Davros III

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Davros III

Davros III was a Federation mining Colony located roughly 85 light years from Optima VII. In 2407 it was home to 3500 inhabitants. It's primary export was Duranium ore.

In early 2407, the USS Rosenante visited the planet in hopes of locating the missing freighter Sky of Tomorrow. They located the freighter and also became aware of the fact that the colony seemed to be abandoned.

The colonists had fallen prey to the Matron Nanoviral Pool delivered to Doctor Rebbecca Lawson by the Ferengi ship Latinum Throne.

The nanites had murdered the colonists and reanimated their bodies. The crew of the Rosenante with assistance from the Opthidians from whom the pool was stolen, sterilized the biosphere of the planet to prevent the nanoprobes from spreading.

The planets biosphere is unable to support life for 200 standard years. The planet is ringed by 12- Quarantine satellites, warning all visiting ships of the damger that landfall poses.

This planet was featured in the USS Rosenante mission: A Fine and Private Place