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Lieutenant Eian Michael O'Neill
Eian Michael O'Niell
Name: Eian Michael O'Neill
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Ireland, Earth
Species: Human
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde-red
Height: 5.4 Ft
Weight: 145 lbs.
Blood Color: Red
Skin Color: Pale peach
Current rank: Lieutenant
Current Position: ACEO
Assignment: USS Rosenante
The USS Rosenante
Status: Active

Physical Description:[edit]

Eian is short for a human male, but very muscular and fit. He's got blondish-red hair. It's wavy if he lets it grow out, but he usually keeps it cropped short. He smiles frequently in the presence of friends, but because of his small size, has learned to use body language to intimidate potential foes. He has an excellent poker face when he needs to, which can lead to many comments from friends that they can't ever tell what he's thinking.

Background and Family:[edit]

  • Mother: Commander Grace O'Neill (deceased, 2411)
  • Father: Commander Liam O'Neill
  • Brother: Cadet Glenn O'Neill (born 2395), Starfleet Academy

Eian was born in 2389 to Liam and Grace O'Neill in Ireland while Grace was constructing a tactical training school for Starfleet, that would specifically help integrate other cultures' tactical practices into Starfleet strategy. Grace O'Neill specialized in cross-species tactics. Liam O'Neill's expertise is medical, but he eventually chose a command track. Liam and Grace were called to serve aboard the Starship USS Gadsden when Eian was six, and they moved to the Starship USS Orbitas when Eian was fifteen and Glenn, his younger brother, was seven. Glenn was born aboard the Gadsden, but both boys got the chance to visit their parents' home country of Ireland on numerous occasions, whenever they had leave or their starship was close to Earth. Eian entered Starfleet Academy at the age of eighteen, and graduated at age 24. He took a leave of absence from the Academy after his mother was killed in 2406. He enrolled in a specialized training course at Starfleet Headquarters following his leave of absence. The training course covered advanced lie detection methods, interrogation techniques, and counterterrorism expertise. However, part of his reason for enrolling was that it would allow him to be closer to his father and brother, both of which returned to Ireland after Grace's death. Eian comes from a strong Christian background, and his faith is very important to him.

During the Rosenante's mission Just Another Saturday Night, Eian met Ensign(jg) Jessica Signos at the The County Cork on New Years' Eve. After light conversation, they found they liked each other quite a bit. But they were soon thrown into a power outage crisis situation on the station, and were forced to fight for their lives together. They were both injured in the process, and they both made fast recoveries in the Rosenante's sickbay. The entire incident brought initiated a romantic relationship between them.


  • Starfleet Academy/ Recent classes: At age 18, he enrolled in Starfleet Academy, and graduated at age 24. While there, he studied wartime/security strategy, ship systems engineering, and weapons engineering with a minor in psychology. He took several profiling classes and lie detection classes, and is skilled in interrogations. When he took a year and a half off from Starfleet Academy to be with his family (after his mother's death), he worked as a drydock mechanic to keep busy and this was counted as class credit towards an engineering license, which he completed before his graduation from the Academy. His degree is in Defensive and Offensive Strategy with a concentration in Ship Systems Technology and a minor in Psychology.
  • Secondary School: USS Orbitas mobile classroom, USS Gadsden mobile classroom
  • Primary School: USS Gadsden mobile classroom.
  • Kindergarten and first grade in Ireland Preschool: Ages 3-4, Ireland.


Eian loved living aboard starships, and from a young age was interested in strategy games, puzzle-solving, and weapons. His interests were fueled by his mother's cross-species expertise and her knowledge of tactics, and eventually his interests developed into psychology and various forms of security and wartime tactics. He became a bit of a history buff, concentrating on war history and psychological studies into famous criminals. As a teenager, he became interested in building weaponry, and took several engineering courses (including one introductory one from Starfleet Academy). He started flight courses at age sixteen and was able to complete his flight training in Starfleet Academy, at age twenty-one.


