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Eric V. McDermott
Name: Eric V. McDermott
Rank: Ensign (sg)
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Betazoid
Age: 26
Position: Assistant Tactical Chief
Ship: USS Nimitz (NCC 75878-E)
Status: Active, For a Friend
"Lead, follow or get out of my way."
— {{{2}}}


Eric McDermott was born to Wilhelmina Devries on August 4th 2380 on Arega IV where Devries was serving a term of imprisonment for smuggling stolen archeological artifacts. While Federation officials tried to convince Devries to give the young boy up for adoption when she was released a year later, Devries refused taking the boy with her.

Much of McDermott’s early years were spent in space on one broken down freighter or another that his mother managed to acquire, steal or obtain a position on. Devries was a brutal woman who has been nothing more than a career criminal all of her life. She has outstanding warrants for extortion, blackmail, smuggling, theft, espionage, and hijacking as well as for several murders.

McDermott grew up in an environment in which brutal beatings for the smallest of failures was commonplace. As such he learned to stay out of sight, show no signs of weakness or emotion of any type and to complete any task assigned to him quickly and completely. At the age of twelve while staying in a cheap apartment on Earth during a layover, Eric made the mistake of trying to defend himself during one of his mother’s rages and was nearly beaten to death in the process. It was only the intervention of a neighbor that allowed him to be beamed to a Federation Medical facility and the medical treatment that saved his life.

McDermott spent the rest of his childhood in an Earth Boarding School where teachers and councilors tried, with little success, to help the boy come to terms with his past and put it behind him. It was also during this time the boy began training almost obsessively in both Aikido and Kendo.

Just before the Eric’s sixteenth birthday investigators finally discovered the identity of his father, a Star Fleet Commander by the name of Roderick J. McDermott. Unfortunately Eric’s father was killed only weeks before a meeting could be arranged between the two.

As soon as Eric came of age he legally took his fathers last name and after several months of working odd jobs decided on college.

An Uncertain Future

Eric McDermott attended one year at Midwestern University of Archeology Ohio and two years at San Francisco State University (Computer Science). While Eric maintained a 3.9 GPA he dropped out of both schools without explanation. While Eric enjoyed his three years in college and achieved a high standard of performance in both schools he eventually quit both. In each instance he felt as though “something” was missing in his life and his choice of training. It was only through a chance meeting with an off duty Star Fleet Captain at the Naval History Museum in San Francisco that guided Eric to the Academy in order the he might follow in his fathers footsteps.

Starfleet Academy

Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth

While in the Academy McDermott Majored in Tactics and Strategic Operations while achieving honors in Military History; Advanced Tactics and Strategies; As well as graduating with top honors at the Federation War College and graduating number 3 in his class.

McDermott is a very much a student of military history and his abilities and scores in tactical simulations are nothing short of astounding. He seems to have an intuitive grasp of strategy and how to best make use of whatever resources or weapons he has available to exploit the weaknesses of his opponents. While his battle plans are extensive and cover almost every contingency, he has an uncanny ability to compensate and adjust when everything goes wrong without so much as batting an eye.

McDermott consistently scores at Marksman level with hand held weapons and has achieved a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido and has earned his second degree in Kendo. Preferred weapons are either two (One in each hand), Type 2 Phaser’s or a Type 3 Phaser rifle. He is also a dangerous duelist with either a katana or with his preferred weapon, an Hrathen Razor Saber.}

First Assignment, USS Nimitz

USS Nimitz

Mission one: A Taste of Hate.

McDermott became caught up in a terrorist attack on Starbase Geneva in the form of a bio-engineered virus on Stardate 2407.02.09 before he was even able to report to his first duty station, the USS Nimitz.

During the incident McDermott intervened in an assault against a female Larosian civilian, stopping the assault, despite personal injury to himself. All four attackers were later apprehended when they tried to acquire medical aid for the injuries they received at McDermott’s hands.

McDermott continued to work on Geneva enforcing station security during a general lockdown until he succumbed to the virus himself on Stardate 2407.02.11.

For his actions during the crises on Geneva, McDermott was promoted to Ensign(sg) by Captain Devan Sash. McDermott was finally able to assume his duties aboard USS Nimitz as Assistant Tactical Chief on Stardate 2407.02.16.

Mission Two: For a Friend.

Currently in progress.


McDermott is a voracious reader. He enjoys running various combat simulations as well as playing Stratagama in which he has achieved the rank of second level Grandmaster. He spends time everyday on the Holodeck running physical fitness programs that have frightened more than one onlooker.

McDermott is also fascinated with archeology although that interest has gotten him in trouble from time to time. He is also a gifted computer hacker something that has not gotten him into trouble…yet.

His greatest weakness is in socializing with or trusting others. His childhood experiences have left him uncomfortable in social situations, which he tries to avoid. He is most comfortable around Vulcans and Klingons whom he can relate well too. He is uncomfortable around Betazoids because he is not comfortable with anyone knowing what he is thinking or even worse in his point of view, what he is feeling.

McDermott’s only saving grace socially is his enjoyment of playing the Piano at which he excels preferring to play Jazz or classical pieces.


McDermott's inability to function socially with others has made him somewhat of a recluse. As such he has very little experience in dealing with people, emotions and social situations. He has no experience with women and while he has been powerfully attracted to certain women in his past, he has been unable to act upon that attraction. He has also missed out on numerous chances for relationships because he has been unable to respond to what to others would be obvious advances.

Since his posting on the Nimitz however McDermott has established a rather cautious relationship with Ensign Cecilia Bruce but only time will tell on how this relationship develops.

It is for the above reasons that Eric was very nearly dismissed from the Academy as the Star Fleet Psych-Profiling indicated he was only marginal at best for adjusting to Starfleet lifestyle. In the end however it was decided that there was not enough cause to dismiss him although a recommendation was made for him to be observed and monitored at his first command to ensure he was able to cope with life in Star Fleet.


None at this time.