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The Player - Jono Bradley[edit]

Jono Infobox
USS Illuminar - (PC) Commander Carson Peters, Second Officer
USS Illuminar - (SPC) Lieutenant JG Vex'ahlia Jordaan, acting Chief of Engineering
USS Exeter - (SPC) Ensign SG Jestayre 'Jester' Lavorre, Counsellor
Mars Base - (SPC) Petty Officer 1st Class Vax'ildan Oberan, Intelligence Analyst
Mars Base - (SPC) Chief Petty Officer Percy de Rolo, Chief Forensics Officer
Starfleet Command - (SPC) Vice-Admiral Jono Janeway, Chief of Starfleet Security
Starfleet Command - (SPC) Admiral Percival de Rolo II, Director for Starfleet Communications

Jono Janeway - Human Being.[edit]

Vice-Admiral Jonathan "Jono" Janeway is Chief of Starfleet Security. He is based on Earth, but often travels to the Mars Forward Operating Base now that Starfleet has began to revive itself. Janeway crew up dreaming of being a Starfleet Captain and flew through Starfleet Academy as a Security & Tactical officer before being assigned to the USS Nimitz.

Biographical Information[edit]

Name - Jonathan Janeway

Nickname - Jono, Janeway

Hair Colour - Jet Black

Eye Colour - Brown

Height - 5.9

Skin Colour - White, Tanned

(As in Biography on ST:F Website)


Ilkeston School
Star Fleet Academy

- Granby School

- Ilkeston School

- Starfleet Academy

- United Federation Of Planets Academy

(As in Biography on ST:F Website)

Medical History[edit]

Scar up right arm, from previous incedent at a doctors when i was 5 years old! Does not affect my work anymore! I take a monthly medicine which sorts it out. Have Mental Blocking ability that Jono has allows him to be able to deal with great pains for a long time. To find out more scroll down, to find the whole of Jono's history...

Starfleet Academy

Jono's History[edit]

Jono was born in they year 2379 - in the month of March, the date was 2379.03.12.

USS Lost Island

Jono was born to a family in the town of Ilkeston, England. His mother was the Captain of the Starfleet ship - The USS Lost Island, a galaxy class starship. His father was a Starfleet Admiral. He is the oldest of three - There is himself (28), his brother Ian Janeway (26) and his Sister (23).

On Jono's fifth birthday he had an accident. He had to be rushed to the Hospital after he had almost drowned in the swimming pool his family had in their garden. While at the Hospital a fatal thing happened. A terrorist group called H4H (OR Humans for Humanity) blew up a certain ward within the hospital, which housed many cross-species humans and different species people. As this explosion happened Jono was being carted across the hospital and right along side that ward.

His arm was pierced with a long metal implement, along with several needles including some extremely harmful toxins. His right arm - because of the piercing began loosing a lot of blood, very quickly. He was transferred to a surgical room, and was operated on throughout the night. Because of the amount of toxins that had infected his body the Doctors had a hard time saving his arm. But finally after a 14 hour operation, his arm was free of most of the toxins except one which he would have to, take an anti-toxin injectant for the rest of his life to keep at bay from rising up and attacking his internal organs.

Because of the surgery and the piece of metal that had pierced his skin. He now had a scar down his right arm, from the shoulder blade right the way down the wrist. The scar however much Jono tried to stop it - continuously grew with the size of his arm.

Because of the injury to his body, he had to have help to train his mind to block out immense slots of pain. He went to a counsellor, who helped in training his mind against feeling pain, when he didn't want too. He could and still can raise a mental wall around his brain (Which blocks off all of his pain senses). When he is attacked or injured he can retrieve this wall and feel as little pain as he needs to, to get through what he is doing.

During Jono's years as a child he got into many fights over his arm and he usually came of the victor because of his pain therapy he could beat his victim up without feeling anything. One side effect to his therapy is that it some time took an effect on his friendships. As he was one of the first to jump into action, when his friends would just walk away from it and stay out of it.

Jono was one of the only survivors of the attack on that ward, and the only one who knew who did it. He was the only one who saw one of the more 'corrupted' H4H members set the detonation of. Although he never understood what he saw until a late age of 14 years old, when he re-visited the memory in a dream.

By some strange co-incidence the group H4H, found out that he had realised it was they in the attack searched for him. They asked him not to tell the authorities, as it wasn't their fault, the man who set the detonations off was a 'rogue' H4H agent. When Jono at the age of 13 was taken of the street by a H4H agent and told this - he refused to help them and ran back home. Since then every so often he would be hunted down by an Agent and had them turn violent on him.

During his days in StarFleet Academy he was attacked several times by H4H Agents warning him not to take it any further or there wouldn't have been a point in him surviving the attack.

At the age of 15, Janeway's father stepped down as Admiral and came to live in the family house with his family. His mother how ever stayed as Captain, so he still didn't get to see her much.