USS Rosenante: Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, 2313-present


1. The Gilded Man[edit]

Eian was assigned to the Rosenante straight out of the Academy, and shipped from a Starbase, delivering himself and a new shuttle to the Rosenante. Unfortunately, someone screwed up the paperwork and didn't realize that the Rosenante was cloaked in a dangerous area of space. The Irlixian government had illegally acquired technology from Starfleet (see mission details), and now controlled their solar system, shooting down vessels that attempted to enter. When Eian entered, his shuttle was severely damaged and he was forced to crash on planet Irlix. Thankfully, he crashed near the current away team's covert position, and they were able to rescue him and destroy the shuttle. He joined the away team and participated in their duties until they were beamed back aboard the Rosenante. At this point, he was ordered to go down to the planet on another away mission to rescue the Irlixian government's hostages from the USS Bohrs. They were successful while another away team was successful at stopping Ono Nakamura, the chief engineer of the USS Medea, who had assumed dictatorship of the most powerful government on Irlix and severely compromised the Prime Directive. At the end of the mission, Eian was promoted to Ensign (sg) and officially named Assistant Chief Engineer of the USS Rosenante.

2. Touch of the Eidolon[edit]

After their mission on Irlix, the Rosenante docked at Starbase 989 for shore leave. Eian decided to participate in the station's upcoming martial arts tournament, and also continued his work on a personal project of his. He had the thought that if two people could see each other over subspace, a subspace signal might be extended to allow the benefits of a holodeck program. The participants would be able to not only see and hear, but also touch, their companions who were Light Years away. His motivation for doing this was his wish to spend Christmas with his family, whom he had spent Christmas with every year for his entire life.

The first martial arts tournament match left Eian greatly disappointed. His opponent was a Kresteegan man three times his weight, and Eian spent the first ten minutes attempting to calm his opponent down and convince him that the pairing was not an intentional cultural insult. After doing fairly well for being greatly out-weighted, Eian received an unusually low score, and was especially disappointed at the lowest number of all--"conduct." He felt that after having to calm his raving opponent, he deserved a far better conduct rating.

It was about this time that Eian received his Christmas present from his father and brother, a new puppy who he named Murphy (which is Gaelic for 'hound of the sea'). Murphy was about two months old, and is German Shepherd / English Foxhound mix.

Soon after this, there was a murder on board, and Eian inserted himself in the investigation in an attempt to prove to Lt. Ben Soma that he had the skills necessary for tactical work. Eian profiled the murderer and participated in the search for whoever stole and used his thumb print signature for a low-level engineering request to make the Rosenante fully holo-capable. He realized, after seeing the details of the medical exam and participating in the investigation, that the murderer was most likely a hologram. He helped Soma question the suspicious Romulan T'Sek aboard the Orion vessel Harveq. He then helped formulate the plan to catch the true culprit, the Ferengi Quol Nor. His plan would allow them to trap the holoprogram while simultaneously tracking its source and shutting it down before it could hurt anyone else.

After Quol Nor's arrest, shore leave was extended aboard the Rosenante and Eian was promoted to Lieutenant (jg).

3. Just Another Saturday Night[edit]

On New Year's Eve, Eian went to the The County Cork in a replicated World War II Army Air Corp flight suit. He hoped that the costume would attract attention from the ladies and spark conversation. As it turned out, he didn't need the uniform at all--he met Jessica Signos and struck up a conversation with her that lasted for hours. They discussed the drawbacks of being short, their career plans, their respective assignments, and their heritages. As the chronometer struck midnight, they kissed, and exchanged blessings for each other.

