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Starfleet Personnel File: Janel Tarna


Name: Janel Tarna
Species: Trill (unjoined)
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 5th January
Birthplace: Mak'ala, Trill
Age: 26

Starfleet Serial Number: JU-031-207
Rank: Ensign (JG)
Position: ACMO
Assignment: USS Spectre
Clearance: D2-L2

OverviewMedical & Psychological Records

Medical and Psychological Profile

Physical Attributes[edit]

Starfleet Medical.png

Patient Reference Number: JU-031-207
Name: Janel Tarna
Species: Trill Unjoined
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:2388.01.05
Birthplace: Mak'ala, Trill
Age: 26

Special Abilities: No telepathic, empathic or extrasensory abilities.
Disabilities: None
Handedness: Right

Blood Group: TRLL O+
Blood Colour: Red

Height: 5'10 (1.78m)
Weight: 70kg

Skin Colour: Caucasian, lightly tanned.
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Trill spots on face and body.

Physical Description

Janel is tall and slim with short hair, he has the typical brown markings of a Trill on his face and neck. He usually opts to wear the duty waistcoat and undershirt, as he prefers to keep his sleeves out of the way and feels it gives him a more sophisticated look. His hair often has a slightly tousled look and he can often be observed running his hands through it, or tugging it as he thinks through the puzzles of the day. Out of work he likes to dress in the latest fashions, wearing eye catching, showy clothes that he hopes will impress.

Medical History[edit]

Allergies and Reactions: Date: 2396.06.20 - Allergic reaction following use of Tryptophan-Lysine Distillate to treat Pneumonia.
Chronic Illnesses: None
Regular Medications: None

Physical Evaluations

2414.09.28: Dr J.A. Hazeim, Academy physician reporting on Janel Tarna’s physical and mental readiness to pass through the Academy and be placed into active service:-

"Janel Tarna's physical health and fitness is within Federation Standards. Psychologically he is able to cope with a lot of pressure but needs to manage his expectations and workload better. It has been noted that he doesn't eat or sleep as well as he should at times and has been warned that this could lower his immune system, make him more prone to illness, injury, reduce his ability to cope with stress and potentially lead to burnout. That being said I see no reason not to declare this individual fit for duty."

---Older evaluations have been archived, see the full medical history for further information.

Psychiatric History[edit]

Psychological Profile

Personality Summary: Janel is a bright, friendly and positive soul who always has a smile on his face. He is family oriented, craving the love and respect of his own family as well as hoping to have his own one day. Janel isn't very competitive by nature and it takes a nudge to get him going but once he is, he's completely committed to being the best. The fact that he is practical, well organised, an excellent time keeper and a hard worker has helped him succeed. He's patient and perseveres long after many others would have given up. He enjoys keeping records and is always writing notes.

It's common for people to want their family to be proud of them but none more than Janel. He secretly wants to be admired by his family, friends and the world at large, this makes him a bit of a try hard and he'll do anything to impress and get closer to his ultimate goal but unfortunately it can lead to him promising more than he's able to deliver. In an effort to do his family proud and succeed in being selected for joining he has chosen to train as a doctor rather than following his heart. This can leave him feeling emotionally unfulfilled and prone to burnout.

Psychiatric Evaluations

2414.09.28: Dr J.A. Hazeim, Academy physician reporting on Janel Tarna’s physical and mental readiness to pass through the Academy and be placed into active service:-

"Janel Tarna's physical health and fitness is within Federation Standards. Psychologically he is able to cope with a lot of pressure but needs to manage his expectations and workload better. It has been noted that he doesn't eat or sleep as well as he should at times and has been warned that this could lower his immune system, make him more prone to illness, injury, reduce his ability to cope with stress and potentially lead to burnout. That being said I see no reason not to declare this individual fit for duty."

---Older evaluations have been archived, see the full medical history for further information.

Education and Skills


  • Fully qualified Doctor and medical researcher.
  • Specialised in Infectious Diseases.
  • Knowledgeable life scientist and passable Vet.
  • Skilled at photography and holography.

Academic Institutions Attended[edit]

  • Trill Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Starfleet Academy & StarFleet Medical
  • Took Science expansion courses throughout his time training with Starfleet to become a doctor. These courses were geared towards biological and environmental sciences primarily.

Languages known: Trill, Federation Standard

Starfleet Academy[edit]

Starfleet Academy

Despite hopes that the pressure might lessen after his older brother was joined, things only seemed set to intensify as the triumph fueled his mother's ambition to have two joined sons. As a result she is constantly pushing advice on him and trying to control his career to ensure he makes it through the process - because just being an officer in Starfleet isn't enough these days. Much of Janel's motivation to join Starfleet was in the fact that it would put some distance between him and his family, giving him some breathing space. He chose to train as a medic as a result of familial influences rather than a true reflection of what he really wanted to do. Being unambitious by nature and unsure of what he wanted it was all too easy for him to allow himself to be overly influenced by others who felt it was the most worthy path. When he saw the chance to take extension courses at the Academy he opted for the biological and environmental science courses, less because it might enhance his career prospects or selection chances for joining and more because it allowed him to follow one of his passions in life.

During his time at the Academy he was involved in the mountaineering and diving clubs as well as the photography club, helping them to set up and run a few of their exhibitions. During his time at the Academy he really made a point of learning everything he could to the detriment of his social life. He took as many extension courses as possible, focusing on biological, zoological and environmental science based courses. He is specialized in infectious diseases and finished with average grades that were more a reflection of the extra work he had to put in to get there rather than a natural flair for the subject matter. His friends have referred to him as the master of anatomy in jest since he is as comfortable dealing with animals as he is people, if not more.

