Darnar Brokas

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Darnar Brokas
Rank: Colonel (Retired)
Awards: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 50
Position: Provisional President
Planet: Nilas III
Status: Inactive (SPC)

It's a funny thing, realizing that you miss a harsh old man and his upstart power-hungry assistant, but in some ways I suppose that they became a part of my soul during my time at Djörn Major.~ Darnar Brokas


Turkana IV is a violent and chaotic world located in the Turkana system. This planet was once a Federation Colony, but became subject to civil unrest, which transformed into open civil war. Two largest factions, the Coalition and the Alliance vie for control of the planet, and while the World is officially a Protectorate world of the UFP, the Federation has decided to remain neutral during the conflict.

It was into this environment that Darnar Brokas was born. Darnar’s early childhood is lost. He does not know either of his biological parents, and there is evidence that he is the resultant offspring of an encounter between his mother and one of the violent rape gangs that are prominent on the colony.

And while he does not know his mother or his father, Brokas does know a woman named Marana, without whom, he would not have survived his infancy.

Marana was a refugee from the city of Molas, which had been devastated by biological warfare during the height of the civil strife between the Coalition and the Alliance. She had lost her only son in the attack and after several days of wondering through the underground labyrinths of Molas, discovered the infant Brokas, who had been abandoned by his birth mother.

She named him after her lost son and proceeded to raise him as her own. Darnar Brokas’ official date of birth is listed as Stardate 2357.10.20, a date which coincides with his discovery and subsequent rescue from death by Marana Brokas.

Growing up on Turkana IV was not an easy task. As a young boy, Darnar was an unwilling participant in unsavory acts. These actions centered on a need to survive in a very hostile environment. By the age of ten, Darnar Brokas was an accomplished thief and came to the attention of an officer in the Coalition Militia.

He was taken from his surrogate mother, Marana at the age of 11 and forced to attend school. His teachers found him a bright student, who hungrily devoured information, a trait that would stay with him for the remainder of his life.

Young Adulthood:[edit]

At the age of sixteen, he began Militia Training, but due to his excellent testing scores, was selected to attend officers training. He began his indoctrination as a Coalition officer on Stardate 2373.05.10. He proved an excellent study and was involved in the planning of the Karath Offensive, which took place on Stardate 2375.09.25. His skill and thoroughness in the operation ensured his transfer to the Coalition’s intelligence Division, where he used his new skills to establish a network of less-than-reputable underworld figures.

At the age of 18, Darnar Brokas discovered that his Mother Marana, whom he had not seen since age 11 was ill with a rare form of Cybillic Cancer, which affects the Frontal lobe of the Brain. Unable to acquire decent medical attention for his Mother in the Coalition, Darnar made illegal arrangements for the two of them to leave Turkana IV.

After Turkana IV:[edit]

Darnar Brokas escaped to the United Federation of Planets, claimed refugee status and found himself on Andoria. He sought a career as a security officer with the Andorian Security Forces. He, however, failed the physical review for military service although he was able to qualify for service with the Unified Federation Penal System.

On Stardate 2376.06.14 his Mother was sent to a Medical facility on Cait Prime to undergo experimental treatments for her Cancer. The procedures were ineffective and she passed away as a result of her illness later that same year

On Stardate 2377.01.03 Darnar Brokas completed his administrative training and was assigned to the Penal Ship Bastion as a personnel administrator. He remained in that position for two years. His service was exemplary.

On Stardate 2379.06.18 Brokas was transferred to the maximum-security penal colony on Jeva III, Where he acted in the capacity of Quartermaster. It was during his time there that he developed a reputation for his ability to handle tough situations, when he successfully prevented the Penal Colony from falling into the hands of inmates after a riot allowed them to escape their cells. The facility was besieged for 12 days before Darnar Brokas, one of three members of the senior staff, managed to negotiate a settlement with the inmate population after a tactical operation that he had planned resulted in the death of the ringleaders of the escape attempt. An official Inquiry cleared him of any questions of misconduct on Stardate 2384.03.09.

On Stardate 2387.11.16 Brokas was participated in the Cultural Exchange program and was transferred to Rura Penthe in the capacity as a procedures administrator. He performed admirably and returned to federation space a much-changed individual.