Less than an hour later, while they were still in conversation, the power suddenly went out on Starbase 989, leading to a riot on the Promenade. Eian did what he could to calm the civilians inside the The County Cork before he and Jessica checked in with their superiors and Eian received orders from Lt. Steven Wade Matrix to make his way to the Starbase's Engineering and investigate what was going on. Communications were down throughout most of the starbase, and the chief engineer had no way to contact his counterparts on the base. Eian and Jessica made their way through the Jefferies Tubes to circumvent the rioters, but on the way, while attempting to repair an overheated conduit, Eian was attacked by Vexarak Spoilers. Jessica managed to pull him away in time so that they didn't devour him, but they did swipe his skin, leaving him with many deep cuts, and five of them entered his body and made their way to his Brain Stem. Jessica healed his cuts with a nearby medkit, but did not realize the insects were inside him. When Eian regained consciousness, he found that his stimulant medication was not working at all, and that he couldn't concentrate on anything. To alleviate some of the ADHD symptoms, he talked to Jessica the entire way to Engineering and made little sense along the way. He jumped from subject to subject, quoting Monty Python and the Holy Grail frequently and making romantic advances toward Jessica.

When they arrived in Engineering, Eian's hyperactive state allowed him to quickly determine the cause of the massive overload that had crippled the Starbase. The rioters were at the door, however, so Jessica held them off while Eian attempted to lock down the main core of the station so that the rioters could not destroy them all. He managed to do so, with some difficulty, and Jessica was shot with a dart just as the rioters scattered, hearing Starfleet Officers coming. Eian picked up Jessica and ran with her to Sickbay on the station, where he promptly collapsed only a few steps in the door. The Spoilers were doing too much damage to his brain, and he was in danger of dying.

Luckily, Dr. Emily Post had room for both of them aboard the Rosenante, and they were beamed there, where they both received successful treatment.

4. Once More Into The Breach[edit]

Eian after Assimilation

Late at night on Stardate 2414.1.14, Starfleet Command contacted Captains Durand and Salid and made them aware of a danger the Darson Deep Space Array had picked up. A Borg Tactical Cube and a Borg Pyramid had been spotted near the Federation-Romulan border in the Beta Quadrant, heading toward the Dovek System. Because the system was once home to an extremely advanced race of people called the Tkon, there were disastrous tactical implications of the Borg acquiring buried technology in the deserted system. The captains recalled all shore leave, ordered all non-essential personnel off the ship, including all civilians and animals. Neither Eian nor Jessica Signos knew what to expect at that point, but they parted with a kiss before entering their respective ships and departing Starbase 989. The briefing that took place shortly afterward clued them in as what they were up against, and Eian began engineering tactical scenarios in his head.

When they arrived near Dovek II, a plan was put into place. A previously launched away mission had crashed on the radiation-scarred planet Dovek II after their shuttle was attacked by the Borg. Their original mission was to gather data about the weapon on the surface, and they succeeded. With that information, the Boudicca and Rosenante launched another two away teams -- one to rescue the first away team, and the second to place an antimatter mine inside the weapon the Borg were attempting to salvage. A 'scorched Earth' policy would be a better alternative to the Borg getting a hold of a weapon that had the potential to destroy an entire solar system, or worse. Eian was assigned to the rescue mission, and they successfully landed on the planet while the Rosenante and Boudicca drew the Borg's attention by engaging them in battle.

While on the surface, Eian's commander Sanok was separated from the group and Eian temporarily commanded the rescue team until they were reunited. He led the team to the survivors and played a critical role in getting everyone back to the shuttle safely. After this, they used the shuttle and the survivors' spare power cell from the crashed shuttle to assist the mine team, also on the planet to destroy the ancient device that the Borg were attempting to salvage. They rendezvoused with the mine team and Eian attached the power cell to the mine, enabling the device to blow and the technology to be destroyed. He carried a critically injured Jessica Signos back to the now very crowded shuttle and the three teams were able to lift off the surface and escape the explosive wave that obliterated the planet's surface.

Once back aboard the Rosenante, all away team members were treated for radiation poisoning and whatever other injuries they suffered. Although Eian briefly remained at Jessica's side in Sickbay, he returned to his duties. The Rosenante engaged in battle with the Borg Cube and Pyramid, which were attempting to create a time vortex to travel back and salvage the sphere in the past. During the battle, the Rosenante lost a nacelle and it hurtled into the Pyramid, destroying it. The Cube was also destroyed. However, the Rose was badly hurt and Eian took two junior engineers to attempt to 'tourniquet' the enormous energy flux on the starboard nacelle's 'stump.' They were partially successful, but not before the Borg beamed aboard the Rosenante and began assimilating the crew.

