ISS Event Horizon

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ISS Event Horizon
Launched 2409.09.09
The USS Event Horizon NCC-929496

Research and Development Test Bed Vessel
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The ISS Event Horizon is a test bed starship which is part of the Imperial Union of Planets fleet. It was designed to test the latest technology to fight the enemies of the IUP. The Interphasic Field Generator which was installed aboard the ISS Rosenante by the USS Rosenante of the mirror universe was confiscated and the R&D division was set to work.

As the fighting has become rapidly more vicious between the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance and the IUP there have been mutterings from the Breen Confederation who have isolated them selves from the conflict may decide to enter the conflict.

The IUP high command could not risk the chance that the Breen may side with the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance that they ordered the Research and Develop Department to invent a weapon that would be used if the Breen did not go the way they were supposed to.

A weapon was developed but it could not be tested on the Breen as this would turn the Breen away from the IUP. It was decided to retrofit the ISS Event Horizon with a cloaking device and the modified Interphasic Field Generator and send it through the rift. They would then test the new device on the Breen that were in the normal universe to see how effective it was in real life situations.

The Into the Looking Glass indecent caused the Event Horizon to skermish with the USS Road Runner, USS Serenity and the BCSS Kodess