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The following is a place-keeper...

What is the Cloudrunner? What are its components?


Cockpit – seats 6


Anti-Concussion Field Generator, and Acceleration Compensator (Main and Auxiliary) – (i.e., Inertial Damping Field/Structural Integrity Field)

Cooling System (Main and Auxiliary)

Circuitry Bay

Fuel Drive Pressure Stabilizer

Fuel Tank Stores

Hydraulic System

Fuel Lines (Main and Auxiliaries)

Recessed Maintenance Access Bays and External Support/Outboard Power Adapters (external)

Power Batteries

Power Converter

Quadex Power Core

Thrust Vector Plates

NOTE: The Cloudrunner's drive systems if fully twice the size of a standard Runabout's.


2×Arakyd ST2 Microtorpedo Tubes (FWD)

2×CEC AG-2G Quad Phaser Cannons (T/B) featuring Twin-Firing Grips with Triggers and Direction Control Pedals

Armor Plating

Deflector Shield Projectors

Gun Turret Access (T/B)

Phaser Power Cell

Tracking Servos

Transparent Aluminum Gunports (1T/1B)


Main Sensor Rectenna (TOP)

Passive Sensor Antenna

Sensor Processing Systems


Crew Quarters for 3 (+1 spare bunk)

Escape Pods (8)

Fresh Water Tank and Water Recycling Unit

In tra-Ship Communications

Life-Support Systems (Main and Auxiliary)


Electromagnetic Freight Barge Clamp (i.e., Tractor Beam)

Freight Loading Arm

Holds, 3 (+ secret compartments)


Antigrav "Repulsorlift" Hoverpads

Boarding Ramp (STBD)


Docking Rings (P/S)

Flood Lights (strategically located in various positions)

Landing Gear

Landing Jets

Tractor Beam Emitter

Universal Docking Hatch (ventral)

Upper Hatch (dorsal)