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Jono Bradley[edit]


Current Characters[edit]

Jono Infobox
USS Illuminar - (PC) Commander Carson Peters, Second Officer
USS Illuminar - (SPC) Lieutenant JG Vex'ahlia Jordaan, acting Chief of Engineering
USS Exeter - (SPC) Ensign SG Jestayre 'Jester' Lavorre, Counsellor
Mars Base - (SPC) Petty Officer 1st Class Vax'ildan Oberan, Intelligence Analyst
Mars Base - (SPC) Chief Petty Officer Percy de Rolo, Chief Forensics Officer
Starfleet Command - (SPC) Vice-Admiral Jono Janeway, Chief of Starfleet Security
Starfleet Command - (SPC) Admiral Percival de Rolo II, Director for Starfleet Communications

Retired Characters[edit]

Biographical Information[edit]

  • Name (Full) - Jonathan Peter Bradley
  • Nicknames - Jono
  • Age - 30 years of age
  • DOB - 12/03/1990
  • Place of Birth - Carlisle, UK
  • Place of Residence - Derbyshire, UK

Interests and Hobbies[edit]

  • Fanatical about Leeds United & Philadelphia Eagles
  • Star Trek
  • Star Wars
  • Inheritance Cycle
  • Game of Thrones
  • D&D (Critical Role)
  • The Lord of The Rings
  • Mobile Phone / Tech Youtuber - Absolutely Savage