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Lieutenant Dralar
Lieutenant Dralar
Name: Dralar
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Siradran, Skoria
Species: Skorr
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Not Applicable
Height: 6 foot 6
Weight: 130 lbs
Blood Color: Red
Skin Color: Tan & Brown
Current rank: Lieutenant
Current Position: CONN
Assignment: USS Rosenante
The USS Rosenanté NCC–924650
Status: Active

Physical Description:[edit]

Dralar is a typical specimen of his species. He sports a 20-foot wingspan and sharp-taloned feet. His feather coloration is tan and brown, typical of his species. He bears the Triple Crown crest of his bloodline marking him clearly as a member of the royal household. His beak is sharp and slightly curved into a nasty flesh-tearing hook. His fingers end in sharp claws. He has digigrade legs and scaled feet.


Dralar is the 45th son of the High King Kamuth; as such he is in the direct line of succession. The odds of this happening are incredibly unlikely since he is well down the list. His father provided all the best that he could for the young Skorr and always visits him on the anniversary of his hatching day.


Dralar was taught by the finest Tutors on the Skorr home world. He studied Diplomacy, War craft, mathematics and science, philosophy and religion. He is also well versed in alien customs and music. He was prepared well and excelled in his studies as was befitting a prince. He did not attend school, but only had private lessons


Dralar led a very jaded life in the household of the High King. He traveled periodically and took on some minor political responsibilities. He assisted in establishing the First Starfleet Preparation School on Skoria. He is well known for his benevolent policies in the few political roles he undertook.


Dralar did not attend Starfleet Academy. Instead, Starfleet sent instructors to him. This was an attempt to better represent the Skorr in the fleet. Once Doenitz came to power, Dralar's instructors remained on Skoria teaching at the Academy Preparation School. Dralar, feeling that he could contribute more to the cause of restoring the former UFP, chose to join the 52nd fleet. He has been assigned to Geneva Station as a political coordinator between Skoria and the 52nd Fleet. Despite his father's, and thus Skoria's, neutral stance concerning the civil war, Dralar has managed to establish a fair amount of war materials trade to the 52nd Fleet. He has requested Starship assignment on several occasions but had always been declined. It was only after he threatened to reverse the flow of war materials to the 52nd fleet, that Starfleet Command finally relented and assigned him to the USS Champlain.

Dralar served Aboard the Champlain during the battle for sector 001. When that vessel was destroyed, he was reassigned to the USS Rosenante.


Dralar has never suffered serious injury or illness in his youth. However he does possess hollow bones, as do all members of his species. This leaves him prone to potential breaks, all of which are serious injuries to the Skorr. Additionally, Skorr Physiology does not deal with trauma well due to their exceptionally tight musculature. Because of a quick metabolism, Dralar and all Skorr must consume high-protein foods very regularly. As they do not have stomachs and very low body-fat, they can not store energy for later use as can other species.


When off-duty, Dralar can be found flying in the Holodeck or hunting live Velars. He often kills them and consumes them. He takes his meals privately due to the Skorr preference to eat their food freshly killed and raw.


Dralar is an excellent Pilot and Helmsman, being naturally gifted with the intuitive understanding of flight. He is also a capable operations and logistics officer.


Dralar is very intimidating because of his size and predatory body structure. He can only speak with non-Skorr through the use of a Universal Translator. He can not physically form most spoken sounds outside of his language.

Awards and Commendations:[edit]

Skorr Hierarchy Awards

Federation Awards


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Bio Image by Larry Dixon, restored by Ruby