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McDermott spent the remainder of the final battle of the Deonitz Civil War on an operating table with doctors struggling to save his life. He did so however with the knowledge that the battle had been all but won.
McDermott spent the remainder of the final battle of the Deonitz Civil War on an operating table with doctors struggling to save his life. He did so however with the knowledge that the battle had been all but won.
==Mission Two: [[Healer in the Tower]]==
==Third Assignment: Coming Soon!==
Coming Soon!
===[[McDermott's Personal Log]] Click to View.===
===[[McDermott's Personal Log]] Click to View.===

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Eric V. McDermott
Name: Eric V. McDermott
Rank: http://www.startrekfreedom.com/images/pips1/redltcmdr.jpg Lt. Commander
Awards: http://www.startrekfreedom.com/images/rib12.gif http://www.startrekfreedom.com/images/rib19.gif http://www.startrekfreedom.com/images/rib04.gif


Gender: Male
Species: Human/Betazoid
Age: 27
Position: First Officer/Strategic Operations Officer
Ship: USS Dennison (NCC-91367)
Status: Active: Healer in the Tower
"You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to formal representation under Federation Law. You have the right to formal trial by jury of your peers if you so choose. You also have the right not to be tortured! Not to be subjected to illegal experiments! Not to be murdered in the name of science! Not to be kidnapped, illegally confined and mentally and physically abused! Rights and protections that you denied to these sentient beings, your victims!”"
— {{{2}}} McDermott while arresting Professor Maori Baynor.
"This is our target people. The rest of the fleet are already on the way in what may well be the last battle of the war. This is where we will put a stop to the Doenitz Regime. This is where we will decapitate his war machine. This is where we will achieve final victory over him or die trying. I don't need to tell you what is at stake here. If we fail the Federation that we have fought so hard to save will fall and the fates of untold trillions will be left in the hands of a despot who has already proven that he will commit wholesale genocide in order to achieve his aims of domination."
— {{{2}}} McDermott briefing the Dennison senior staff on the eve of the battle at the Mars Defense Perimeter.


Eric Vitellius Devries was born to Wilhelmina Devries on Stardate 2380.08.04 on Arega IV where Devries was serving a term of imprisonment for smuggling stolen archeological artifacts. While Federation officials tried to convince Devries to give the young boy up for adoption when she was released a year later, Devries refused taking the boy with her.

Much of Devries' early years were spent in space on one broken down freighter or another that his mother managed to acquire, steal or obtain a position on. Wilhelmina was a brutal woman who has been nothing more than a career criminal all of her life. She has outstanding warrants for extortion, blackmail, smuggling, theft, espionage, and hijacking as well as for several murders.

Devries grew up in an environment in which brutal beatings for the smallest of failures was commonplace. As such he learned to stay out of sight, show no signs of weakness or emotion of any type and to complete any task assigned to him quickly and completely. At the age of twelve while staying in a cheap apartment on Earth during a layover, Eric made the mistake of trying to defend himself during one of his mother’s rages and was nearly beaten to death in the process. It was only the intervention of a neighbor that allowed him to be beamed to a Federation Medical facility and the medical treatment that saved his life.

Devries spent the rest of his childhood in an Earth Boarding School and Research Facility known as the Seattle Tavis Academy where teachers and councilors tried, with little success, to help the boy come to terms with his past and put it behind him. It was during this time that Devries developed an almost obsessive distrust of telepaths and empaths, specifically Betazoids. It was also during this time the boy began training almost obsessively in both Aikido and Kendo.

Just before the Eric’s sixteenth birthday investigators finally discovered the identity of his father, a Star Fleet Commander by the name of Roderick J. McDermott. Unfortunately Eric’s father was killed only weeks before a meeting could be arranged between the two.

As soon as Eric came of age he legally took his fathers last name, becoming Eric Vitellius McDermott and after several months of working odd jobs decided on college.

An Uncertain Future:

Eric McDermott attended one year at Midwestern University of Archeology, Ohio and two years at San Francisco State University for Computer Science. While Eric maintained a 3.9 GPA he dropped out of both schools without explanation. Eric had enjoyed his three years in college and achieved a high standard of performance in both schools but despite this he eventually quit both schools. In each instance he felt as though “something” was missing in his life and his choice of training.

