Jonas Lemar

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Name: Jonas Lemar
Rank: Commander
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 26
Position: Doctor
Ship: Starfleet Medical
Status: In Active

A Family Bond[edit]

Jonas, aged 4

Jonas was born to two loving parents, Olivia and Tobias Lemar, and he lived on the family estate beside the Chew Valley Lake, an area on the skirts of Bristol, a beautiful agricultural centre on Earth. From the very beginning, Jonas was showered with all manner of attentions by his mother, and as a result, Jonas built a strong loving bond with her. His father, Tobias, was an academy lecturer in quantum physics at the Institute of Science & Medicine on Trill. Due to Olivia’s refusal to abandon their home, an estate that had been in the family for many generations, Tobias’s occupation meant he was away from his family for weeks at a time, sometimes even months. This caused Jonas to developed a greater bond with his mother, but he always looked up to his father as a man of great importance.

Olivia was a civil engineer for the local authority. Her skills at this meant she was very analytically minded, which in turn rubbed off on Jonas during his upbringing. Jonas grew to be a very curious boy fascinated by the world and his surroundings. He questioned everything, wanted to know why everything was as it was. It was that very nature in him that would cause him to one day leave home in search of those answers.

A Scientist In The Making[edit]

Jonas, aged 19

When he was older, Jonas was able to spend more time with his father, often accompanying him to the Institute of Science & Medicine on Trill. Although he spent much of that time indoors, unable to roam freely around the Institute, he would often access the databanks of his father’s computer and read about the universe and it’s many wonders.

It wasn’t until Jonas was 16 that he developed a keen interest for Medicine, along with many other fields of science. He would visit his father more and more, until soon he spent as much time away from his mother as his father did. On his 19th birthday, Jonas approached his father and asked permission to study at the Institute himself. Sponsored by a very proud father, who lectured there for 6 months of the year, Jonas was soon enrolled into the Institute.

A Restless Spirit[edit]

After 2 years of hard study, Jonas graduated from the Institute with the highest grade in his class, and more honors than most his age. He then returned to his family estate, back on Earth, where he spent many months helping his family to the run the estate. He would aid with turning the fields and coaxing the vines, but somehow it never satisfied his lust for the great unknown. Jonas soon became tired of the quiet life, and eager to further his skills and put them to good use, he applied for entry to Starfleet Academy.

Needless to say, he was accepted.

A New Beginning[edit]

Jonas, aged 25

After 4 years of hard study and determination, and a final exam by one of the toughest Instructors on the staff, Jonas graduated from Starfleet Academy. He danced the halls with delight when he heard the news and planned to tell his mother that very same day, but there was very little time indeed. Already he had received his marching orders, to get straight into the fleet without a moment’s notice. He was disappointed that he didn’t even have a chance to celebrate the good news, but Jonas had taken an oath to serve, and he had been called to his post.

While waiting in line for a shuttle, Jonas was approached by some security personnel. He had followed without question, and moments later he had been whisked away by a transporter. Later he learned that he had been volunteered for service in the 52nd fleet by the Admirality sympathetic to LoDona's cause. With little he could do but cooperate, Jonas allowed himself to be transported in secret to Starbase Geneva where he was to be transferred into the fleet.

Jonas was to be assigned to the USS Nimitz as the ships Assistant Chief Medical Officer, but as he waited for its arrival, he familiarised himself with the base. In doing so, circumstances led him to meet with Wendy Kildare, a Doctor practising with the Geneva Medical Facility. Over the following weeks and months, the two developed a close bond and to this day they a in a relationship, although for how much longer remains to be seen.

First Posting: USS Nimitz (NCC-75878-E)[edit]

First Mission: The Sky Is Falling[edit]

Beta Omicron V

Needless to say, Jonas found his first mission quite daunting. The crew of the Nimitz were ordered to investigate a planet populated by a pre-warp civilisation who’s moon had fallen into a decaying orbit and was in danger of ripping the planet apart. During this mission, Jonas clashed hard with the new Commander, who approach to newbie’s was to smack them down fast before they got out of line. Managing to steer clear for the majority of the mission, Jonas survived the ordeal, which involved infiltrating the local populace to discover the cause of the catastrophe. Jonas played his part, mostly in a medical capacity, and the crew managed to return the lunar orbit to normal.

