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Early Life[edit]

Park on Betazed
Counsellor Divon Lronen on the USS Spectre

Divon was born on Betazed on 05.24.2384. Divon is the oldest child of Melada and Tiron. Both parents are counsellors although only Tiron served in Starfleet, Melada had a private practice. Divon had a fairly stable and normal upbringing in a typical Betzoid fashion, although the household had a steady flow of 'offworlders' visiting, forcing Divon to become used to other cultures and behaviours. Divon has a younger brother, Rinon, and sister, Betrana.


Divon attended the classical university of Betazed. There he honed his telepathic skills and attended classes in psychology and sociology. Divon graduated in the top 10 percent of his class.

Starfleet Academy[edit]

Starfleet Academy

Divon entered Starfleet Academy in 2401. In addition to honing his telepathic and counselling skills, Divon also learned several stations so he would be of use on the bridge besides just advising. His studies also included limited tactical studies, basic Operations and Flight operations. Divon felt that undertaking these various studies would allow him a greater insight into the everyday lives of those that he was working to help.

First Assignment, USS Trail of Tears[edit]

The USS Trail of Tears was a large converted starfleet vessel used to transport medical, scientific and counselling personnel to disaster sites. It is often a starting point for young counselling/medical personnel. Due to the high stress involved with this duty station, tours aboard the USS Trail of Tears usually only last six months. Divon Lronen started his career on this vessel and lasted for three tours of duty, repeadedly passing up offered transfers. By the time he left, he had become the personal counsellor to Captain John Doorst after the Alpha Four Incident which had left many citizens and children dead or slowly dying.

While high stress, Divon believed he was making a difference during his time on the Trail of Tears. It was only when Starfleet offered Lronen a 'special' assignment on the USS Spectre that he decided to accept transfer.


USS Trail of Tears

Second Assignment, USS Spectre[edit]

Divon was assigned to the USS Spectre in late 2406 with the expressed mission of watching Captain Remae Ktell. The Starfleet Admiralty had become concerned with Remae's seeming inability to return a starship without crashing it into things. They wanted a psychiatric evaluation of the Captain as well as constant surveillence. So far, every profile and report Lronen has returned back to Starfleet has supported Captain Remae and stated that he is, indeed, fit for command.

  • Whom do you Trust? - After Divon joined the crew of the USS Spectre it encountered another Spectre Class ship. Due to a strange anomoly, the crew of the USS Spectre mindswapped with the crew of the other ship.
  • The Death of Dreams - In this current mission, the USS Spectre is heading to liberate Betazed. This situation is causing Lronen, and all other Betazed crew, with a sense of dread. As the Spectre drew closer to Betazoid space, Divon began to notice that the thoughts of his immediate family were absent from the morass of minds he was sensing. Divon also began to get troubling communications from those wishing to follow Hent Tevren. This is the current mission. More to follow.


http://www.startrekfreedom.com/images/char_awards/rib20.gif By Captain Remae Ktell for his performance in the Body Swap Incident.


Divon is a fairly high level telepath, however he is extremely mindful of the rules governing telepathic races.