One day, whilst completing his internship at Starfleet Academy he unexpectedly found use for his unique skill-set and was called upon to check the health of a poorly animal brought to Earth by a student. Janel had often felt that animals and space travel don't mix too well and when he had to amputate the leg of the student's dog after it was involved in an accident it seemed to prove his point. It certainly didn't put the owner off as the grateful student would from that point on, regularly send through a photo of him with his three legged companion with his best wishes as a mark of gratitude.

Even though his career is only beginning he's already seen other people dropped from the symbiosis selection program and is terrified he'll be next. He always feels like everyone else is better than him and that he's not doing enough to be fit for selection. This makes him feel compelled to pick up extra work and projects, leaving him frequently over-committed.

He finds it hard at times to give every project the time and attention it really deserves and is trying to be increasingly selective in what he chooses to take on. He now aims for medical research groups where he can easily participate, favoring those led by high profile scientists as he feels it will get him noticed more, and by the people who could help propel him and his career to dizzying heights. He is certain that would impress the symbiosis committee and lead to him being selected for joining. His biggest personal research project involves the study or and work towards finding a cure for one of the most notoriously difficult to treat diseases of modern times. He's been working on it for some months and not seen the sort of progress on it that he'd hoped for, partially due to other commitments he's taken on in addition. Frustrating as it is he is confident that he'll be able to get there in time and some of his most recent simulations show promise.

Janel spends so much time trying to build an impressive portfolio and present the sort of confident, super intelligent and capable individual that the symbiosis committee is looking for that he's left himself with almost no free time to relax, socialize and enjoy the things that really matter to him and sometimes he doesn't even get enough sleep. The selection process is getting noticeably more challenging and since conversations with family back home all revolve about what he's doing to advance, he's always left feeling like he's not doing enough and that he's hanging in by the thinnest of threads.


USS Spectre[edit]

USS Spectre

Janel was posted to the USS Spectre on graduating Starfleet Academy. He had barely arrived on the ship and begun to get to know his new crew when he got into a row with his mother of the suitability of his posting for furthering his career and getting recognized as a top talent for joining.


Inimicus Invisa


None yet

Ranks Achieved[edit]


Familial and Social Network

Family History[edit]

Spouse: None

Children: None

Mother: Lukita Dalis (Joined)

Father: Darzen Tarna

Siblings: Neron Hermis (Joined) (Older brother)

Other family:

Family Background:

Janel comes from a very successful family and receives a lot of pressure from his mother Lukita Dalis who is joined, has a very dominant personality and strong ideas about what she wants for her boys. She's highly ambitious with a very prominent career as a negotiator and diplomat, which has seen her travel on and off-world to work on some of the biggest and most important cases. She believes joining is one of the biggest indicators of success because the process to become joined is so competitive and rigorous. Having successful, joined sons reflects well on her and enhances her own notoriety too. Only a relatively tiny portion of the population are accepted and achieve it and she firmly wants her sons to be among them.

Like most Trill, Janel would love to be joined, particularly as both his mother and older brother, who he deeply admires and looks up to are. He feels under pressure to succeed when he'd often much rather be having a quiet time stuck up a tree somewhere studying wildlife. He often worries that he's not good enough for joining and that his family will be so disappointed in him if he fails that he'll be disowned.

Life Experience

Pre Starfleet[edit]

Mak'ala: A city on Trill and birthplace of Janel Tarna

As a child he was a bit of a dreamer and always last to finish his school work as a result of his wandering mind. Academically he was always behind his high flying brother, scoring average and slightly below average in some classes. A lot of the classes did not interest him and he spent his evenings studying and learning all he could about local and exotic plants and creatures because that's where his true passion lies. At the weekends he'd go bird spotting, taking his best camera with him to capture all the sights. He was a frequent visitor to local zoos, safaris and wildlife centers. Any time he was off planet with family on holiday it was the wildlife he wanted to see first. He always imagined himself as this great adventurer, travelling the worlds, studying the animals then making programs, exhibitions and writing books to showcase and educate people about the natural wonders.

Unfortunately, his poor grades soon scored him a lot of extra tutoring and his freedom was restricted based on how well he was doing with his studies. While this had the desired effect of getting him to pay more attention and knuckle down in class, boosting his grades, it didn't quite net the level of improvement his parents were looking for. He ended up scoring well and was the student who showed the biggest improvements. If symbionts were given out to people based on effort and the volume of work they completed then Janel would be one of the first ones to receive because in those respects he could not be faulted.

Janel's proudest achievement through school is the small 1st place trophy and upgraded equipment he won for his entry into the annual photography competition, which is held among all of the schools in the region. He had to beat hundreds of other entries and did so with a stunning picture of a large white bird of prey; its wide-spread grey tipped wings and tail feathers appeared to shimmer silver in the sun. He'd caught the bird in the act of swooping down and catching a fish that had been trying to leap its way upstream. The picture had shown skill and probably more than a little luck as it was a great quality action shot that couldn't have been timed any better. He has a blown up, printed copy of that photo framed and insists on taking with him everywhere to brighten up his living space and remind him that he can do wondrous things, with patience and perseverance.

OOC Notes

Janel Tarna is played by James Drysdale


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