Second Mission: A Stitch In Time[edit]

During this mission, Jonas faced his first true battle situation. Despite objections, he was put again onto the away team, where they were to infiltrate a facility on earth itself, to destroy a time portal being held by Doenitz. With the destruction of the portal, the team were thrust into a future which had seen the end of the civil war, and the crew of the Nimitz, along with many others, had been incarcerated in a penal facility called Alcatraz.

ACMO Jonas Lemar

The away teams returned to the Nimitz, which had managed to evade capture, and staged a complex break-out to rescue the crew of the future. With a device developed to travel backward in time, the future Nimitz travelled back to the point of the present Nimitz’s arrival around earth, just after the away team first beamed down. As the original away team transfer to the present Nimitz, the future Nimitz sacrificed itself to save it’s present-day equivilant.

A Mysterious Illness[edit]

Prior to the mission beginning, BigWill Kinkaid made a concerning discovery about Jonas’s health. Although unexplainable, Jonas had contracted a form of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a degenerative disease that effects the spinal cord and nerves, resulting in muscle wasting and weakness. The news that there was no cure did not give Jonas a hopeful outlook for his future. In the later stages of the mission, a Kinkaid from the future had developed a cure for the SMA that had afflicted Jonas, and after a series of treatments post-mission, the disease vanished without a trace.

Third Mission: A Taste of Hate[edit]

During this mission, Jonas faced his greatest challenge so far. I viral infection was spreading like wild-fire across the entire Starbase, and despite their best quarantine efforts, the virus also spread to the USS Nimitz.

With the Chief Medical Officer to aid the epidemic on the station, it was down to Jonas and a handful of nursing staff to look after the crew. With nearly all crewmen confined to quarters, Jonas fought to keep everyone alive long enough for a cure to be found.

Luckily, Kinkaid and Kildare, over on Geneva, came up with a cure in time to limit the fatalities to only a handful. Soon the drug was distributed to all of the crew and slowly they began to recuperate. The ordeal exhausted Jonas and everyone would spend the next few weeks on leave to recover from the effects of the virus.


BigWill Kinkaid's short stay onboard Geneva was enough to convince him to stay, and in his absence Jonas took up the position of Chief Medical Officer. With a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, he also took on the role as ships Second Officer, a duel role that would put a strain on Jonas's relationships in weeks to come, especially since Wendy Kildare had just arranged for a transfer to the Nimitz as his Assistant Chief Medical Officer. For many weeks Jonas had been having second thoughts about his relationship with her. Was this the final step too far?

Fourth Mission: For A Friend[edit]

The most challenging mission yet was the fourth. Although not an official order from the Admiralty, Jonas and a handful of others set off on a rescue attempt to free Dru Tagon, the old Chief of Security. He was being held in a penal facility known as Djörn Major XJ-003 and he was scheduled for execution.

With a bird-of-prey as transport, they entered the facility with little to no resistance. Jonas was in charge of the assault team, which consisted largely of Klingon Warriors, along with a couple of security officers from the Nimitz. Although challenging at first, Jonas managed to command the respect of the Klingons enough for him to lead them into battle as they infiltrated the prison and made their way to the cell.

The mission was mostly a success, with the death of at least two of their team members, and they managed to make their escape back to friendly space.

Djörn Major XJ-003

Telepathic Storm[edit]

While onboard the Klingon ship, a number of incidents occurred related to the telepathy. The first was the apparent suicide attempt by Harry Doorman. The second was the mysterious collapse of Divon Lronen, and the third was the near mental breakdown of Eric McDermott. Jonas was able to prescribe a drug to help Eric get through the next few hours, and the ordeal drew Eric & Jonas to become close friends.


After this mission was completed, Jonas received a promotion to Commander, and was offered the position of ships First Officer, which he graciously accepted. With that, he relinquished his duties as Chief Medical Officer.