Eian's small team was attacked, and the other two officers with him were assimilated. However, Eian was captured but not immediately assimilated. He fought tooth and nail, shattering his ankle and collarbone in the process. However, the Borg subdued him and secured him in a tightly restraining device to prevent further harm to himself. The individual drone leading the Borg's mission, Volus, wanted to study him to discover the nature of the human soul. Volus questioned Eian on his religion and the concept of hope, and Eian answered after initial hesitation. However, Commander T'Larah Sullivan entered and threatened Volus and the surrounding drones. Volus assimilated Eian to prevent his knowledge from being lost.

Eian's assimilation didn't come easily, though. A combination of a newly developed preventative drug that he was given to slow assimilation, and his natural brain chemistry that depended on stimulation, allowed him to retain his focus and control of his mind despite his complete loss of control of his body. A significant internal struggle ensued, where Eian was bombarded by the Borg's attempts to draw his focus away from his individuality, but his ADHD made every physically painful and mentally exhausting effort only strengthen his focus. Finally, the Borg realized that Eian was gaining focus from stimulation, and so they took away all stimulation. They turned off his optical implant and bolted a metal eyepiece onto his skull over his other eye, blinding him. They turned off the auditory implants they had installed, and the electronic voice box with which they had replaced his vocal cords. They turned off his nerves, leaving his consciousness floating in nothingness. With absolutely no stimulation, his mind had no choice but to gravitate toward the Borg, and he was effectively assimilated.

Eian became 2 of 5, and was initially assigned to a basic repair that required only pre-programmed commands, not sight, hearing, speaking, nor feeling. Somewhere deep in 2 of 5's consciousness, Eian felt total sorrow and wished to die. He could have dealt with his physical fate, if he still had a connection to God. But the Borg had silenced the brain function that made his feelings of joy possible when he thought about God. He had no joy, no feelings of awe. For the first time in his life, he was completely and totally alone.

Volus took advantage of this loneliness, and allowed Eian's mind to lose its sharpness during the time he was isolated, and then presented himself to Eian as a God. Using the same language and same arguments Eian was used to in his Christian religion, Volus appealed to Eian's brain structure, which was formed from birth to be strongly religious. Because Eian's brain structure was used to worshiping and he had been starved of this function, he was like a starving man who was offered a morsel of food. It didn't matter what it tasted like--Eian accepted Volus as a god without much thought, and was successfully brainwashed to believe that the Borg were wonderful. He was then ordered to assimilate Jessica and bring her willingly into the "loving" Collective.

Thankfully, Jessica was able to disable Eian instead of becoming assimilated herself. She shot a power conduit with a phaser, and the explosion severely damaged 2 of 5. His armor was charred, some of his implants melted to his skin and armor, and the tricorder Jessica brought that emitted a frequency that blocked the Collective was fused to his back. This blocked Eian's Collective signal, and enabled him to think clearly for the first time since his assimilation. His thoughts were racing, though. His ADHD was difficult to deal with because of his lack of a stimulant in too many hours, and he was latching onto any stimulation he had. The pain of his injuries and the emotional pain of being alone and watching his friends, especially Ben Soma capture him and prepare him for experimentation, was enough to drive him to begin to concentrate on his actions. He started to think about how Volus was maybe not a god...but came to the conclusion that because the one true God did not rescue him, God must not exist...

His thoughts on that avenue were cut short when his coworkers prepared to extract nanoprobes from him. Their plan was to use the nanoprobes against the Borg, to find a way to either slow assimilation to a halt or to make the nanoprobes kill the Borg. The process was painful but brief, and Eian continued his philosophical ponderings in the hours that followed. He successfully regained his individuality and separated his own mind from the Collective philosophy, but was unable to gain back the faith he had lost. His mental battle ended when his body, devoid of functioning nanoprobes or a connection to the Collective and also devoid of vital organs, shut down. Eian would have died very quickly if it had not been for Commander Jennifer Caskie's quick thinking. The first officer of the Boudicca put Eian in a stasis pod at the last second, preserving his life. He was rushed to Sickbay where CMO Kimiko Ichijo began to work on him.