It was only through a chance meeting with an off duty Starfleet Captain at the Naval History Museum in San Francisco that eventually guided Eric to the Academy in order the he might follow in his father’s footsteps. Captain Stanford A. Evers was a friend; colleague and shipmate of Roderick who took it upon himself to sponsor Eric to the Academy and help the young man get settled into his new career.

Starfleet Academy:

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth

While in the Academy McDermott Majored in Tactics and Strategic Operations while achieving honors in Military History; Advanced Tactics and Strategies; As well as graduating with top honors at the Federation War College and graduating third in his class. McDermott Graduated from the Academy Class of 2406 on Stardate 2406.12.07. McDermott is also a qualified small craft pilot, certified for everything from shuttles to Runabouts.

McDermott is very much a student of military history and his abilities and scores in tactical simulations are nothing short of astounding. He seems to have an intuitive grasp of strategy and how to best make use of whatever resources or weapons he has available to exploit the weaknesses of his opponents. While his battle plans are extensive and cover almost every contingency, he has an uncanny ability to compensate and adjust when everything goes wrong without so much as batting an eye.

McDermott consistently scores at Marksman level with hand held weapons and has achieved a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido and has earned his second degree in Kendo. Preferred weapons are either two (One in each hand), Type 2 Phaser’s or a Type 3 Phaser rifle. He is also a dangerous duelist with either a katana or with his preferred weapon, an Hrathen Razor Saber.

The Greatest Conspiracy of Our Time:

At the beginning of McDermott’s second year at the Academy he became concerned about rumors of a rift within Starfleet. Putting the skills he learned at the University to good use McDermott began poking around in various Starfleet databases looking for information.

It took him nearly a year of cautious probing but eventually he was able to crack the security and access databases in a system coded “The Templar Files.” While McDermott was only able to break into the system once, it was a life changing experience. During the nearly forty minutes that he was able to study the files before being forced to terminate the connection to avoid being caught, he learned things that would change his entire career.

During the unauthorized access, McDermott learned of the rise of Rodrigo Doenitz and the disappearance of Rondar Nell. He was able to study the details of the Battle of Andoria, the strikes against Betazed and Tellar and finally details of the battle at the Gamma Sigma System.

It took McDermott some time after this event to discover the leader of the opposition was Admiral Robert LoDona who led the 52nd Exploratory Fleet which was operating out of the Beta Quadrant.

During the rest of his time at the Academy, McDermott did his best to learn more about LoDona and come up with a plan that would allow him to join the 52nd fleet. During that time his natural sense of caution protected him as security became tighter and tighter at the Academy.

During his last year at the Academy, McDermott became convinced that he was being watched. While he was never able to prove who was behind it on several occasions he found monitoring devices in his quarters and among his belongings. While McDermott believed that he was suspected of having been responsible for cracking the security of the highly sensitive Templar Files, he was later informed that it was due to his performance and capabilities.

During the last few months at the Academy McDermott was contacted a number of times by a female officer whom he was never able to identify. It was she who informed him that he was under watch by security forces loyal to Doenitz.

The officer claimed that Doenitz had made it a policy to keep a close watch on promising young officers who could become dangerous adversaries to him and ensure that they were loyal to him, or terminate them if they were not. She warned McDermott that due to his performance at the Federation War Academy, that he had come to the personal attention of Doenitz, who was considering the young man for a position as a junior member of his staff.

It was at this point that McDermott knew that he needed to escape, deserting if he had to. During his last months at the Academy he concentrated almost as much of his attention on escaping to the Beta Quadrant as he did on his finals. A week before graduation he received provisional orders assigning him directly to the Presidential Staff of Strategic Operations as a junior adjutant.

Only three days before his final exams and with Doenitz’ net tightening around him, his unknown benefactor acted on his behalf and he received new orders assigning him to the USS Nimitz which was one of the premier vessels of the 52nd Exploratory Fleet. McDermott was warned that as soon as it was discovered that his orders had been changed Doenitz security would come down on him immediately and that he would need to leave immediately after graduation.