Fifth Mission: To Skin a Cat[edit]

With his new duties as First Officer, Jonas was adjusting well. The Captain had received their new orders and they were to travel to Cait Prime, where they would investigate rumors of a secret Eugenics program. If those rumours turned out to be true, the program was to be destroyed. As a secondary objective they were to help free the planetary government from the Doenitz installed administration.

Family Tragedy[edit]

Soon after the next mission had been announced by the Captain, Jonas received a disturbing message from his father, Tobias. Jonas's mother, Olivia, had been travelling to Trill to visit her husband, when the transport had been caught up in a battle between a scout from the 52nd and a Federation patrol group. The transport had been destroyed and Olivia had barely escaped with her life. Rescued by the 52nd Scout, she now lies in a critical condition in the Geneva Medical Facility.

Distraught by the possibility that his mother would have mere days to live, Jonas requested permission to return to Starbase Geneva to be at his mother's side. Of course, the Captain granted his request and Jonas left for Geneva. He hopes to return to the Nimitz after the current mission is completed.

Sixth Mission: Blood of Angels[edit]

Shortly before the next mission was announced, Captain Sash received word that Captain Saleke, previously of the USS Hades, had been declared Missing In Action. As a result, Captain Sash was to take command of the USS Hades as well as the Nimitz. Shortly after, Jonas was granted the field commission of Captain while Captain Sash moved to the Hades to take command there.

The mission was announced, and the Nimitz, now under the command of acting-Captain Jonas Lemar, was to go into batle, along with the rest of the 52nd Fleet. Their goal, to liberate Earth once and for all from the Doenitz Regime.

The journey took many days at high warp and it gave Jonas much time to deliberate on his new position, and although at first he found it quite difficult to think that so many lives were relying upon him, he soon came to terms with it and ocussed clearly on the task at hand.

The battle itself was tough, and both Jonas and the USS Nimitz took many injuries over the coming hours. The final crippling blows saw the USS Nimitz pit against a number of enemy ships, and she was soon overwhelmed. With a warp-core breech iminent, Jonas issued the order to abandon ship. The intention was for him to manually pilot the Nimitz into the enemy onslaught and rescue the USS Hades from a similar fate. Despite his best intentions, Jonas was in no fit state thanks to a nasty head injury, and Lt. Commander Tagon knocked Jonas unconcious, before transporting him to an escape pod.

End of an Era[edit]

With the Nimitz safely evacuated, Tagon piloted the damaged USS Nimitz into the fray and with a final action, Tagon released the safety protocols and allowed the warp core to explode. This resulted in the disabling of at least 5 enemy ships, and subsequently allowed the USS Hades and its battle group to prevail, however, the USS Nimitz was lost, along with Lt. Commander Dru Tagon. The USS Hades rescued the Nimitz crew from the life-pods, including Commander Jonas Lemar, and currently the crew reside onboard trying to make themselves useful until their fates can be decided.

Second Posting - USS Hades (NX-60637)[edit]

After Earth was liberated and the Doenitz Regime was brought to an end, the crew of the old USS Nimitz were offered positions onboard the USS Hades, the ship now commanded by Captain Devan Sash. Most of the crew accepted and are now part of the regular crew.

The circumstances surrounding Jonas's new posting were a little strange, since the USS Hades already had a First Officer. When Captain Sash took command of the ship, he thought long and hard about the command structure and it was decided that Jonas would take his place at the Captain's side as the ships First Officer, and the current First Officer, Lt. Commander Garret, would step down and take on the Second Officer position.

First Mission: Tribuo Senatus[edit]

On stardate 2407.12.30, the USS Hades was ordered to Starbase 989 to pickup an ambassador and transport him to meet with the Praetor on Romulus and discuss details of this new treaty. While this is taking place, the USS Hades and her crew are to be on standby, to assist the ambassador, and ultimate to the bring him home.

More information to come as soon as it develops.

Challenges of the Mind[edit]

Jonas has been seeking the help of a counsellor, ever since the destruction of the USS Nimitz while under command. Being diagnosed with a mild case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Jonas has been suffering from intense feelings of guilt and disturbing nightmares. With the assistance of Counsellor Jon Nayati, Jonas has worked through his troubles, and though he still has feelings to overcome, he has come to terms with the destruction of the Nimitz.