At the end of the mission, the Rosenante and Boudicca were able to stop the Borg from destroying the human race when the Borg sent the T'kon Sphere back in time to the Cretaceous era. Jessica Signos, Ben Soma, and Sanok were able to kill the Borg on the sphere including Volus and beam out before it crashed into the planet Earth, which triggered the event that killed the dinosaurs and made the existence of the human race possible.

5. Personal Logs[edit]

After both ships returned to Stardate 2414.2.12 in the Dovek System, the severely damaged ships limped back to Starbase 989, where they were redirected to Starbase Geneva because the extensive repairs could not be handled by the smaller starbase. The trip was long and arduous, and when they finally reached the starbase, the crew was reunited with their families and pets. Eian met his father, Liam O'Neill, his puppy Murphy, and Jessica outside the docking slip. The three went to breakfast and then toured the station and spent the day together relaxing. Eian showed a marked improvement in his mood, which was slightly depressed because of his recent loss of faith. Later that night, Jessica spoke to Eian about her past, her forced dual personality and participation in Section 31. Eian decided that he didn't want to be mixed up in such a fiasco, and left. He spent the next few days in a medical holodeck working on a physical therapy ice hockey program. He was promoted to Lieutenant senior grade during a promotion ceremony, which he felt he did not deserve. Afterwards, he went back to the holodeck.

On the fifth day after the Rosenante's arrival at the Starbase, Liam decided that his son's behavior was unhealthy and when he didn't get much reception from Eian, he went to Jessica's quarters to persuade her to talk to Eian. Liam was not aware the two were not speaking. He found her quarters empty and ransacked, and immediately alerted the authorities. Jessica had been recording her movements in her quarters, as if expecting an attack. The recording revealed unseen attackers forcibly removing Jessica from her quarters after a violent struggle in which one of them became visible when he died. This was because of the phasing technology they were using to remain unseen.

Liam went to Eian with this information, hoping Eian knew something more than he did, and found that his son was aware of the threat from Section 31 and that Jessica had given him a PADD with her life's story written on it. Father and son took the PADD and the information about the kidnapping to Captain Salid. Salid already knew the information and took the opportunity of having personnel already knowledgeable of the situation to inform them of his plan. He had been in contact with Starfleet Intelligence and while they were aware of the kidnapping and had suspected a S31 cell operating on Starbase Geneva for quite some time, they did not want to expend the resources to rescue Jessica because it could have blown their monitoring of George Hayden, Jr. and his cell. However, Salid planned to rescue Jessica and capture the cell.

Through the use of his contacts with the station, Salid was able to monitor the entire starbase for the phasing signatures that would locate Jessica. Captain Ahmed Ibn Salid, Commander Liam O'Neill, Lieutenant Eian O'Neill, and security forces from the USS Kelman and USS Rosenante beamed into the phasing room where Jessica was held, and Liam attempted to convince her to come with them. Injured and distrusting of all, Jessica was initially unwilling. Just as she started to stand down, a Section 31 team wearing ghost suits phased back in and opened fire. All but one, Lucia Del Santos, were killed. Del Santos was captured and transported to Sickbay, along with most of the team. Minor injuries, including a grazed artery on Liam's arm, were treated and Jessica was confined to Sickbay to undergo testing and brain wave monitoring to eliminate the possibility of her control by Section 31.

Eian immersed himself in profiling Hayden, attempting to determine the best possible way to bait the man into capturing Salid, so they could capture him. He was the last piece of the Section 31 cell operating on Starbase Geneva, other than Del Santos. To better understand Hayden's psychology, Eian used an old immersion technique developed by the 1970s FBI profiling founder John Douglas, but adapted for modern-day use through a holodeck. The technique involved imagining, or in Eian's case experiencing, the crimes from the offender's *and* the victim's point of view. Despite the disturbing nature of this experience, Eian put himself through at least a Nazi doctor's experiments, and Jessica's own torture.

