Francesca dela Rosa

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Francesca dela Rosa[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Black

Height: 5' 7

Weight: 120 lbs

Blood Colour: Red

Skin Colour: Olive

Physical Description: Petite with long black hair and big blue eyes rimmed with long black lashes. A 'stunner' to quote John Linskens.

Family and Background[edit]

Both parents died in the same battle during the War when Francesca was very young. She went to live with her aunt and uncle in San Francisco and was brought up by them. Her uncle died some five years ago, just before she entered SF Academy. One child, Inez. (The father is John Linskens, although he has only recently discovered this. Francesca always knew, of course.)


Local Primary and Secondary schools First class honours degree in History and Literature from Girton College, Cambridge

Pre-Starfleet History[edit]

Entered SF Academy after university

Starfleet History[edit]

2404: One year at SF Academy, studying Security training. Two commendations. Left when she discovered she was pregnant.

Before she left she had been marked as a high-flyer partly due to her outstanding tactical planning skills, and offered a training place with the prestigious Marine corps, which after due consideration she decided against.

After meeting up with John Linskens and the rest of the away team whilst they were on a mission to destroy President Doenitz's time portals before they could be used to change history and prevent the resistance to his rise to power from ever starting, Francesca joined the Nimitz crew together with her two-year-old daughter Inez.

She then transferred with him, first to the USS Boudicca and then to the USS Rosenante. Since the Rosenante is an explorer and has a civilian contingent as well as some families aboard, Francesca has taken up teaching again.

Medical History[edit]

Nothing of note.


Since leaving SF Academy, Francesca studied part-time for a teaching qualification and now teaches classes for night-shift workers at the University. This allowed her to spend time with her daughter, whilst earning a living.


Francesca hasn't a lot of spare time for hobbies; when she's not teaching or looking after her daughter, she's usually trying to catch up on her sleep.

General Notes[edit]

Francesca found it difficult to fit in with the other cadets at the Academy at first. However, her personal tutor had her marked down as an achiever, and core officer material. She used to be a very trusting person but events during her time at the Academy, some involving John, some other cadets, have changed that.

Played by Liz Geuken


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