Katherine 'Kitty' Fisher

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Lieutenant Kitty Fisher
Ensign Kitty Fisher
Name: Katherine "Kitty" Fisher
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland
Species: Human
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: 135 lbs
Blood Color: Red
Skin Color: White
Current rank: Lieutenant
Current Position: aCMO
Assignment: USS Rosenante
The USS Rosenanté NCC–924650
Status: Inactive

Physical Description:[edit]

Kitty is tall, slim with piercing green eyes and waist length red hair that she usually wears in a long pleat down her back.


Kitty is the oldest of seven children she has three brothers and three sisters all of whom have gone into the family business of running a chain of restaurants in Edinburgh, hence her cooking skills which she learned from her parents.


Normal Earth Primary and Secondary Education. A level passes in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Cookery. Attended Edinburgh University where she acquired a BA in Medicine which would have enabled her to become a doctor but she decided that she preferred nursing and after university trained at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in General Nursing, Theatre Nursing, Midwifery and Intensive Care Management. After finally being promoted to Ward Sister in the ERI, Kitty decided to apply to Starfleet.


As a nurse Kitty's life was pretty restricted due to the hours she worked especially once promoted to Sister. She tended to spend most of her off duty time with her family and friends.


Kitty has served abord the USS Champlain, the USS Boudicca and the USS Rosenante. She is currently assigned to the USS Rosenante.


Nothing specific.


Kitty loves to cook and will quite happily invite a crowd back to her quarters for a meal, which she will make from scratch, since it is one of the ways she enjoys relaxing. She likes sailing, two man yachts, and skiing, downhill, not slalom.


Kitty is an extremely competent nurse and has experience in Ward Nursing and Management, Operation Theatre Practice and Management and Midwifery, Pre and Post Natal and Special Needs Baby Care and Intensive Care Ward Management. She particularly enjoys the Midwifery side of nursing, however finds that Ward Management and Intensive Care are the subjects that she has a real flair for.


Nothing at this time.

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