It was during his report of his findings to Salid that the Captain opened up to him and encouraged him not to lose his faith. Salid quoted scripture to Eian, explaining that God's "signal" not reaching his brain was not proof of His nonexistence, but rather proof of human imperfection. Eian eventually went to the holodeck and attempted to pray at Salid's suggestion. The result was an amazing spiritual experience that ended in the renewal of his faith and the realization that his new "photographic" memory and lack of spiritual feeling were just a new type of way for him to experience faith.

Several days later, Salid was abducted and Eian was informed immediately. He began the daunting task of attempting to find the phased-out Captain on the enormous Starbase Geneva. After hours of work, he started to get frustrated. But working with his father, he was able to determine that Hayden was using a holodeck to mask the signature of the phasing equipment. A brilliant plan, but not brilliant enough. Eian, Liam, Chance Raschen, and a small security team beamed in. Nearly everyone fired on Hayden at once, stunning the man into oblivion and allowing for the injured Captain to be rescued. Hayden was taken into custody and Salid recovered fully.

6. The Third Law[edit]

Eian was a member of the Alpha Site landing team upon the Rosenante's arrival at the Rogue Planet, a planet without a solar system that apparently still supported life. He tripped over some bones that turned out to be the skeletal remains of an alien species not otherwise recorded in Starfleet databases.

When scientists discovered that the Rogue Planet was on a collision course with a planet occupied by a pre-warp society, the away teams were recalled and Eian voiced his opinion that they should find a way to help the planet that would not violate the Prime Directive.

He volunteered for the undercover mission Salid ordered, to go to the inhabited planet, observe the inhabitants, and determine if they posed a threat to the Federation, if they had ever been in contact with a warp-developed culture, and to determine if they had any ability to detect the help that they would offer. Eian volunteered despite misgivings about putting himself on such a high risk mission, because he felt that his background in xeno-weaponology, his engineering training, and his tactical skills would come in handy in investigating this civilization.

He was assigned with a security team alongside Lt. Sanok to scout out Celdebrai City.

Eian surgically altered to look like an Asrai

Eian and Sanok's first difficulty was a group of youths who called them 'karul' and chased them. Wanting to avoid a conflict, they escaped without engaging but were able to find the Traveler's Hall, where the away team would stay for the next twenty days.

Eventually, Eian and the away team encountered resistance when Lt. Tayla Fraiser and Captain Salid were taken prisoner. Parker Davis was left in command, and Eian was placed on a rescue team that eventually ended up accessing an underground cavern where the Asrai religious leaders were concealing technology that they did not realize was from their ancestors. Included in this technology was a weapon that could destroy the rogue planet in the event that it ever approached Asrai Prime.

The weapon powered up and Eian and Matrix had to find a way to shut it down before it killed millions of sleeping Asrai, who were in stasis in the approaching rogue planet. Eian had seen a similar computer code structure in his memories from the Borg Collective, and was able to use this memory to assist Matrix in the decoding and powering down of the weapon. A diplomatic counsel was sent to Asrai Prime to assist the people in regaining their technology, if they so chose.

7. The Captain's Cotillion[edit]

For some much-needed downtime, the crew of the Rosenante embarked on a journey of a totally different kind...a cotillion. Eian was at first not crazy about the idea, as he didn't know what a cotillion was and quickly found out that it entailed a lot of engineering work to ready two cargo bays to hold the entire crew compliment comfortably in what amounted to a dance.

His personal life took a turn for the worse when he approached Jessica Signos and told her that he could not continue to see her as long as Lily was still in control over her life. Their breakup was anything but smooth.

Eian attended the cotillion anyway, and adorned a traditional Western Earth 3-piece suit.

Eian dressed up for the cotillion.


