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Edward Wolfe
Name: Edward Wolfe
Rank: http://www.startrekfreedom.com/images/pips1/redcap.jpg Captain
Awards: http://www.startrekfreedom.com/images/rib20.gif http://www.startrekfreedom.com/images/rib12.gif
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 36
Status: Inactive; Deceased
"Whoever I am Leading is Unconquerable"
— Inscription on Sword in Wolfe's Collection

Early Life[edit]

New Berlin Colony

Edward Wolfe was born on the New Berlin colony on January 21, 2371 to John and Linda Wolfe. Wolfe still has family on the New Berlin colony, including a sister born in 2380, who did not join Starfleet and instead is employed by the colony bureaucracy. In 2403 she married Sam Irwin who was also employed by the bureaucracy of the New Berlin Colony. The Wolfe family home is maintained by Susan Wolfe-Irwin, Edward's sister, and it is a regular rest stop for Edward during leave times. Susan and her husband Spencer had a young boy, Kiefer, the last time Edward saw them. He has not seen his sister or other family members in over two years, but he has been in constant contact with her and her family.

Edward Wolfe as a boy on New Berlin Colony
USS Camden

Both of Edward's parents served onboard the USS Camden, John as a tactical/security officer and Linda as a science officer. While they served with distinction, they never raised above the rank of Lieutenant. Edward spent a good deal of his time on Starships with his parents, while his sister Susan preferred to stay planetside with Edward's grandparents. Edward was schooled largely on starships, mostly the USS Camden, but still calls New Berlin home. Edward was an able student, enjoying history and rudimentary medicine the most. Wolfe did well in his studies and was generally liked by his instructors and his fellow classmates. Due to his aptitudes and excellent test results was accepted to Starfleet Academy with advanced standing.

Starfleet Academy[edit]

Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
Edward Wolfe at the time of entering the Academy

Wolfe was an able student who got along well with his fellow cadets. He studied largely in the tactical stream and spent a good deal of time looking for ways to blend great air and land battles of the past into starship combat. Through these studies, Wolfe was chosen to as an aide to the tactical department and aided in rewriting several simulations for Starfleet Academy. Wolfe wanted to be involved with Strategic Operations from the start, but knew that it was a highly difficult field to break into. To get a 'leg up' Wolfe aided in programming and planning tactical simulations for lower year cadets. This would eventually lead to advanced standing in his tactical courses and for placement on the USS Alexander.

  • First Year: Edward saw a rather undistinguished First Year at the Academy. Feeling out of place on Earth and overwhelmed by his studies. Slowly, Edward became used to his surroundings and began to 'fit in', despite the fact that many people native to Earth saw him being as a 'backwards colonial'. His high grades in tactical and security measures changed many of their minds. Edward soon became romantically involved to Lena Markoff, also in her first year.
  • Second Year: Edward began to gain more academic and social recognition. As being a student to actually 'survive' the first year, he had won some measure of respect. Edward is chosen to be part of a special presidential detail for the installation ceremony of a new ambassador from a newly admitted planet to the Federation. The romantic involvement with Lena Markoff continued and intensified, despite the fact that she has applied for deep space cadet training on the USS Triton. This caused some friction between the couple, but in the end Edward conceded that this would be an excellent opportunity for Lena's career. As a result, he decided to drop his resistance and told her he'd wait for her.
USS Triton, the ship Lena Markoff was stationed on.
Lena Markoff
  • Third Year: This was a bittersweet year for Edward as he bid Lena Markoff fairwell on her two year training mission on the USS Triton. She would complete her cadet training onboard. Edward was also offered a place, however there was no Strategic Operations position needed or available, which Edward believed would limit his future. Instead, Edward accepted a position as lead strategic cadet in the tactical department, spending most of his year aiding the instructors of this department in addition to completing his third year studies. The added responsibilities aided Edward in dealing with Lena leaving, but for the year he had little free time.
  • Fourth Year: Edward's final year in the Academy was one of serious study and hard work. Edward knew that he would be offered his first position based on this final year and that it would be important for him to make a good impression. He continued his work on tactical simulations for the newer cadets, as well as other responsibilities in terms of aiding instructors. It was this year the Edward honed his skills with various weapons, such as bladed ones. Edward graduated with distinction.