Twelve minutes was all the time Cadet McDermott required to take and pass his final exam and within twenty-three minutes of receiving his commission and final orders from the Academy Commandant, McDermott had left Starfleet Academy behind. He did not wait for the graduation ceremony, he did not attend the reception after that graduation and within two hours of receiving his commission to Ensign, Eric McDermott was on a long-range shuttle heading for Beta quadrant.

It was almost fourteen hours before Presidential security discovered the ruse and a search of McDermott’s quarters found only a hand written note addressed to Rodrigo Doenitz that was short and to the point.

“You expect Loyalty yet you have none. You demand integrity yet the very concept of that word is alien to you. You expected me to come to you on bended knee and swear fealty to you. The one thing I will swear to you is this: One day you and I will meet face to face and it will be you who is on your knees.

Eric Vitellius McDermott.”

It took McDermott nearly two and a half months to finally arrive in the Beta Quadrant, staying just one step ahead of his pursuers throughout the entire trip.

First Assignment: USS Nimitz NCC 75878-E

McDermott was assigned to the USS Nimitz upon graduation from the Academy as its Assistant Tactical Chief.

On Stardate 2407.03.25 McDermott was assigned as the Second Officer of the USS Nimitz by Captain Devan Sash.

USS Nimitz NCC 75878-E

On Stardate 2407.02.16 McDermott was promoted to Ensign(sg).

On Stardate 2407.03.22 McDermott was promoted to Lieutenant(jg).

On Stardate 2407.03.29 McDermott was promoted to Lieutenant.

On Stardate 2407.03.29 he was awarded a Combat Action Ribbon for services rendered in freeing Cait Prime for the Occupation of Doenitz forces and it's illegal and immoral experiments.

Mission one: A Taste of Hate.

McDermott became caught up in a terrorist attack instigated by Humans for Humanity on Starbase Geneva in the form of a bio-engineered virus on Stardate 2407.02.09 before he was even able to report to his first duty station, the USS Nimitz.

During the incident McDermott intervened in an assault against a female Larosian civilian, stopping the assault, despite personal injury to himself. All four attackers were later apprehended when they tried to acquire medical aid for the injuries they received at McDermott’s hands.

McDermott continued to work on Geneva enforcing station security during a general lockdown until he succumbed to the virus himself on Stardate 2407.02.11.

For his actions during the crises on Geneva, McDermott was promoted to Ensign(sg) by Captain Devan Sash. McDermott was finally able to assume his duties aboard USS Nimitz as Assistant Tactical Chief on Stardate 2407.02.16.

Mission Two: For a Friend.

IKS Hegh'delar

On Stardate 2407.03.07 McDermott joined Captain Devan Sash and various members of the Nimitz Crew in the unauthorized rescue of Lieutenant Dru Tagon from a Doenitz Prison facility of Djörn Major. (Later known and the Djorn Major Incident) The team, using a borrowed Klingon Bird of Prey intended on using its cloaking ability to allow them to infiltrate the prison facility and affect a rescue of Lt. Tagon.

Djörn Major XJ-003

During this mission McDermott began suffering from a series of telepathic and empathic episodes, which seriously affected his abilities to function. Due to the condition McDermott was ordered to remain aboard the IKS Hegh’delar while the rest of the team boarded the prison facility to rescue Lt. Tagon.

As it turned out this series of events proved to be an unparalleled opportunity for McDermott as during the course of the mission, the Defiant Class Starship USS Vindicator discovered the cloaked Hegh’delar in close proximity to the station. In the resultant clash which was McDermott's first battle, Eric took command of the Hegh'delar and commanded his first starship engagement, with a crew of only three on a ship that none of them were familiar with.

Despite being overmatched, McDermott succeeded in leading the USS Vindicator in a nearly forty-five minute long hit and run battle which eventually resulted in the crippling of the Vindicator. In the climax of the battle McDermott made use of a modified version of the Picard Maneuver, which would later come to be called McDermott’s Sidestep. After the Vindicator was disabled the Hegh'delar was able to pick up the rescue team and Lt. Tagon without further incident and withdraw from the system.

