Dorian Weaver

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Ensign Dorian Weaver
Ensign Dorian Weaver
Name: Dorian Weaver
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Earth
Species: Human
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5 foot 7
Weight: 165 lbs
Blood Color: Red
Skin Color: White
Current rank: Ensign
Current Position: Acting CSO
Assignment: USS Rosenante
The USS Rosenanté NCC–924650
Status: Active

Physical Description:[edit]

Short but well built, Dorian has the body of a climber, rather than a weightlifter. His hair is usually kept very short, but stylish. Clean shaved, his features a just a bit bland, making him not overly noticeable.


Dorian comes from a monied background, but his recent divorce from a Scottish socialite has left him jaded and estranged with his parents. His three sisters are trying to convince him that he should not leave the system in the current state of affairs.


McGill University (Maj.History, min. Philosophy) Aberdeen Royal Flight School (Civ. certification) Starfleet Academy

Pre Starfleet:[edit]

As expressed by the liberal arts studies, Dorian loves to look at the root of problems. He enrolled in the militia while married to a Scottish resident, as a thrill, but his brutal divorce has pushed him to leave the system and Starfleet seemed like a good option.


Dorian Graduated from Starfleet Academy in the top 15% of his class and was assigned to the USS Rosenante as the Assistance Cheif Science Officer on Stardate 2408.02.16


A motorcycle accident left him crippled, and his right leg from the knee down is a prosthetic.


Historical research is his passion, as well as a good discussion on morals and philosophy. Jogging and rock climbing are his sports.


Diplomatic and empathic, Dorian is more at ease with non-military or non-officers. His flight training gave him good experience in general, small scale tactics, through the fighter pilot corps. Looking for anything that would get him away from Earth, he is willing to apply to any position. He is generally a fast learner.

Awards and Commendations:[edit]