 2407.07.06 Seized control of the U.S.S. Dennison; and defected to the 52nd, thus returning the ship

Notes: Starfleet has allowed Chance to keep his ship, and Letter-of-Marque. STAR HAWK; FPV-1273 (Federal Privateer Vessel) was originally designed to be used as a bounty hunter. Built by Rash-1 Industries; Star Hawk is based on the Marquis’ Raider-class design ships, but with obvious design differences such as the lack of wings and the smaller size (in meters: 30L-20W-8H). The Star Hawk has all the power and warp capabilities of a frigate, but with the maneuverability and sub-warp speed of a fighter craft. Star Hawk has 2 pulse phaser turrets, and carries 8 full size torpedoes with a variety of warheads.