Despite the fact that the mission was unauthorized, McDermott did not face charges or sanctions upon returning to the Nimitz.

Mission Three: To Skin a Cat.

McDermott was in the midst of learning how to control his new empathic and telepathic abilities with the help of Ships Counselor Cecilia Bruce when the Nimitz received new orders for her next mission.

On Stardate 2407.03.22 the Nimitz received orders from the Admiralty to conduct a snap raid on Cait Prime (Ferasa) with the objective of verifying the existence and destroying a Doenitz research facility believed to be developing biogenetically altered Caitains for use as Super-Soldiers. On this same day McDermott was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade by Captain Devan Sash. To McDermott's utter shock just a few days later on Stardate 2407.03.25 he was posted as the Second Officer by Captain Sash, when the Nimitz's First Officer Commander Jonas Lemar was forced to take an emergency leave of absence.

After slipping through Cait orbital defenses, McDermott and his crewmates were able to make contact with the two Starfleet officers as well as a local resistance group, just outside the village of Chtarr.

Early the next morning the team struck a Caitain railway station and commandeered a train that supplied the research facility that was their main objective. McDermott executed a flawless ambush and the team was able to take down the defenders without raising an alarm and used the train as transportation to the underground warehouse of the research facility itself.

Once within the facility Captain Sash split the away team into two forces. The technical team comprised of mostly science and engineering officers whose responsibility was the retrieval of data and destruction of the facility itself. The Security team remained under Sash and McDermott and attacked the facilities security detail neutralizing it and taking control of the illicit research facility.

With his security collapsing around him Professor Colton, a Doenitz confidant turned to a tortured and twisted being which he identified as Delta-Seven-Five, which launched a devastating telepathic attack upon the away team.

In the midst of the wild melee McDermott was able to break free of the fighting and reach the side of Cecilia Bruce. Bruce had been overwhelmed by the attack but for reasons unknown McDermott had remained unaffected. Bruce and McDermott linked their minds and attacked Delta-Seven. While ultimately unsuccessful in trying to kill or disable the being, they were able to force it to break off its attack on the Nimitz crew and it turned on and killed Colton before dying itself.

With the facility neutralized and Caitain Liberation Force in danger of being overwhelmed on the surface, Sash and his away team transported to the surface. Charging headlong into the battle, Captain Sash and McDermott were able to lead their crewmates to a hard fought victory, crushing the main garrison and its commander despite heavy losses to both the Caitain Liberation Force and the away team itself.

During the final battle the citizens of Cait, incensed and finally pushed too far by their oppressors rose up in mass and attacked the defending Doenitz garrison and thereby sealing its fate.

Second Assignment: USS Dennison NCC 91367

McDermott was transfered from the USS Nimitz to the USS Dennison on Stardate 2407.07.04 and assigned as its First Officer.

On Stardate 2407.07.07 McDermott was assigned as Strategic Operations Officer in addition to his First Officer duties.

USS Dennison NCC 91367

Mission One: The Flames of Ragnarock

Following what has become standard for his career, McDermott’s Transfer to his new posting did not go smoothly. While on route his Runabout, the Rapier, came under attack by three Runabouts that were a part of Doenitz forces and was engaged in a running battle right up to his rendezvous with the USS Dennison. McDermott was able to destroy or disable two of the pursuing vessels and with the help of a shuttle sent by the Dennison he was able to drive off the third.

Within hours of his arrival yet another crises precipitated by Ensign Chance Temerarious, who was a Doenitz agent attempting to commandeer the ship in order to turn it over to Doenitz forces. McDermott was prevented from having to take action when the officer changed his mind and asked to join the 52nd fleet. McDermott immediately placed all involved under arrest.

Chaos at the Mars Defense Perimeter!

After representing both Temerarious and the Dennison’s Chief Medical Officer Ensign(sg) Lewis Nymes at their hearings McDermott returned to the Dennison and engaged in a frenzy of activity preparing it for the coming conflict at sector 001.