Jono made some really good friends as he Joined Ilkeston School, including a girl. This girl was named Rebecca Parker, she was his best friend for about 2 years and then he asked her out. They both really liked each other but when Becky's parents found out about her planning to marry Janeway they took her off planet to a nearing moon OR planet. Jono never found out, although he has been searching for her ever since.

He joined Star Fleet at the Age of 18 after Becky had been forced to leave, in an attempt to find her. He did the four year course but never took the final test, He left and Joined UFOP Academy, and did 4 years there training as a Tactical/Security Cadet.

Once training there, he returned to Star Fleet and they let him take the final test, at the age of 26 - nearing 27; Jono entered Holodeck 5 and took his final test under, Instructor, Lieutenant Azri Taba.

Jono passed the test with relative ease since Starfleet and UFOP had trained him in the Art of Tactical and Security for nearly 8 years. He was then commissioned to the USS Nimitz under Captain Devin Sash, and First Office Jeff Hyland.

USS Nimitz[edit]


Mission 1[edit]

Janeways first assignment, after graduating freshly from the academy was assigned straight to the USS Nimitz under Captain Devan Sash.

Jonos superior officer in security and tactical was Lieutenant Dru Tagon. In Jono's first mission, he was beamed down the the surface of an inhabited planet, which didnt have warp technology, with a small team including Lieutenant Dartena Bixx, His FO Commander Jeff Hyland, Dr. Jonas Lemar and some other members.... During this expedition they met with the planets heads, and Jono got kidnapped, by the religious leader of the planet. He managed to fight his way out of the situation and return to the USS Nimitz in time to help with the rest of the mission. Once this mission was over, Jono kepta relative low profile, and amoungst this time, they recieved a new FO Lieutenant Commander - Edward Wolfe. He liked this first officer more than the last one.

Mission 2[edit]

Mission - Stitch In Time.

Stardate - 2407.02.06

The Next mission (Stitch in Time) got Jono slightly more involved, As the fleet moved closer towards enemy lines, the USS Nimitz began preparing for there departure to earth. While this happened, Jono became the Acting Chief of Tactical and Security, on the USS Nimitz Since Lieutenant Dru Tagon Got a promotion to Strategic Ops....

Jono began organsising holodeck programs for training his officers so they would be ready for the upcoming mission.

Jono leaves Tallis Luxulyan Assisting Tac Chief in charge while he is on Earth with the away team including:

- Captain, Devan Sash

- First Officer, Edward Wolfe

- Acting SC/TAC, Jono Janeway

- Asst CMO, Jonas Lemar

- SO, Tarus Daban

- SO, Daigon Shimply

- Asst. CONN, Rizoru (Died during mission)

- Asst. CSO, John Linskens

- Science, Zachary Falthgood

- 3 - 4 Marines

On Earth Janeway and his team transported down into San Francisco and then went on into a secret science base, which is where Admaril Doenitz has hid one of his time portals. Falthgood destroys this time device but there is still one more.

Alcatraz Prison, San Francisco, Earth

However During this time the USS Nimitz in orbit it taken over in a major space battle and its crew taken to Alcatraz for 3 years. On the anniversary of the 3rd year to date there is a major explosion in the middle of San Francisco killing millions of inocent people. This devestation was caused by the destroyation of the time device that Falthgood destroys.

Luckily the away team beams out and is then met by a Cecilia Bruce, the away team by this time now also includes an Academy drop out, (John Linskens old Girlfriend) Miss Francesca dela Rosa.

After spending a little time in Miss Bruce's apartment the away team his quickly taken by force back to the USS Nimitz via, transporter by two stow aways Crewman Debbie Weston and T'lexaxinith. The Nimitz had been mothballed and now the away team is trying to figure away how to get there crew back and then get back to their own time frame.

A plan is quickly formulated and then put into action. Just before anything happened a small Runabout detected the Nimitz's presence and came to investigate, after towing the runabout into the shuttlebay so they couldnt call for help. Janeway, Tarus Daban, Francesca dela Rosa and Diagon Shimply headed down to the shuttlebay to take there visitors into custody.

An almighty battle persued and Jono was badly injured although the rest of his team, wernt. They took the prisoners to two spare rooms and then Jonas Lemar came down to make sure they wouldnt wake up. As Jonas entered he noticed Jono's injuries and quickly rushed him up into Sickbay, where Jono wasnt allowed to leave. Not even to go an assist the rescue attempt of the prisoners on Alcatraz.

Jono was abit deflated but determined to do something, in an essence he tricked the Emergency Holoprogram by switching it off and on, to get out of the Sickbay and then headed for the bridge. Once he arrived there it seemed the Hologram had contacted the Captain about what had happened. Jono received an earful, but was then put too work.