First Assignment, USS Alexander[edit]

USS Alexander

Wolfe was immediately assigned to the USS Alexander as an Assistant Tactical/Security Officer in 2392, which at that time was captained by Jules Lalonde. Wolfe proved that he was capable in the field when he quickly took over during a sneak attack by a small group of Nausicaan raiders. The shift leader had been injured in the initial attack, and Wolfe took over, successfully defending the Alexander. After this event Wolfe was and given the task of running Beta Shift only a few months after joining the crew. By 2394 he'd reached the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and his Commanding Officer, seeing that Wolfe's opportunities were limited on the Alexander, put in for his transfer advising he receive more responsibility on a larger ship. wow gold

Much of Wolfe's time on this ship was marked by continued work and drilling. He learned as much as he could about ship's operation and began working towards command training. Wolfe also was notified in 2393 that the USS Triton had been lost with all hands, including Lena Markoff. According to the reports that Wolfe could obtain, the Triton had been on a routine science mission when the Luna Class vessel simply vanished. From that time, Edward began studying the area, not wanting to believe that Lena, or her crew, was dead.

Second Assignment, USS Juno[edit]

USS Juno

Wolfe was moved to the USS Juno and served under Captain Y'rand T'lixar as Chief of Tactical and Security. It was under this command that Wolfe first discovered the treachery of Admiral Doenitz. When coming to the aid of a civilian craft, he'd learned that it had been attacked and disabled by the Admiral. When Doenitz discovered that the craft contained several Federation Citizens who had discovered his plot to take control of the Federation, he'd ordered it destroyed. Only two of the forty-seven people on-board survived. Wolfe looked into their claims and found them credible. The amount of destruction and death wrought to the craft, including towards children caused Wolfe to vow to bring Doenitz to justice.

The Debris of the USS Camden

A few months later, Wolfe received a communication from Starfleet; the USS Camden had been attacked, all hands were lost. The last known position of the Camden was close to the Juno's current position and Captain T'lixar went to investigate. Wolfe's investigations came to the conclusion that Federation weaponry had been used on the Camden. Further investigation brought about the conclusion that the Camden was destroyed by forces loyal to Admiral Doenitz. It is unclear as to whether Doenitz discovered Wolfe's vow through spies on the Juno or if it was just a coincidence. Regardless of the reason, Doenitz attacked the USS Camden, which had vowed to fight Doenitz as part of the 52nd Fleet. Both John and Linda Wolfe went missing and are believed deceased. This caused Wolfe's desire to bring Doenitz to justice intensify.

Third Assignment, USS Augustus[edit]

USS Augustus before the Battle of System 663

By 2403 the quiet interior conflict between those loyal to the principles of the United Federation of Planets and those loyal to Doenitz's vision of the future had intensified and the fleet became segmented and given to the most experienced and able Captains. Susan Allen was one of those Captains and Wolfe became her Strategic Operations Officer and was increased to the rank of Lieutenant Senior Grade. Wolfe also served as her Third Officer during this time. The USS Augustus, an Ambassador Class vessel, had been in steady combat from 2404 onwards. One of the greatest of those battles was the Battle of System 663 in 2406.02.05. Doenitz had been assembling forces in System 663, a white star system with 5 planets orbiting, the last one supporting intelligent life at a pre-industrial level. The Augustus was rerouted to the system in 2406 with a fleet of 14 ships against Doenitz's 27 vessels. A widescale battle ensued after it was discovered that Doenitz was mining the inhabited planet of mineral wealth and using the people of the planet to do it, thus violating the Prime Directive. While Doenitz's forces were stopped, 9 of the 14 vessels were destroyed in the fray and the Augustus heavily damaged.