After a stay at Geneva that was just a little over twenty-four hours in length the Dennison raced to Sector 001 to rejoin the fleet for the battle. At the subspace river terminus they were joined by the USS Ajax, USS Sutherland and USS Lydia, which together formed a squadron to reinforce the fleet assets already in system at Terra. Still serving as Dennison First Officer, McDermott was also required to take on the job of Strategic Operations Officer for the entire group.

Coming late into the battle the Dennison group quickly moved to engage enemy forces that were attacking the USS Nimitz and USS Hades and their escorts while moving in against the heavy fortifications of the Mars Defense Perimeter. Despite the best efforts of the Dennison they were unable to prevent the destruction of the Nimitz but were able to rescue many of her crew and blunt the follow up attack on the Hades.

With the MDP neutralized and Starbase Valhalla captured the Dennison Task Force engaged several more groups of disorganized enemy vessels before patrolling the outer system for stragglers.

Battered but Unbowed

Just before the final assault on Terra a small task force of vessels led by the USS Caesar Regnum warped into the system with the intent of making use of a massive Thalaron Radiation Generator, capable of producing Focused Cascading Biogenic pulses. The Regnum’s mission was to ensure that if Doenitz lost the war, there would be no Terra left to save.

During the battle both the Lydia and Sutherland was destroyed with the Ajax being so badly mauled that it would have to be scuttled after the battle. Despite this the Task Force was able to destroy the Regnum and it’s escorts before they could carry out their aims of genocide on Terra.

During the climax of the Battle, McDermott who was in command of the Dennison’s section two during a Tri-Vector Assault on the massive warship was critically injured. Impaled by a strut directly to the command chair, McDermott remained in command until the conclusion of the battle before finally succumbing to his wounds.

McDermott spent the remainder of the final battle of the Deonitz Civil War on an operating table with doctors struggling to save his life. He did so however with the knowledge that the battle had been all but won.

Third Assignment: Coming Soon!

McDermott's Personal Log Click to View.

Relationships of Note:

Lieutenant(jg) Cecilia Bruce

During his posting aboard the Nimitz, McDermott slowly came out of his self-imposed emotional shell and developed a friendship with Ensign Lawrence Drake, his subordinate when they both served in the USS Nimitz’ Tactical Department. Surprisingly, Eric has also developed a close friendship with the USS Nimitz’ First Officer Commander Jonas Lemar. Most recently Eric has formed a friendship with a Vulcan Security officer T'vel Whom he met while they were both transfering to the USS Dennison.

Much of Eric's emotional development came about as a result of his intimate relationship with Nimitz Ships Counselor Cecilia Bruce. While initially there were numerous misunderstandings between the two mostly due to Eric’s own inexperience and failure to understand his own feelings or Bruce’s. The couple overcame those challenges due to the powerful bond that had developed between them. The result was that the two became Imzadi as well as lovers for a brief, yet intense relationship.

Unfortunately this relationship came to an end due to a series of traumatic events that occurred during an away mission on Cait that caused Bruce to request a transfer of duty away from McDermott.

McDermott is currently single.


McDermott is a voracious reader. He enjoys running various combat simulations as well as playing Stratagema in which he has achieved the rank of second level Grandmaster. He spends time everyday on the Holodeck running physical fitness programs that have frightened more than one onlooker.

McDermott is also fascinated with archeology although that interest has gotten him in trouble from time to time. He is also a gifted computer hacker something that has not gotten him into trouble…yet.

His greatest weakness has been in socializing with or trusting others. His childhood experiences have left him uncomfortable in social situations, which he tries to avoid. He is most comfortable around Vulcans and Klingons whom he can relate well too. At one time McDermott was extremely uncomfortable around Betazoids but his recent discovery of his own heritage and his relationship with Cecilia Bruce has forced him to face and overcome his prejudice. However due to his shame and remorse for his previous bigoted attitudes he is still uncomfortable around many Betazoids.

