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Crewman George Walker
Crewman George Walker
Name: George Walker
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Birthplace: New Sussex, Rema IV
Species: Human
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6 foot 5
Weight: 225 lbs
Blood Color: Red
Skin Color: Caucasian
Current rank: Crewman
Current Position: Engineering Crew
Assignment: USS Hades
The USS Hades
Status: Active

Physical Description:[edit]

George Walker is a man in his early thirties. He has intense eyes and a relatively serious demeanor. He wears a goatee and keeps his naturally curly hair short. He is well built.


George was born the youngest of three sons of a discharged Starfleet Marine. His father was a very abusive man, regularly drunk and a forceful disciplinarian. His older brothers both joined Starfleet Marine Corps, while George, eager to get away from Rema IV, joined Starfleet in the hopes of getting away from his past. His father died in a drunken bar brawl shortly after George left the planet. Walker has never returned to that place, not even for his Father's funeral. He never knew his mother and was forced to fend for himself from a young age. He was arrested several times during his youth for fighting.


George was actually forbidden by his father to attend formal school. Walker however, managed to acquire several textbooks and with the aid of a single teacher managed to teach himself well enough to graduate from secondary school. He traveled to earth to apply for the Starfleet Academy entrance exams, but could not pass them. He studied hard and still could not pass the exams. He eventually gave up on becoming an officer, thinking himself too stupid to be an officer. Instead George enrolled into technical trade school, which he just barely managed to pass the entry exams. He focused on power distribution systems and propulsion systems. Despite the fact that he had an understanding of the materials and an innate skill with mechanical things, Georges inability to test well caused him to graduate last in his class.

Pre Starfleet:[edit]

There wasn't much that the world could offer George. He moved from city to city and planet to planet, performing odd work on merchant ships until he finally reached earth. Once there he studied hard for three consecutive years for the Academy entrance exams and failed them each time. He finally resigned himself to technical school, where he barely passed. He has purposely avoided his brothers.


George was assigned as an engineer's mate aboard the USS Appalachia, where he served for a year. He then was shifted from starship to starship, including the USS Tripoli, which participated in the battle of Cardassia. He abandoned ship when ordered to do so and watched as the Tripoli was destroyed by a Warp breach. Later he was assigned to the USS Nimitz, and that is where he is currently. After the destruction of the USS Nimitz during the Battle of Sector 001, he was transferred to the USS Hades. His rank is that of a crewman after nearly 13 years of service, due to disciplinary problems.


George Walker's body is covered with scars. They are the result of self-inflicted injuries. He has an avid desire to avoid Medical professionals whenever possible, as he is usually transferred from a ship shortly after he is subject to an exam. He also distrusts counselors for the same reasons. George also suffers from a personal inferiority complex with self-destructive tendencies, and a mild case of non-delusional paranoia, which can manifest itself as extreme anger. He has a serious dislike for officers, but has managed to control some of his less savory thoughts by causing himself injury. He has read about ritual scarification in ancient societies and has adopted some of their practices, but for completely different reasons. Thus far he has managed to avoid all but the most cursory of notice.

This changed however when Doctor Wendy Kildare learned of his habit of self scarification. She took him under her wing and assisted him in bettering himself. She has become his tutor and is aiding him preparing for the Commissioned Officer's Examination. During this time george has begun to become more social and has developed a crush on Wendy.


George doesn't really have hobbies. He is a loaner, although he has managed to gather up a small group of people who will listen to him. He can be very persuasive at times, and his natural size and strength allows him to intimidate lesser men. He often spends his hours working out in the gym, although he never showers in public and is not prone to removing his shirt (which is always long sleeve) when exercising.


George is an excellent engineer with an intuitive grasp of mechanical systems. He always performs his duties well although he has been known to argue about methods or regulations with officers and staff. His experience with starship systems is very useful and he knows the ships he serves on in a very personal way. Taking personal responsibility for the vessels critical functions whenever possible.


George is prone to disagreements especially with officers, whom he does not generally like. He has been taught his entire life that violence can solve many problems, although in the last decade he has managed to redirect his urge to cause others harm into a more personal punishment. He is not a complete beast, he has displayed the ability to be friendly and supportive to those he deems worthy of his time. He has never been successful with women and has difficulty dealing with members of the opposite sex. He has never been violent towards them, but there are inevitably arguments and the relationships end as a result of the constant tensions. As a result he usually avoids personal relationships with women beyond what is necessary for him to function in Starfleet. He is suspected of participating in a failed mutiny aboard the USS Nimitz during the "A Taste of Hate" mission. Only Salid knows about his participation, and as Salid has not told anyone and no inquiry was conducted into the matter, his secret is safe for the moment. For this reason George greatly dislikes Ahmed Salid.

Awards and Commendations:[edit]