USS Augustus after the Battle of System 663

Part of the damage that occurred was the near destruction of Wolfe's department, Strategic Operations, likely targetted once the enemy fleet discovered strategic ordinances were coming from that ship. With heavy damage incurred, and life support failing, Wolfe moved his 5 remaining staff into one of the Jeffries tubes, closed it off, and kept the atmosphere steady. The six people stayed within that tube for four days without food, water or any more medical aid then they already had in their medical kit. They stayed in the tube until help was able to get to them with Wolfe still giving strategic orders and advice without the benefit of his computers. When asked about how he did this, he responded that he had visualized the positions of the ships and had based his orders on that, despite the hinderance, the fleet led by the Augustus was victorious during this time period, but at a great cost. By the time of their rescue, two of Wolfe's staff had died of their injuries. One of the rescuers described the sight that greeted him on the rescue as "gruesome on a profound level".

This battle was largely seen as a Pyrrhic Victory by the 52nd Fleet. With the level of damage sustained, it took the Augustus 7 months to reach Starbase Geneva. As a result of this, coupled with the fact that they had no time to dock for extensive overhauls or repairs it was decided to decommission the USS Augustus and use the parts for repairs on other, more vibrant ships. Captain Allen also decided to retire at this time, but gave Wolfe a ringing endorsement that caused his transfer to one of the main ships of the battle group, the USS Nimitz on 2407.01.30 as Strategic Officer.

Fourth Assignment, USS Nimitz[edit]

USS Nimitz

After being promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Wolfe was transferred to the USS Nimitz, under the command of Devan Sash as the Strategic Operations Officer. Shortly after arriving, Wolfe began updating Strategic Operations in a manner not unlike the systems on the USS Nights Watch which he had briefly toured when offered the Strateical Operations position on the Nimitz. At the time of his arrival, Captain Sash was in a coma and receiving treatment. Soon after Sash's revival, the Nimitz's First Officer, Commander Jeff Hyland was reassigned to Starbase Geneva and Wolfe was offered the position of First Officer, with a promotion to the position of Commander, of the USS Nimitz on 2407.02.04.

Mission One: A Stitch in Time

Wolfe’s first mission after assuming the role of First Officer of the USS Nimitz involved stopping Admiral Doenitz in his attempt to utilize time travel to distort the timeline in a way favourable to him. On the way to achieve these ends, it became necessary for Wolfe to severely discipline Lieutenant Francisco Mendez and Crewman Debbie Weston. Mendez had been insubordinate, showing outward prejudice against alien species and also was showing extremely sexist behaviour to the point where several female enlisted crew were complaining. Wolfe, after consulting with Captain Devan Sash, decided that a reduction in rank and forced sensitivity training was in order. The alternative Wolfe gave to Mendez was being forced out of Starfleet and dropped off on Angel One on their way to their mission objective. Mendez chose to give up the level of rank. Weston, in contrast, had attacked Mendez and broken his arm during a game designed to provide an opportunity for the crew to bond and work together. She was working to avenge Mendez’s behaviour towards her friend Yeoman Ansia Rozen. Weston was ordered confined to quarters during her off duty periods for an undetermined length of time, to apologize to Mendez for breaking his arm.

Despite personal difficulty in doing so, Edward passed his covetted Strategic Operations position to Lieutenant Dru Tagon. In doing so, he also promoted Ensign (SG) Jono Janeway to Acting Tactical and Security Chief. Edward decided to use this occasion to gauge Janeway's suitability for being promoted to full Tactical and Security Chief and, in doing so had placed the young Ensign under a period of scrutiny.

Following arrival in the Sol system, Edward was faced with what would be his most difficult mission ever, an assault on a secret science facility at the bottom of San Francisco Bay on Earth. Doenitz had created a laboratory featuring stolen advanced equipment, including a time travel device. The possibility of Doenitz changing the timeline made it crucial for Wolfe and the rest of the assault team to destroy the laboratory.