McDermott had begun to abandon the cold front that he presented to the world for so many years but his recent breakup with Cecilia Bruce has caused him to revert somewhat. He now smiles occasionally and has even been heard to laugh. While he still does not socialize much with his shipmates he has become more approachable and occasionally enters into casual conversation.

McDermott does enjoy playing the Piano at which he excels, preferring to play Jazz or classical pieces.

Medical History:

While McDermott suffered numerous childhood injuries, there are no impairments, scars or permanent ailments.

On Stardate 2407.02.11 McDermott contracted a bio-engineered virus that turned out to be the result of a terrorist attack on Starbase Geneva. Despite serious internal damage requiring major surgery, McDermott recovered fully.

On Stardate 2407.03.09 McDermott received a shrapnel injury to his left shoulder from an exploding console during battle aboard the IKS Hegh'delar. The injury required minor surgery, McDermott recovered fully.

On Stardate 2407.03.12 it was confirmed by gene analysis that McDermott was one half Betazoid and that his mother was a full Betazoid. McDermott was stunned by the revelation but the news did much to explain the empathic and telepathic episodes that he’d been enduring since his assignment to the USS Nimitz.

Human and Betazoid hybrids can take many forms with the most common being an even mix of both Human and Betazoid biological features. McDermott however was one of the more rare forms in that his body’s biological features were nearly ninety percent Human in outward appearance. On the other side however was the fact that his brain, nervous system and neurological pathways were almost pure Betazoid.

This had led to years of the mistaken assumption that Eric was a genetically pure Human.

Despite this, McDermott’s true nature should have been caught while he was at the Academy as Starfleet’s medical standards are exacting and comprehensive. After extensive investigation by Lt. Commander Jonas Lemar it was discovered that an accident at the Academy led to the loss of several hundred cadets’ medical records including McDermott’s. While McDermott was supposed to have been reexamined and tested, somehow that examination never happened.

As a result of this both Captain Devan Sash and Eric himself are extremely suspicious as to how and why such an incident could have occurred and both suspect a conspiracy to hide McDermott’s true nature, even from himself.

As a result of this discovery McDermott underwent some training with Nimitz ships Counselor Cecilia Bruce to learn how to use and control his talents. Unfortunately with their recent breakup McDermott is no longer actively seeking training from another telepath.


McDermott's inability to function socially with others in the past made him somewhat of a recluse. While he has vastly improved since going on active duty he is still a loner who is more interested in his duty and career than anything else. He is however more open to joining others in social activities than he has been in the past. Until recently he had no real experience with women but his recent, short but intense relationship, with Cecilia Bruce has changed that. The unfortunate end to that liaison however as left him heartbroken and he has since remained steadfastly single.

Due to his lack of social abilities and due to his troubled past, Eric was very nearly dismissed from the Academy as Star Fleet Psych-Profiling indicated he was only marginal at best for adjusting to the Starfleet lifestyle. In the end however it was decided that there was not enough cause to dismiss him although a recommendation was made for him to be observed and monitored while at his first command, to ensure he was able to cope with life in Star Fleet.

While his adjustment was slow and sometimes painful he has been able to make the adjustment and has excelled at his career.

McDermott’s rise through the ranks has been meteoric and his accomplishments have been impressive by any estimation. McDermott has taken his advancement in stride and shows no signs that he feels overwhelmed or even nervous about the increased responsibility that he has gained so quickly. In fact his command presence, charisma and confidence is equal to that of a much older and more experienced officer.


On Stardate 2407.03.29 he was awarded a Combat Action Ribbon for services rendered in freeing Cait Prime for the Occupation of Doenitz forces and it's illegal and immoral experiments.

On Stardate 2407.07.10 he was Awarded the Squadron Commanders Commendation for outstanding participation in the battle against Doenitz forces during the Civil War.

On Stardate 2407.08.07 he was awarded the Ribbon of Sacrifice for bravery, valiance and self-sacrifice, despite serious injury, for the good of the Federation during the battle with the USS Caesar Regnum in the final battle of the Doenitz Civil war.

On Stardate 2407.09.01 he was awarded the Medal of Merit for service to the 52nd Fleet, above and beyond the call of duty.