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The Charon

Deep Space Tactical Reconnaissance

The Charon is a Ferryman class vessel which was designed for deep space tactical reconnaissance missions. The vessel began life as a prototype vessel using information about the ships from the Species 116. Species 116 in the delta quadrant were running from the Borg’s destruction of their planet by fleeing using their slipstream drive. The vessel was found in a deserted system in a decaying orbit around a distance star by a recon team working for Admiral Doenitz. It was partially destroyed due to some kind of internal explosion and was taken away to a secret research facility.

Using the information that was gathered by the trip of the USS Voyager, the partially reconstructed data core and along with parts of the original vessel were combined with technical advances from the R&D team at the Wallace Space Station. The ship was folded into the Project Sacred Shift under the project lead of Audrey Williams. The Charon was never launched and was moved to an abandoned observation post as part of the Armageddon protocol. Due to the capture and arrest of Admiral Doenitz’s sympathisers the Charon lay abandoned and forgotten for the next seven years until Audrey Williams escaping the mutiny of the USS Serenity with Jay, Arya Snow and twenty two members of the Serenity crew.

The Charon was abandoned as a floating wreck to badly damaged to repair or salvage when she attacked and disabled the USS Serenity. Jay, Arya Snow and Audrey Williams were the only survivors of the Charon`s destruction.