Wolfe beamed down with the Away Team from the Nimitz and worked his way to a site to site transporter system that would take him and the rest of the Away Team to Doentiz's laboratory under San Franciso Bay. After periods of fierce fighting, they made their way to the device and succeeded in destroying it. Unfortunately, in doing so the device was activated, flinging the group three years into the future.

Following their movement forward in time, the crew of the Nimitz found an Earth different than the one they had left. Doenitz had been victorious and a dictatorship had been created on the planet. Despite the fact that they were out of time, and being hunting, two crew members of the Nimitz who had not been a member of the Away Team had not been captured. Crewman Debbie Weston and Petty Officer Second Class T'lexinath had been biding their time, trying to figure out how to proceed with the Nimitz that they had stowed away on and then stolen after the crew had been captured. The ship's sensors picked up Sash's comm badge signal and the pair beamed their Away Team back to the Nimitz.

Wolfe soon found himself back on the Nimitz, in less than pristine shape. The group began to formulate a plan to undo what had been done to the timeline. T'lexinath and Weston had been working on a time travel device, a one shot chance, for the three years they'd spent on the Nimitz. Now, it became necessary to find a power source powerful enough to operate the device.

In the meantime, Wolfe and Captain Devan Sash began to work on how to retrieve their lost crewmembers who had been imprisoned on the island of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay. A minor skirmish with a Federation shuttlecraft caused Wolfe to push up his attempt at liberation of the former crew of the Nimitz. As a result, he brought two teams composed of himself, Doctor Lemar and Lieutenant Tarus in the first and Lieutenant Shimply and Francesca dela Rosa in the other each with their own shuttlecraft to attempt to destroy the emitters that were blocking the Nimitz's transporters.

Alcatraz Prison, San Francisco, Earth

Wolfe ordered that his shuttlecraft change its transponder signal to mirror the one that was captured by the Nimitz. At the same time he had the other shuttle find a registry to impersonate. It was Edward's hope that that this would shield their approach and allow them to arrive at Earth unhindered. His hope was in vain. Soon, an Earth Patrol vessel began to venture out to their location. Edward found it necessary to pull the shuttle closer to the moon in an attempt to shake the patrol.

Through trickery the two shuttles were able to land on Alcatraz prison on Earth. The team disabled the transporter dampeners and were able to bring the majority of the Nimitz crew to safety. Soon after arriving on the bridge, alert klaxons began to sound and it became clear that the Nimitz would be under attack... again. Wolfe gave the order to start charging a time travel device constructed by T'lexinath in hir three years hiding on the Nimitz.

After returning to their own time on the future Nimitz, Wolfe transported back to 'his' Nimitz with all of the Away Team. The crew of the future Nimitz flew directly into an attacking marine ship, ensuring that their timeline never came to pass. After finding Captain Sash on Earth, having destroyed Doenitz's time travel device, the Nimitz left for Starbase Geneva.

Mission Two: A Taste of Hate

Seal of Starbase Geneva

While enroute to Starbase Geneva, Edward received a communique from the First Officer aboard Starbase Geneva. One of the Nimitz's new counsellors, whom they're going to be picking up, has been badly beaten. There are no suspects and no motive. Lieutenant Divon Lronen is alive but unconscious. Edward pledges to aid the Starbase as they have only a skeletal crew. It also is made clear that there are problems with an anti-alien group called Humans for Humanity. After discussing the issue with Captain Devan Sash, they ship proceeds with as much haste as is possible for Starbase Geneva.

Upon arriving the crew of the Nimitz finds an undermanned station in a state of extreme disarray. Attacks and violence are on the rise and there are far too many suspects. Edward took control of the Lronen investigation so station security could deal exclusively with their quickly building caseload. The case was quickly closed when Edward found a woman obsessed with Lronen to the point of madness.

Unfortunately, that did not spell the end of troubles for the Nimitz Crew as the group Humans For Humanity losed a deadly virus on Starbase Geneva that only affected humans but could be carried by alien species. Wolfe was one of the first afflicted by the virus and spent most of the mission under intensive medical care.