Djörn Major:[edit]

Djörn Major would prove to be Darnar’s most difficult assignment ever. The facility was the most violent of federation penal facilities, with Inmate murders and escapes running rampant. Darnar was transferred on Stardate 2389.12.31. His initial posting was as a quartermaster, but the administrator, Jo’dal Mathar reassigned him to the temporary position of Head Gaoler after the prior Gaoler had been killed during a prisoner riot.

Brokas learned as he went, drawing heavily on his experiences of Turkana IV and Rura Penthe. He worked tirelessly to control the yard population, sometimes resorting to violence and subterfuge. He was charged on several occasions with improper conduct, although none of the charges were substantiated.

On Stardate 2402.06.10 he married a prisoner, Tarana, an Orion assassin (whose prisoner identification number was 871QZ35JJ). She was fitted with an explosive charge in her skull as a precaution to prevent her escape from the facility.

The Djorn Major Incident[edit]

By the time of the Djorn Major Incident, Darnar Brokas had been Head Gaoler for nearly two decades. He had out-lasted two previous Administrators and six Assistant Administrators. He had cultivated an effective stance, and managed to maintain a perfect escape free record for the facility during his stay.

Outside of Djörn Major there had been several fundamental changes. These included the succession of President Doenitz and his totalitarian control of the UFP. With this new reign, a new type of prisoner arrived at Djörn Major, the political prisoner.

Djörn Major had already acquired a reputation as an inescapable facility by Stardate 2407.03.09, when the famed Djörn Major incident took place. It was after the Political trial and subsequent sentencing of Lieutenant Dru Tagon to execution for High treason, that Brokas’ career was about to come to an end.

The Prisoner was assigned to serve his limited time until his execution on Djörn Major XJ-003. The prisoner would then be executed at the penal station although that is not how events unfolded.

An Elite Assault Team from the 52nd Fleet Starship, the USS Nimitz, acting against orders, mounted a rescue of the prisoner. During which, the USS Vindicator was heavily damaged and her crew killed. The Prisoner Dru Tagon was liberated and The Station Administrator Kuln and The Assistant Administrator Sirius Krell were presumed killed during the action.

Brokas, realizing that there were likely to be serious consequences to their failure to execute the prisoner, erased 48 hours of his memory using a specially designed neurochemical (Emerol Sorbitine) commonly found on Turkana IV, and used by their intelligence operatives to protect vital information. It leaves almost no trace once it takes affect.

Captain Harl Whorlet of the USS Nightshade arrested him on Stardate 2407.03.10 on the charges of Treason and obstruction of an investigation. Whorlet was convinced that Darnar Brokas was an accomplice to the team that freed Dru Tagon, and that he was responsible for wiping the facilities computer logs and murdering the Administrator and Assistant Administrator, and then wiping his own memory. He was only partially correct.

On Stardate 2407.03.11 a Special Tribunal found him innocent of the charges of treason and obstruction, although they did find him guilty of gross incompetence and he was banned from working in the Federation penal system. Additionally, due to the levering of political favors and blackmail, Brokas’ wife was also released from the Djörn Major facility, sentence served.

After Djörn Major[edit]

On Stardate 2407.03.16 Darnar Brokas was on Nilas III, A planet in the Narador Sector of The Alpha Quadrant bordering the Orion Syndicate. He had purchased a lavish estate and was planning his rise in local politics as evidenced by his personal log entry on that date.

Personal Log, Stardate 2407.03.16.

I have settled into my new life on Nilas III with a great deal of speed. Tarana could not be happier, now that she is no longer confined to that damned penal facility.

Still, despite the comfort that I have surrounded myself with, I miss the control that I had at Djörn Major. I suppose it is natural that I would suffer from some sort of withdrawals after my nearly twenty years of service. […]

[…] It's a funny thing, realizing that you miss a harsh old man and his upstart power-hungry assistant, but in some ways I suppose that they became a part of my soul during my time at Djörn Major. […]

[…] To be certain, my wealth and resources here will be put to good use, as I plan to seek a high political office here sometime soon.

I am already collecting my information on the local magistrates, voters and influentials, to make certain my campaigning is successful. My time at Djörn Major will not have been a waste, since I can apply the same principles I learned there in my bid for a political position here.

I would consider myself a changed man, knowing that I am not dealing with the scum of the universe as I was at Djörn Major. Instead I am strongly considering what I can do to better the political, economic and social standings of Nilas III.

Either way only time can tell.


Darnar Brokas was played by Daniel Greene during the "For a Friend" mission.