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Dirians are about 7 foot long creatures, resembling upright walking dogs. They are a-technical and live in relatively harmony with Wafaah, their home-planet of Cygnus Proxima on the eastern edge of Fedeartion space. Their own language consists of grunts, snarls and howls and is primitive but sufficient for their daily needs.

Dirian society is build up of clans. A clan is a group of relatives and their off spring and can hold anything from 10 to 1000 members. It is uncommon that clans would meet but on occassion a clan may move closer to another clan to exchange clanmembers with them.

Dirian homelife is centred around daily routines, building and maintaining social structures within the clan as well as working together on hunts. A successful hunt is always shared with the rest of the clan as they roam a sizeable clan-area. Apart from litter-caves, where the young are born and nurtured, life tends to happen out in the open.

The Dirians were often visited by 'Outers' who saw the planet as a lush hunting planet. There were a few issues here and there when the hunters became too enthusiastic and cleared whole sways of countryside of living creatures but a few Dirians were taught the language of the 'Outers' and managed to discuss things with the 'Outers' and reach some kind of compromise. Only rarely had there been a need for physical persuasion. The last instance was 150 years ago when a group of Klingons landed on the planet and started hunting the 2irians. The Klingon landing-party was eventually defeated with great cost of life and large parts of the countryside being wasted by energy weapons. The Klingon warbird, which was captured after all Klingons were killed, was turned into a shrine of death and sometimes Dirians would visit it on a pilgrimage of sense.

To prevent this from happening again, the Wafahh-Elders (a group of all clan elders of Wafahh), managed to create an agreement with a Vulcan scientific survey group, who passed it onto the Federation. Wafahh was allowed entrance to the Federation for protection purposes but refused to take up a seat in the Federation Council, the ways of the others being too alien to them. They were allowed full status due to the captured warbird, even though that ship would never fly again. The membership of Wafahh caused some raised eyebrows in some (Vulcan) corners due to their insistence on hunting and eating of fresh meat.

Even though the Dirians are completely a-technological they will assist the Federation where they can, especially during scientific surveys of the planeet and its population and by setting aside a part of the northern continent for Federation members hunting expeditions, which again caused raised eyebrows, but find little use for space travel and in general things not made of Wafahh.

Dirian character[edit]

Margah Tohr of the USS Spectre

The Dirian race was created by Adrie Geuken