Fifth Assignment, USS Champlain[edit]

USS Champlain

Directly following the mission on Starbase Geneva, Edward was offered his own ship, the USS Champlain, along with a promotion to Captain. The ship was designed to act as an explorer and to monitor the movement of Admiral Doenitz's forces in the Beta Quadrant. The ship, itself, is a Galaxy Class Variant with three nacelles. In actuality, each nacelle houses two warp drives to balance the warp field. This increases the ship's range and speed significantly.

The USS Champlain is a large ship with a crew capacity of over 1000. Wolfe remained at Geneva for two weeks while the refit and repair of the ship was completed. The Champlain itself was a converted warship used by Doenitz's forces and captured in battle.

Mission One: Worlds Once Lost

Ivor Prime

The first mission of the Champlain was to go to Ivor Prime in the Eta Scorpii system by the Typhon Expanse. This planet had been a Federation Colony that had been destroyed by the Borg. Decades had passed since that attack and the Champlain was dispatched to examine the ruins of the former colony and determine if the planet was suitable for recolonization. Wolfe felt uncomfortable with the mission almost immediately as it passed through System 663 (see Battle of System 663) but put his own issues aside for the welfare of the mission and his crew when it was clear that going through the system would be the safest route.

Shortly after they got underway, the Champlain was diverted to space station Deep Space 5 in order to aid a fifth column group there and take the station for Admiral Robert LoDona. The station was being commanded by Captain U'gaeth who was loyal to Admiral Doenitz. The crew was tasked to remove U'gaeth from control, handing the station over to its First Officer (a LoDona supporter) and aid the Fifth Column group on DS5.

Edward Wolfe was killed in action on Stardate 2407.03.14, during the Champlain's second battle with the Wyvern, a Nubula class ship of Doenitz's fleet.


Hilt of John Frederick of Saxony's Sword
The Sword of Elector John Frederick of Saxony

Wolfe greatly enjoyed games that involve high amounts of strategic thought. He engaged in regular matches of chess, poker, and holodeck war games. He could often be found with a piece from his weapon collection in the middle of a warrior age holonovel. His favourite time periods were the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages of Earth, and the Reformation. Wolfe also enjoyed Klingon training exercises, and was a good swordsman.

Wolfe was a reader of tactical authors and constantly strove to improve his overall understanding of tactics. Favourites of Edward Wolfe included Frederick the Great of Prussia, James T. Kirk and Sun Tzu. Wolfe's interest in historical tacticians began long before he entered Starfleet.

Edward Wolfe also maintained a collection of ancient Earth weaponry including powder driven projectile weaponry, swords, and other oddities. One of Wolfe's most prized possessions was a Toledo struck sword, created for John Frederick of Saxony. Inscribed on the sword is "Whoever I am leading is unconquerable" in German.


Wolfe was considered a competant, well trained officer. He suffered from nightmares and flashbacks from the Battle of System 663 and has many regrets. Wolfe also had a borderline obsession with catching Admiral Doenitz and bringing him to justice... or committing an act of revenge. His time travel mission made Edward think of ways to fix his problems using the temporal mechanisms. Running through his mind was the knowledge of how easy it could be to go back and stop Lena Markoff from going, or stopping the Battle of System 663 from taking place.


Awarded a Captain's Commendation for his part in the 'Stitch in Time' mission. 2407.02.08.
Awarded the Combat Action Ribbon for his part in the 'Stitch in Time' mission. 2407.02.08.

Comments about Edward Wolfe[edit]

This section is for those who have served with Captain Edward Wolfe to comment on their service with him.

  • Hmmm, Wolfey. Hard one to talk about really. Edward Wolfe is a hard faced man who gets things done, he makes a great captain.. And Myself and my Character (Jono Janeway) Look forward to an illustrious future with him. - Jono Bradley

Edward Wolfe was played by User:JPB