Eian was diagnosed with Attention Divergence Hyperactivity Disorder (known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder until 2105) at age three, and has been coached and treated with mild stimulants since early childhood to cope with the symptoms of hyperactivity and difficulty controlling his attention. He still contacts his old coach occasionally for tips, but has his ADHD relatively under control, as long as he takes his morning stimulant. He has severe allergies, which he receives monthly antihistimine hyposprays for. They are under control. He has been seeing a counselor regularly since the death of his mother, Grace. He has frequent nightmares pertaining to her death, but exhibits no outward signs of incapacitation. He is cleared for duty.

In 2414, Eian was attacked by Vexarak Spoilers, 5 of which attached themselves to his Brain Stem. Dr. Emily Post's initial attempts to remove them surgically resulted in Eian crashing on the table, and so she eventually transported them out of his brain and into a secure container. He was treated successfully, and recovered fully.

Also in 2414, during the Borg invasion of the USS Rosenante, Eian was assimilated by the Borg and became 2 of 5. Among his existing injuries (broken collarbone, shattered ankle, concussion), Eian suffered the amputation of his right arm just below the elbow, the amputation of both legs below the knee, the removal of his left eye, the removal of all the bones and the eardrums of both ears, the removal of multiple organs the Borg deemed 'unnecessary', the grafting of armor directly onto his skin and in some cases his bones, and the installation of various mechanical prosthetics and apparatuses for Borg purposes.

He received emergency surgery to save his life after his implants were deactivated the same day they were installed. His respiratory system was replaced and his body was repaired piece by piece. He received new legs that were cloned from his own tissue, skin grafts to replace burned skin or removed armor, and replacement organs also cloned from his own tissue. His arm, eye, and eardrums could not be replaced with cloned parts due to limitations in the technology. Therefore, Eian received prosthetics for these and the ear implants, among other various implants, had to stay in his body. He will likely live with these implants for most of the rest of his life.


Eian has loved to write from an early age. He has what his father fondly called 'a runaway imagination' that would allow him to conceive of worlds beyond his own, and share them with all who wished to hear. Eian writes novels about the future and past, and shares them with his family, whom he calls his editors. He has no published works as of yet. Eian loves his family and spends as much time as possible with them. Much of his free time is spent on subspace lately, chatting with his brother and father since his mother's death. In order to control his ADHD, Eian uses exercise to calm himself down and allow himself to think. He loves to run, swim, play ice hockey, climb, and will try any sport. He tends to like all sports, and is quite the athlete. He exercises in some way every day. Eian also plays the Irish flute, loves to fly fighter craft in the holodeck, and enjoys watching/participating in historical holodeck programs.


Eian is gifted in strategy of any sort. Given the right constraints, he can think his way out of any problem. He has been able to perfect his poker face and get away with deception quite easily, should he need to. He also has incredibly fast reflexes, which combined with his avid proclivity towards physical exercise make up for his small physique. Eian has training in engineering pertaining to ship systems and the design of weaponry, extensive knowledge of strategy and tactics (for wartime and peace time), training in lie detection and interrogation techniques, and has studied the criminal mind. His degree is in Defensive and Offensive Strategy with a concentration in Ship Systems Technology and a minor in Psychology. Eian received his pilot's license when he was twenty-one, authorizing him to fly fighter shuttles in tactical training scenarios once he graduated from Starfleet Academy. He also has a Starfleet-certified engineering license. He is skilled in standard Starfleet hand-to-hand, ground, and aerial combat techniques. He has also received advanced training in all of these areas, and has exceptional knowledge of cross-species hand-to-hand techniques and ways to counter them, because of his mother's work.


Eian comes from a large extended family in Ireland, most of which he doesn't see because of his career in Starfleet. However, he wants to carry on the tradition. When he meets a woman he loves, he plans to marry her and have children. He likes children quite a lot and will babysit if asked. He tends to take on the coach role with them, teaching them how to play sports or teaching them about history. He practices his Christian faith by attending a holodeck service every Sunday when he is able to do so, praying regularly before bed and during the day, and reading his Bible whenever he has the chance. He considers his career in Starfleet a way of serving God. He stands by strict principles of acceptance that accompany his faith, and is very open to others' beliefs.

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