Once the attack on Alcatraz had finished and the away team including - Lieutenant Commander Edward Wolfe, Dr. Jonas Lemar and Security Officers - Tarus Daban, Diagon Shimply and Francesca dela Rosa. Had successfully liberated the Nimitz crew from Alcatraz, Jono beamed all the crew up in several attempts using the transporters.

Sash, Engineer Debbie Weston, Science officer Zachary Falthgood and Security Officer Tarus Daban were beamed down the Earth's moon's service to take out the time generator.

Meanwhile, Jono and the rest of the crew on the Nimitz held a flock of starships off, mostly due to Janeway's skills with aiming. Jono used manual aiming at all times. There wasnt a point at all where he switched it too automatic. After successfully defeating the ships, the USS Nimitz [Future Version] jumped back into the Present day (Three Years Prievious) to when the USS Nimitz [Present Version] was being attacked. Janeway rounded up the normal away team and told them to meet in transporter room 1. He and Lieutenant Commander Wolfe headed down the transporter room 1, from the bridge.

Once there, they all beamed across to the USS Nimitz [Present Day Version] and aided the attack, the USS Nimitz [Future Version] rammed the massive Marine ship that had took the Nimitz the first way round.

The Nimitz then picked up Captain Sash and the others who left, Minus Debbie Weston as she had been killed in helping them jump back three years also.

The Nimitz then began to head back for Geneva and the away teams was ordered get some R & R. Jono reported to Sickbay to be checked over but fell asleep before the Dr. could do anything. He dreamt about one of the oddest things, he dreamt about the past as the present and all of his old friends, and Becky.

He then took the rest of the day off.

The de-briefing was interesting as Jono received a promotion from Ensign (SG) to Lieutenant (JG). After all the promotions had been given out including the first officers rank being upped to Commander and Jonas's rank being upped to Lieutenant (SG), Wolfe stood up and gave a report on Geneva's status.

Apparently one of the Counsellors they had to pick up Divon Lronen had been badly beaten....

Mission 3[edit]

Mission: A Taste of Hate

Stardate: 2407.02.08

Jono was called to Commander Wolfe's office where Wolfe told him that he would be keeping the 'Active Tactical/Security Chief' Role and he would be making him full chief until Jono had fully proven himself worthy of it to the Captain and himself. Jono agreed to do better in there objectives on Geneva.

Keen to show he was up for the task, Jono took liberty to contact Geneva's Security Chief several times, creating a communication flow between them. The Chief requested Jono come on board the Starbase when they arrive. It seemed that the Chief had some extra information that he didnt want to share over open channels, incase it was intercepted.

The Captain called Jono to his ready room, for a quicky chat on some of the requests Jono had put to the Security Chief of Geneva - Lieutenant Horatio Ortez. Sash wanted to know about the body guards Jono was suggesting for the Command staff.

After a small debate Jono made the Captain let himself have a bodyguard while on Geneva, Jono quickly contacted Wolfe and made sure he was fine with it also. While waiting to transfer to Geneva, Jono picked up a shuttle heading towards the Nimitz, he told Sash and then opened a communication channel to the Shuttle.

It was a new crewmember requesting persmission to dock. Still Jono had nobody in Security underneath him that he could un-load some of his work onto, As Luxulyan was in-capacitated.

Jono, Captain Devin Sash, Lieutenant Zzt, Ensign John Linskens and Dr. Jonas Lemar Headed over to the Starbase, where they were added to during the transport by Yeoman Ansia Rosen. Once on Geneva Jono headed to the Security Chiefs office to meet up with Lieutenant Horatio Ortez. They discussed some matters in hand.

Later on that day Jono was contacted by Commander Edward Wolfe, and was requested to meet the man in an hour within the Assistant Security Chiefs Office on Geneva. It seemed the Commander had took over the investigation, which Jono was not opposed to as it would mean he would have a greater clearence than he espected.

Starbase Geneva[edit]

Janeway & Wolfe worked hard as part of an investigation team to uncover what was happening on the Starbase.

USS Champlain[edit]

Lieutenant Jono Janeway assigned to a new Galaxy-Variant the USS Champlain as the Chief Security & Tactical Officer under the USS Nimitz First Officer, Now Commanding Officer Edward Wolfe. Janeway was personally selected for the position by the Captain.

USS Rosenante[edit]

Lieutenant Jono Janeway assigned to the USS Rosenante as the acting Second Officer as well as the Chief Security & Tactical Officer aboard.

Janeways Awards (Starfleet)[edit]

Combat Action Ribbon

- Stardate: 2407.02.08

Janeway's Interests and Hobbies[edit]

Janeways Personal Sword

He has a flair for hand to hand combat with swords and is a master swords man. He enjoys spending time on the holodeck fighting, and training in the art of Melee Weaponary.